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    General Hospital CAST - Nina Webster - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nina Webster Played by Tricia Cast on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tricia Cast (CBS)

    Birthday: November 16 1966
    Birthplace: Medford, New York
    Marital Status: Married Bat McGrath
    Real Name: Tricia Cast


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    Katherine's Memorial Part 2.

    Wednesday, September 04 2013

    At Katherine's memorial service in the park, Jill composes herself after breaking down and tells those in attendance the story of how she and Katherine met and became friends. She explains about the history between her, Katherine, and Phillip. She thought that was the end of her relationship with Katherine...but it was just the beginning. Jill says she never imagined the impact Katherine would have on her life. She marvels that they made their peace with each other...but it didn't happen overnight. Jill then reflects on how the six years they believed they were mother and daughter beautifully redefined their relationship. Others think back on Katherine and Jill's love/hate relationship. Jill says they were destined to have their lives entwined - she doesn't know what kind of universal joke that was... She recalls the last night she saw her going up the stairs. Jill says Katherine will always be with her. "None of our lives will ever be the same without you." Murphy takes the podium with an urn. He says Katherine wants everyone to participate in remembering her. Paul fondles a letter from Katherine. Christine asks if he'll open it. Father Todd reads a poem and then places the urn on a table. Each person lays a rose beside the urn and says their last words to Katherine. Chloe then reads a poem that Delia wrote for Katherine about being free. Murphy tells them there is one more surprise - today is the dedication of Chancellor Park, Katherine's place for now and for always.

    As the reception begins, Paul steps away and reads his letter from Katherine. He looks up and smiles. Jack and Victor have a civil, but brief, exchange. Devon tells Neil and Lily that today has hit him harder than he expected. Nick suggests to Avery that the park would be the perfect spot for them to get married. She agrees and they kiss. Billy and Victoria appear. Avery tells Vikki they've found the location for the wedding. Paul gets two glasses of champagne and joins Christine. He says he just read Katherine's letter. Father Todd joins them. Paul asks Todd to read the letter to Christine. In it, Katherine urges Paul to marry Christine now. Paul gets down on one knee and proposes. She accepts. Everyone applauds. Danny wishes them all the happiness in the world. Jill congratulates them. "We should turn this memorial into a wedding!" Father Todd agrees with her. Everyone claps again - even Nina. Preparations begin. Christine borrows Gina's bracelet. Lily gives Chris a new pen with blue ink. Victoria supplies an antique handkerchief for the 'something old'. Michael arranges to get a marriage certificate and Paul asks him to be his best man. They embrace. Nina approaches Chris and with a nod lets her know she'll stand up for her. Everyone takes their places and the ceremony gets underway. Paul and Chris exchange personal vows in which they agree they are soul mates. Todd pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss.

    Later, Paul and Christine receive congratulations and Todd tells Paul he has to get back to Michigan. He says Katherine would have loved all of this. They embrace. Todd leaves Paul with his bible. Everyone gradually makes their way out. Jill tells Lauren she doesn't want to leave the park. Lauren goes. Jill joins Nikki, who is sitting alone on a bench. They talk about how it was exquisite. They talk about what's next. Jill says Katherine left her an epic quest - she doesn't know what she's supposed to find. Nikki says she also left her a quest; she knows exactly what she's supposed to find, but isn't sure she's ready.

    Katherine's Memorial Part 1.

    Tuesday, September 03 2013

    Nina arrives at the station. Paul smiles at her. She tells him she's heartbroken about Katherine, who wrote her a letter before she died. In it, she urged her to let go of any resentment. Nina says the letter set her free to move on and find love. They are hugging when Chris arrives. Once alone, Paul says it was good to see Nina. Christine tells him not to be disappointed he didn't get a letter. He says he'll share hers.

    A Good Thing.

    Monday, November 26 2012

    Nina and Paul meet at the restaurant. He tells her he'd never want to hurt her. Nina knows, so he must have had feelings for Chris all along to do it anyway. She's leaving for L.A. Paul says he never imagined this happening with Chris. Nina's just glad the world knows he's innocent. They hug as Chris appears. Nina tells her no more apologies. Once alone, Chris and Paul talk about how selfish they were to kiss. Chris says she's falling back in love with him too. They talk about starting over without Nina and Danny, and about Paul being free. Paul thinks he needs a change of career.

    Saving Sharon.

    Monday, November 19 2012

    Nina catches Christine and Paul kissing on the Crimson Lights patio. Chris leaves and Nina demands to know if Paul’s involved with her again. Paul says he’s sorry she saw the kiss. He shares the details of the video of Ricky killing Rachel. He attempts to pass off what’s happening with Christine as one friend helping another and Nina tells him to keep lying to himself. He explains his feelings for her haven’t changed but raves about all the support Chris has given him. Nina wonders if she had stayed would it be different - Paul doesn’t answer. Michael pops by and looks concerned for Nina. She blames it on jet lag and walks away.

    Nina arrives at the Chancellor residence. After hugging Katherine she recounts Paul and Christine’s kiss. She blames herself but Kay assures her she’s enough for any man and suggests Paul doesn’t know what he wants. Nina tells her she knows who he wants and shares she might go back to LA. Soon Chris shows up to talk. Katherine pleads with them to work things out then leaves the girls alone. Christine explains she doesn’t know what happened and Nina announces she done with Paul - she doesn’t want to be someone's second choice again.

    You Are My North.

    Friday, November 16 2012

    Chris finds Paul on the coffee house patio. They discuss what seeing the video did to him. Paul puts himself down. She says he's honorable and she can't imagine her life without him. They kiss. Nina enters.


    Thursday, October 11 2012

    Danny and Christine sit with Nina and Paul at Gloworm. Nina can't wait for Phyllis to get what she has coming and loves that Heather's prosecuting. When Chris and Paul are alone, they relish the idea of hearing Phyllis pronounced guilty.

    Christine, Danny, Paul, and Nina greet Heather in the courtroom. Heather says the trial was nearly delayed. Daniel enters with Phyllis and Avery and says Summer and Fen are missing. Chris tells Phyllis she hopes Summer calls. Heather and Nina sympathize. Danny expresses his concern to Phyllis. Daniel tells him he probably shouldn't be there. Danny goes. Nina leaves with him. Michael arrives and the trial begins with Heather and Leslie's opening statements. Michael calls Kevin to the stand. Phyllis whispers, "Oh my God."

    I Won't Forget.

    Thursday, October 04 2012

    At the Club, Nina confronts Phyllis about her affair with Ronan. Lauren tries unsuccessfully to intervene. Nina calls Phyllis a slut and things get personal. Phyllis reminds her how Chance came into the world. Nina smacks her. Nina's phone rings and she says, "Nothin' important, just takin' out the trash." Lauren chastises Phyllis for making things worse. Phyllis protests that she's defending herself. Lauren suggests she learn to keep her mouth shut. Daniel appears and says she's right - Phyllis needs to stop being mad at everyone else and get her stuff together.

    Nina, Paul, Avery, Heather, Lauren, and Danny meet up at the Club. Paul and Avery fill them in on the latest setback in his case. While ordering food, Heather gets a call and leaves. Daniel notices. Paul takes a call from Eden. He tells her about the knife and how much he appreciates the effort she's made. Paul sits down where Danny tells everyone Phyllis admitted she saw the kiss between him and Christine. Paul needs a drink. He and Avery go to the bar. Nina moans that it seems the world is against Paul. Lauren teases Danny about Christine. At the bar, Paul tells Avery, "They're going to convict me."

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