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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Drew Garrett on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Garrett (ABC)

    Birthplace: Jupiter, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Drew Garrett


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    Get the Body!

    Wednesday, November 04 2009

    From his car, Michael tries to call Sam and Jason, but Sam can’t hear him, so he takes off.

    Carly begs Claudia to hand over her daughter, but Claudia is too focused on the baby herself. Claudia puts her in a basket and starts to walk out the door as Michael grabs an axe, walks in and swings at Claudia’s head. Claudia goes down and Michael drops to her side seeing blood as Jason and Sam bust in. Jason takes the baby and hands her to Carly as Michael sits stunned and blood oozes from a dead Claudia’s head.

    Jason tries to get Michael out of his trance by telling him the baby and Carly are okay. Michael snaps out of it and goes to his mother and sister. His sits on the couch with blood on his hand and apologizes because he should have done something before Claudia could hurt her. Carly says all that matters is that they are safe. A stoic Jason asks for Sam’s cell phone.

    Out by the car, Michael tells Jason how he ended up there and how he killed Claudia. Sonny drives up and Michael tells his father he killed his wife. Sonny assures his freaked out son he did a good thing by stopping Claudia. Sonny tells his son to get in his car so he and Jason can take care of things. After Michael complies, Sonny and Jason plan their cover up. Sonny tells Jason to bury Claudia as close to Hell as he can and that this has to end tonight. Sonny then gets in the car with Michael.

    In the car, Sonny tells his son this isn't his fault and blames himself. Michael doesn’t care that he killed Claudia, but Sonny thinks it will take awhile to sink in. He will make things right because he owes him that much. Sonny blames himself for exposing him to his violent world and Michael tells him he always wanted to be like him and now he is. Sonny says he loves him and that’s why he can never be like him. Michael doesn't think he’s any different than Sonny because he killed someone.

    Carly Gives Birth!

    Tuesday, November 03 2009

    Michael and Morgan don’t move when Sonny tells them to come home with him. They say Carly expects them to be there when she gets back and Jax and Sonny bicker. Sonny makes it clear that Jax will not use this tragedy to stake a claim to his kids. The kids are sent upstairs as the men argue and Olivia tries to mediate. Olivia gets Sonny to reluctantly leave.

    Jax apologizes to the boys for arguing with Sonny. He then gets a call from the cops and when he walks away, Michael blames himself for not telling Sonny about Claudia before all this happened. Morgan doesn’t think he’s to blame, but Michael thinks Carly would be better off if it weren’t for him.

    Jax thinks about Carly when Morgan comes downstairs fearing Michael has left, as Michael drives to the Canadian border.

    Michael finds the car Claudia and Carly were in and runs to find his mother.

    The Search Is On.

    Monday, November 02 2009

    Jax and Michael come home blaming themselves for what happened. Morgan comes downstairs and asks where his mother is. As Jax delicately tries to tell Morgan what happened, Michael blurts out the truth.

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