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    General Hospital CAST - Garrett (Prescott) Floyd

    Full detailed profile on Garrett (Prescott) Floyd Played by John Bolger on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Bolger (ABC)
    Garrett (Prescott) Floyd

    Actor: John Bolger

    Who played Garrett (Prescott) Floyd over the years

    John Bolger (June 30, 2006 - 2012)

    Useful information on Garrett (Prescott) Floyd

    * Former Mayor of Port Charles.
    * Cheated on his wife.
    * His wife killed his mistress.
    * Changed his name and became a media mogul to distance himself from the scandal.


    Current: Media Mogul
    Past: Mayor of Port Charles


    Garrett Floyd has been the mayor of Port Charles since 2006, but he really came to the forefront when his mistress, Brianna Hughes, mysteriously died after their latest tryst. His wife, Andrea Floyd, tried to keep his affair under wraps in order to maintain their good public standing with their constituents and the press. It later came out that Andrea was the culprit.

    Floyd was revealed to have had an affair with Alexis. He also changed his name and became a media mogul in order to distance himself from the scandal regarding his wife.


    Andrea Floyd (Deceased)


    Alexis Davis (fling)






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    Friday, January 06 2012: Marrying Into The Mob Again.

    Tracy finds Floyd at Kelly's and demands a retraction regarding her engagement to Anthony. He gleefully tells her he is planning more articles on it and is even going to Edward for a quote. After he walks away Tracy calls the office to set up a meeting with legal. As she walks out, she bumps into Spinelli. She asks him to hack into the paper to print a retraction. He informs her he no longer has those skills. She spits out he's wasting her time then and leaves. Spinelli sees the Woman in White exit Kelly's and follows her.

    Thursday, January 05 2012: A Work In Progress.

    Jax secretly watches as Alexis meets with Sonny at the Metro Court. She asks for assurances that Sonny won't track down Jax and kill him. Sonny suggests she not ask questions she doesn’t want answers to. She says if Sonny touches Jax, she will go to Kristina and tell him Yale was all his doing. Mac enters and announces the case against Jax is closed since he's alive. Alexis starts to cry and meltdown in front of the baffled men. Floyd shows up looking for a statement about Jax being alive. Alexis sobs harder.

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