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    General Hospital CAST - Garrett (Prescott) Floyd - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Garrett (Prescott) Floyd Played by John Bolger on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Bolger (ABC)

    Birthday: 02-26-1954
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Christine Radman since 1979.
    Real Name: John Bolger


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    Marrying Into The Mob Again.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    Tracy finds Floyd at Kelly's and demands a retraction regarding her engagement to Anthony. He gleefully tells her he is planning more articles on it and is even going to Edward for a quote. After he walks away Tracy calls the office to set up a meeting with legal. As she walks out, she bumps into Spinelli. She asks him to hack into the paper to print a retraction. He informs her he no longer has those skills. She spits out he's wasting her time then and leaves. Spinelli sees the Woman in White exit Kelly's and follows her.

    A Work In Progress.

    Thursday, January 05 2012

    Jax secretly watches as Alexis meets with Sonny at the Metro Court. She asks for assurances that Sonny won't track down Jax and kill him. Sonny suggests she not ask questions she doesn’t want answers to. She says if Sonny touches Jax, she will go to Kristina and tell him Yale was all his doing. Mac enters and announces the case against Jax is closed since he's alive. Alexis starts to cry and meltdown in front of the baffled men. Floyd shows up looking for a statement about Jax being alive. Alexis sobs harder.

    We're Going To Be A Daddy.

    Thursday, December 15 2011

    Alexis tells a distracted Jason in the interrogation room that she got him released. Jason snaps to and starts ranting about Franco and Sam. Alexis wants more information, but Jason won't tell her anything. Floyd enters to taunt Jason, until Alexis pushes Floyd against the wall and orders Jason to get out. After Jason and Floyd have left, Mac enters and tells Alexis he knows about Floyd wanting an interview with them as a couple. Mac is happy to help her. Jason runs into Carly in the squad room. She tells him she found the DVD, but didn't watch it. She also got a text from Michael saying he is in Chicago with Sam. Jason calls Robin and leaves a message telling her he's been released and he's there for her, whatever she needs.

    The Capacity To Kill Is In All Of Ya.

    Friday, December 09 2011

    Jason paces in a holding room at the station. Sam comes in and shares she went searching for Franco. He questions what she found and she admits to only finding the grafitti circle. He thinks she’s missed something. Sam tells him that Michael called her Mom and then leaves the room. Michael catches her on the way out of the station and wonders what she told him. She wants him to promise not to mention the DVD to Jason. Micheal enters the holding rooms and tells Jason why he went with Sam to Front Street. Jason demands to know what Michael saw. As they talk Garrett/Prescott interrupts and accuses them of hiding something. Jason gets pissed off and attacks him. Soon Alexis shows up in the holding room, threatens to go to Sam to calm him down, then leaves. Jason hates being cooped up but Michael thinks there’s more.

    Garret/Prescott runs into Alexis at the station. She thinks his name change is stupid wonders what name she should use when she sues him for liable and throws the paper with the headline about Jason’s arrest in his face.

    Saving Lives Trumps Happy Hour.

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    At the station, Floyd tells Dante and Delores that Jason viciously attacked him. Dante counters Jason was just trying to stop him from creating a huge panic in town over Franco. Floyd orders him to keep Jason in lock up or else he will have his badge. Once he's gone, Delores suggests she and Dante divvy up their cases and reaches for the evidence room key, but he stops her. She accuses him of not trusting her because she's a woman, just like every other cop she's worked with. She thinks that sexism is spilling over to the stripper case and lays out a pattern of abuse that they shouldn’t ignore. Dante says they can go over the stripper case when he gets back from questioning Jason. Once he's gone, Delores grabs the evidence room key out of his desk.

    Clearing The Past.

    Wednesday, December 07 2011

    At Jake's, Michael asks Sam if she was ever victimized. She quietly says yes, referring to her past. He wonders if something happened recently and she says no, the past just creeps up on her sometimes. He knows what that's like and credits Abby for helping him heal. They start talking about Abby's safety and Sam warns no matter what he does to prevent it, the people he loves will still get hurt. Across the way, Johnny shows up and talks to his strippers. He wants to do more for them than just take care of their medical expenses. Floyd takes note of the interaction and suggests Diane figure out what's going on. Diane knows there's a story there, but she'll target the women, not Zacchara. Delores shows up in civilian clothes and talks to Johnny about the strippers, as Coleman informs Sam Jason is outside trying to decipher Franco's message. She runs out past Floyd. Diane cozies up to the strippers at the bar to dig for gossip. Meanwhile, Dante shows up and pulls Delores away from Johnny.

    Welcome Home.

    Tuesday, December 06 2011

    Diane and the former Mayor Garrett Floyd enter Jake's. They inform Coleman that Floyd is no longer the mayor and is now a media mogul. He's also going by his middle name Prescott in order to distance himself from the scandals of his past. Diane toasts her new employer, who hired her to write her gossip column. Sam enters and sits with a couple of Johnny's strippers. She talks to them about the attacks, which Floyd takes note of. Michael flies in and harshly questions the strippers. Sam pulls him aside to calm him down, but she ends up on a rant about how the women weren't asking for the abuse. Sam apologizes for going off on him. Michael is also sorry for his behavior and brings up his conversation with Shawn about Franco. As he talks about his own attack, Sam gets upset and throws things around.

    Buried Deep.

    Monday, October 18 2010

    Lulu finds an irate Carly at the Metro Court who is up in arms about Brenda's influence on the men in Port Charles. Luke walks in to see Carly and lays on the charm. Carly wonders how much this is going to cost her. Luke wants a suite on the house and she agrees, but says it will cost him a favor down the road. Carly walks away and Lulu and Luke catch each other up on their separate adventures in Ireland. Later, after Carly gives Luke his room key and a few warnings about his indulgences, Ethan walks in and fills his father in about his beating courtesy of The Balkan. Luke, in turn, updates him on Lucky's case in Ireland. Jason is next to meet with Luke, who is worried The Balkan will reach out to Jason and Sonny to harm him. Across the way, Mayor Floyd tells Ronnie he wants him to get Dante off the force. Ronnie balks, so the Mayor infers he knows Ronnie got rid of Sonny's gun when Johnny was shot. Floyd wants Sonny stopped and encourages Ronnie to dig up or plant something that will get Dante thrown off the force. Ronnie can't believe the Mayor wants him to break the law, but Floyd retorts that sometimes the end justifies the means.

    A Train Wreck Is Coming.

    Friday, October 15 2010

    While looking at a photo of them together at the station, Dante recalls finding Brenda, who fainted, on the floor. In the flashback, he helps her to the couch, as she says she must have passed out because of an early photo shoot. He offers to call someone for her, but she says she's fine. She does ask him to stay with her until she falls asleep though, which he agrees to. Dante jolts back to the present as Lulu walks in, noticing he looks like he's found the value of something lost. He says he's fine but he has to get back to work because he's got a lot going on. Once Lulu has left, Jason finds Dante and asks him to get Claire to back off Michael. He agrees, but he will also talk to Michael about staying away from Sonny or places he might be. Mayor Floyd walks in and threatens Dante's badge for conspiring with a mobster. Dante defends himself and Jason backs him up. Once Floyd leaves, Jason says he wouldn't normally stick his neck out for him but Michael needs him.

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