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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Drew Garrett on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Garrett (ABC)

    Birthplace: Jupiter, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Drew Garrett


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    Rising to the Challenge.

    Tuesday, February 16 2010

    Carly comes home and tells Morgan and Michael she and Jax are arranging a custody agreement. Morgan can't believe she is letting this happen and thinks Jax has quit on them because he moved into the hotel with his real child. Carly assures him that's not the case, but Morgan hates that this is happening. Carly hugs her son and says she does too. She explains that she left Jax at the hotel tonight because he responds to a challenge and will fight to hold on to what he thinks he's losing. The boys question Carly's actions, but she says it will work.

    Damage Control.

    Friday, February 12 2010

    At the police station, Mac warns Michael that he is about to confess to murder! Michael recounts that Claudia was yelling at Carly and had the baby. Michael swears he didn't mean to kill Claudia when he swung the axe, and that he only wanted to protect his mom. Mac tells Michael giving a false confession is against the law! Mac warns him not to waste the rest of his life and that their conversation never happened.

    Sam enters the police station under the ruse of paying a ticket. She asks for Mac and gets permission to see him. She barges in on Mac and Michael and asks Mac why he is questioning Michael without an attorney. After she leaves with Michael, another officer tells Mac that Sam was there to pay a parking ticket. Mac remarks, "Interesting timing."

    Sam returns back to Jason's with Michael. Jason orders everyone to keep their mouths shut because it will help Sonny. All of the kids agree they will keep the murder a secret. Sam explains they don't like to keep secrets, but this is a special circumstance.

    Family Drama.

    Thursday, February 11 2010

    Morgan and Molly are commiserating over sodas at Kelly's. Molly thinks that there's a good case for reasonable doubt for her Uncle Sonny's murder case. When Michael shows up, they try to act as if they're doing homework, but it doesn't take Michael long to realize they're talking about Sonny taking the rap for Claudia's murder.

    Mac finds Michael waiting for him in the PCPD interrogation room. He asks if the boy is ready to talk about his father, but Michael comes right out and says that he is the one who killed Claudia.

    More Than Biology.

    Monday, February 08 2010

    Jax tries to explain things to a furious Michael at home, citing how dangerous Sonny is for the kids. Michael insists Sonny loves them, but Jax wonders how far he would go to make sure his siblings never had to go through what he did. Michael never wants that, but doesn’t agree putting Sonny in jail is the solution. Jax says it's up to the adults to fix things so he shouldn't confess. Jax loves Michael and considers him family. Even if Carly never forgives him, he would do it again if it meant keeping his family safe.

    But You Shot a Cop.

    Thursday, February 04 2010

    In the Davis living room, Michael tells his disbelieving siblings and cousin how he killed Claudia. Alexis comes in and doesn't really know what to say about the situation with Sonny and Dante, but she tells them it's okay to love Sonny, but hate what he does. She tells them Sonny loves all of the kids and would do anything for them.

    Hi Beautiful.

    Wednesday, February 03 2010

    At home, Michael tells Jax he needs to go to the PCPD to confess he killed Claudia. Jax thinks it's brave of him, but it's impossible because all the evidence to support his case has been destroyed. Jax doesn't like Sonny, but he knows Sonny loves him and doesn't want him blamed for Claudia's murder.

    Michael and Morgan come to Kristina and Molly's house and tell them Dante is Sonny's son, which only intensifies Kristina's anger regarding Sonny shooting him. Michael and Kristina argue about it with Morgan and Molly agreeing that Sonny didn't have to shoot Dante. Molly says from her research on the criminal justice system, Sonny could get the maximum sentence if Dante dies. She wonders if anyone doubts Sonny's guilt. More argument ensues with accusations flying about Sonny killing Claudia. Michael bursts out, "Dad did not kill Claudia! I did."

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