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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Drew Garrett on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Garrett (ABC)

    Birthplace: Jupiter, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Drew Garrett


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    A Bed for a Bed.

    Wednesday, December 16 2009

    Michael walks in Sonny's house, but finds Dominic instead of his father. Michael offers him some cookies and they discuss family traditions. Dominic assumes last Christmas must have been really different for his family and Michael says he heard Claudia helped Sonny decorate the tree. Dominic talks to him about the night of Claudia's party and Michael blames himself for not telling Sonny sooner about her. Michael says it doesn’t matter anymore though because Sonny made sure Claudia will never be found.

    A Big Mess.

    Wednesday, December 09 2009

    At Jake's, Jason tries to prevent Michael from incriminating himself as he continues to mouth off. Michael calls Lucky a traitor to his family because he is a cop and Jason orders him to get in the car now! After he leaves, Jason tells Lucky Michael is just trying to work his way through a tough situation. Lucky understands, comparing Michael and Sonny to his own relationship with his father. Lucky thinks he needs to talk about what happened the night of Claudia's disappearance and tells Jason he admitted Claudia is dead. Lucky tells Jason he has to move fast if he wants to save Michael.

    Jason brings Michael home and fills Carly in on what happened. When Michael continues to act like a tough guy, Jason orders him to sit down and to listen. Jason angrily tells Michael he is disrespecting the people who want to protect him. He was embarrassed by his behavior at Jake's and he is done coddling him. He orders him to keep going to school and to apologize to Carly. Michael obeys and says what happens at Jake's won't happen again, but Jason never had any use for cops, so why should he? Michael leaves the room and Jason apologizes for failing Carly and Michael. Carly says it's on her to get her son under control.

    Jax returns home and tells Carly Sonny wants Michael to come home with him, but Carly says that won't happen. She needs to believe they are a family and he says he is always on her side even when she thinks he's not. Carly says Michael needs them right now, but Sonny can't help him. She thinks families get past things like Jax's secret about Claudia and that's what she wants them to do. He tells her whatever happens next, all he wanted to do was protect her and their family. He leaves to go back to his meeting and says it shouldn't take long. After Jax has left, Carly tells Michael they have to call Diane and tell her everything that happened. Michael understands she wants to protect him, but she doesn’t get how Sonny's world works. He's not confessing because Sonny already told him how to handle this situation.

    Good For the Soul.

    Tuesday, December 08 2009

    Michael comes to Jake's and Coleman refuses to serve him. Michael throws his Corinthos weight around, but Coleman isn't swayed.

    Lucky walks into Jake's and tells Michael he shouldn't be there. Michael mouths off to him as Jason enters and says, "Enough."


    Monday, December 07 2009

    At home, Michael says some incriminating things to Lucky about Claudia, but Carly covers for him. Michael leaves to go to the library and Lucky continues to question Carly. She doesn’t change her story, but Lucky thinks they are covering up what really happened with Claudia. Jax comes home after Lucky has left and Carly fills him in on Lucky, as well as Michael acting tough so he can join the mob. Carly gets upset that Michael feels no remorse and says she feels helpless. She doesn't even recognize her son anymore and doesn't know what to do.

    The Perfect Out.

    Friday, December 04 2009

    Michael comes home and Morgan wonders why he wasn't at school saying he missed finals and their mother will kill him. Carly comes in the room and after Morgan goes to check on his sister, Carly wonders why Michael wasn't at school. He tells her he went to the woods where he killed Claudia. Carly calls Sonny over and fills him in. Sonny wonders what he was thinking going back to the cabin and tells him he has to be smarter than that. Sonny isn't happy he skipped school, but Michael says he doesn't need school for what he was raised to do. Sonny makes it clear he will never be part of the business. Michael thinks he's proved himself by killing Claudia, but Sonny reminds him he was just protecting his mother and sister. Sonny won't let it destroy him, but Michael wonders if Sonny is destroyed. He responds, "More than you will ever know." Michael runs upstairs and Carly thinks their son needs professional help, but Sonny thinks he needs some time and for him to set a better example.

    Carly opens her front door to Lucky who has looked at her hospital records and doesn't think she's telling the truth about the night Josslyn was born. Michael walks in as Lucky grills his mother and says Carly doesn’t know anything about Claudia's death. Lucky finds it interesting he used the word death instead of disappearance and wonders what he knows.

    Moving On.

    Friday, November 13 2009

    Michael walks in Carly’s house and overhears his mother tell Josslyn it’s time to take care of him. Michael says he’s leaving, but Carly stops him and they discuss his recent actions. Jax joins them and Michael leaves. Carly says Michael doesn’t have a clue and it scares her. After Jax puts Josslyn to sleep he notes this is how it should be: them together with Josslyn. Carly says there’s a lot going on and thinks she should turn Michael in, but Jax tells her she can’t because it’s too late now. They discuss the issue and then Carly leaves to get a prescription, but Jax thinks she’s going to find Michael.

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