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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Drew Garrett on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Garrett (ABC)

    Birthplace: Jupiter, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Drew Garrett


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    You'll Thank Me Later.

    Monday, April 19 2010

    On the island, Michael listens as Ronnie orders him to come forward. Jax enters and asks Ronnie what he's doing there. Ronnie knows Jax is there to check up on Michael. Jax claims it will be a good investment property when Sonny is in jail. Ronnie thinks Jax is trying to do damage control. Max enters and forces Ronnie to leave.

    Jason finds out that Ronnie is off the island, but orders Max to limit Michael's interaction with the phone and Internet. Jason then tells Michael he did a good job hiding from Ronnie. Jason informs him that everything will be over soon but he is sending him somewhere else.

    Morgan gets a call from Michael. Michael tells him he's headed to a new island. Morgan wishes he could go with him.

    Taking On The Bullies.

    Friday, April 16 2010

    Jax visits Michael, who refuses to go against his father. Jax claims his safety means everything to him. Michael believes Jax wants to protect them and is grateful to him, but reminds him he will always be on Sonny's side. Jax knows Sonny never wanted him to be a part of the business. Jax hopes Michael can come home soon.

    Michael hides his stained shirt in his backpack. Outside he hears a police officer looking for him with a subpoena!

    The Answer to My Prayers.

    Thursday, April 15 2010

    Kristina talks to Michael on the phone about everything that's going on. Michael wants to come home to help her get through this, but she orders him not to. Jax walks in after Kristina hangs up on Michael and they debate the issue of Michael staying on the island. Michael doesn't want his father to go to jail for what he did, but Jax insists Sonny's actions contributed to what happened and Michael deserves to have a life. Jax is fighting for his family, even if it means he loses them in the process. Michael thinks Jax just wants him to say it's okay to put Sonny in jail.

    Truth and Consequences.

    Monday, April 05 2010

    Max stops Michael from leaving the house on the island, but Michael tries to reason with him about how Sonny can't go to prison. Max understands, but tells him he has to wait it out.


    Thursday, March 25 2010

    Max and Milo enjoy their time on the island, as Michael secretly calls Kristina to ask what's happening in the outside world. Kristina tells him about her attack and he wants to come home, but she tells him she has all the support she needs. In fact, it's like her experience isn't hers anymore. Michael tells her to hang in there and that he loves her. He hangs up and tells Max and Milo he needs to go home, but Carly walks in and says he can't go back. Max and Milo leave and Carly fills Michael in on what happened to Kristina. Michael thinks Kiefer beat Kristina up, not Ethan and wants to go home, but Carly tells him he can't do that. Michael is tired of letting the innocent pay, while the guilty go free, but Carly tells him Kristina has to handle this her way, but the truth will eventually come out. She wants him to stay there so both he and Sonny will be free to be with the people who love them. Michael agrees not to go anywhere.

    Civic Duty is Hot.

    Thursday, March 18 2010

    Dante goes to the island and finds Max and Milo, as Michael hides. Dante thinks he hears Michael, but finds Lola, who works there instead. Dante knows Michael is there and wants Sonny's guards to tell him where he is. Michael listens as Dante and the Giambetti brothers debate whether or not Michael should return to testify. After Dante has left, Michael and Max talk about the trial. Max knows Diane will get Sonny out of this mess and then they can go home.

    Serious Trouble.

    Friday, March 12 2010

    While Michael and Milo are distracted by the ladies on the island, Michael tries to make a break for it, but Bernie stops him. He ushers the women out and tells them Jason sent him down there to make sure he didn't try and escape. He orders Michael to stay on the island until the trial is over.

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