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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Drew Garrett on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Garrett (ABC)

    Birthplace: Jupiter, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Drew Garrett


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    The Wife He Deserves.

    Thursday, October 29 2009

    At Sonny’s house, Dominic tells Michael maybe he should wait to talk to his father and get a second opinion. Michael will find a way to deal with it himself and leaves.

    Molly and Morgan walk by the warehouse looking for samples for one of Molly’s projects. They hear Johnny call for help and decide to help him. Molly distracts the guards with questions and as they help her find her samples, Morgan opens the door for Johnny. Johnny wants Morgan to leave so he doesn’t get hurt and Morgan runs away.

    Dominic calls Carly to tell her he just saw Michael at the party and she decides to come there to get him.

    Kristina comes to the party and Michael grabs her to hide with him because they aren't supposed to be there. He tells her their dad needs to know the truth about Claudia.

    Sonny Learns the Truth.

    Wednesday, October 28 2009

    Michael calls Sam over to ask why Jason hates Claudia so much. Sam tries to blow it off, but Michael thinks he hates her because he believes it was her fault he got shot.

    As Dante snoops through Sonny’s things, Michael runs in looking for Sonny. He says he’s not sure what he has to tell his dad can wait.

    Feeling Lucky.

    Tuesday, October 27 2009

    Johnny wonders why Michael is giving him the chance to protect Claudia and wonders if he is sure his memories are accurate. Michael responds that it will be up to his dad. He says he has to tell his father and he doesn’t think Jason or Sonny will care what the reasons were for the hit being taken out on Sonny.

    Michael comes home to Carly who is organizing Claudia’s party. She tells him she can’t allow him to go, but he thinks Sonny won’t want to throw this party anyway. Carly wonders why.

    Claudia’s Time is Running Out.

    Monday, October 26 2009

    Michael wonders what Sonny will do to Claudia if he tells him about her involvement in his shooting. Kristina doesn’t think Sonny would ever hurt his wife and that he’d just turn her over to the police. Michael says Sonny will take care of the situation himself and when Kristina wonders if he’d kill her, Michael says, “That’s what she deserves isn’t it?” Kristina thinks he can’t be serious, but he says he will always be messed up because of her. Michael can’t forgive her for trying to kill their father, but Kristina thinks they are cool now and suggests maybe his memories aren’t even real. Michael says he should be protecting her from this and not asking for her help. He leaves and Mike tells Kristina he gets his moods from his father.

    Michael comes to see Johnny and tells him Claudia’s time is running out and he might be the only one who can save her. He says he remembered everything and assumes he would want to protect his sister before it’s too late.

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