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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Drew Garrett on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Garrett (ABC)

    Birthplace: Jupiter, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Drew Garrett


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    Closing In.

    Tuesday, January 26 2010

    Dante goes to see Jax in his office to tell him they are close to arresting Sonny. He warns him Carly won't be too happy to learn of Jax's involvement. Jax intends to come clean with her as soon as Sonny is arrested and knows his family will be furious, but it's worth it to keep them safe. Dante wonders why all his energy is on Sonny and none on Jason. Jax responds that Sonny took advantage of Jason's brain injury in the beginning, so he gets extra consideration. He's also not an emotional threat to his family and Carly loves him beyond all reason. She would come after him with a vengeance should something happen to Jason. Once Dante has left, Michael comes in to tell Jax about Dominic being a cop. Jax says he believes him and will call in a few favors. Michael is relieved and Jax asks him not to tell anyone about this conversation.

    Nothing to Lose.

    Monday, January 25 2010

    Michael secretly listens as Dante and Johnny discuss bringing Sonny down on the pier.

    Sam pays a parking ticket at the police station as Mac drags Maxie in to question her. Sam checks to make sure she's okay, but Maxie says she's got it handled. Mac leads his daughter into the interrogation room, as Diane walks in. She takes note of what's happening with Maxie and walks in the room to ask why Mac is grilling her without her lawyer present. Mac starts to question Maxie and she launches into her story leaving Michael out of it.

    At Sonny's, Jason assures him Maxie will cover for them, but Sonny doesn't have the confidence that she will keep her mouth shut. Spinelli walks in as they argue about it to urgently tell them Maxie has been brought into the police station. Spinelli tells them he called Diane, which Sonny calls a bad move. Jason sends him off to find out what's going on and tells him to report back to him. Spinelli leaves and Jason says they just need Diane to make a case for self defense for Michael. Sonny wonders if Franco messed with Jason's head more than he thought and declares they will make sure the cover holds and protect Michael whatever it takes. After Jason's gone, Diane comes to tell Sonny Maxie did well. Michael then shows up and Diane leaves. Michael tells his father Dominic is working for the cops.

    The Secrets Are Out.

    Friday, January 22 2010

    At home, Sonny tries to restrain Michael from going after Dominic, as Michael wonders why he trusts Dominic more than he trusts him. Sonny asks Dominic to leave and tells Michael he has no reason to be jealous of him because he will never be in the running to take over the organization. Michael thinks he's proved himself and has been loyal to him and Jason his entire life and wonders why he can't be loyal to him. Sonny tells him nothing Dominic does should affect him and he wants Michael to have a better life than Dominic could ever think of having. Sonny thinks the sooner Michael will accept that he will never work for him the happier he will be. Michel knows he loves him but wants the respect he gives Dominic. Carly comes over after Michael has left and Sonny tells her about their son's threats towards Dominic. Carly asks Sonny to give Michael a break because the Claudia thing is tearing him apart. Sonny says he has to hold on a bit longer because he's about to make it go away. Carly worries about provoking Franco and they debate his plan to pin Claudia's death on him. Carly comes around and thinks maybe it could work. She wants him to lay off the Dominic thing though and points out why Michael is so upset about it.

    Lulu runs into Dante on the pier, who notices she's crying. He asks if he can do anything for her, but she says no. She starts talking about Lucky, his addiction and now, his drinking. She thinks she was being selfish when she got involved with her brothers' feud, but he tells her it's not her fault. She thinks this is the reality check she needed where love is concerned and tells him to move on after he's done with Sonny. Once she's gone, Michael comes upon Dante and Johnny discussing how Dominic is a cop who will be sending Sonny to jail.

    Like Father Like Son.

    Thursday, January 21 2010

    On the pier, Carly, Morgan and Michael talk about the invites to Josslyn's christening and Morgan says Dominic has already agreed to come. Michael tells his brother Dominic is only trying to suck up to Sonny. Morgan sticks up for Dominic, but Michael tells him the only reason Dominic is nice to him is because he is paid to and calls him a dumb little kid. Morgan gets mad and Carly instructs Michael not to talk to his brother like that. Carly sends Morgan ahead to Kelly's and accuses Michael of being jealous because Dominic works for Sonny and that's something he will never be able to do.

    Dominic comes to Sonny's house and they go over their plan for Ronnie to tell the cops Franco confessed to killing Claudia. Dominic will make sure Ronnie does his part and then Sonny tells him he respects his smarts and work ethic. When he eventually steps down he will need someone to take over the organization and he is considering him. Sonny just wants him to think about it, but Dominic wonders about Jason. Sonny tells him Jason has made it clear he doesn't want to run the business. Dominic then wonders about Johnny and Michael and Sonny nixes Johnny and says he doesn't care what Michael wants, this is about protecting his family. Michael walks in wondering why they are talking about him and after Dominic leaves, Sonny tells him there's a possibility he will give Dom the business because he doesn't want Michael to have it. An argument ensues.

    Dominic returns to Sonny's house and Michael tells him to get out because he will not take what is his. Michael will not stand by and watch as Dominic tries to take down his father and threatens him. Dominic starts to leave as Sonny comes in wondering what's going on. Michael yells out he will get rid of Dominic if it's the last thing he does as an angry Dominic returns to the room.

    A Day For Contemplation.

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Michael walks in his house and finds his family who is back from the ski trip. Carly says they have to plan Josslyn's christening and pick out godparents. Jax wants Alexis and Lucky, but Carly balks at choosing Lucky. Morgan knows it's going to be Jason and he and Michael leave the room. Carly states that Jason will be the godfather of her daughter and there's no changing her mind. Carly doesn't want Alexis because of their history and Jax tells her she can pick both godparents.

    A Big Mess.

    Monday, January 18 2010

    At the hospital, Dante overhears Sonny and Michael talk about Claudia getting hit in the head with an axe at the cabin. Sonny says they have to put it behind them now and thinks Franco moving the body has made it tougher for the cops to find her and who killed her.

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