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    General Hospital CAST - Holly Sutton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Holly Sutton Played by Emma Samms on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Emma Samms (ABC)

    Birthday: August 28, 1960
    Birthplace: Willesden, London
    Real Name: Emma Samms


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    Which End is Up?

    Thursday, May 28 2009

    Holly pays Robin a visit. Robin wonders why Holly lied about Robert being Ethan's father. Holly says she set something in motion, but now she wants to stop it and asks Robin to help her.

    Fixing What is Broken.

    Tuesday, May 26 2009

    Ethan tries to deal with the fact that Holly is his mother and gave him up. She promises him it wasn’t easy to give him away, but Ethan gets upset and sits down with a bottle of booze. Luke then angrily asks why Holly made him think Ethan was his son. Holly says she was bored and was looking for something in her past to revisit and he came to mind. Luke scoffs and wonders why she would tell them the truth now. Holly explains she just finally came to her senses.

    Lulu comes to the Haunted Star as Ethan tells Holly he could have lived the rest of his life not knowing she and Robert were his parents. Lulu says, “So you’re not my brother?” Ethan tells her to ask Holly and leaves. Lulu thinks Luke must be disappointed, but Luke assures her it doesn’t change his high opinion of Ethan. Lulu runs off to help Ethan and Holly admits she made a mess of everything. Luke doesn’t think she has any idea what kind of damage she has done, but when the dust settles, she has herself "one Hell of a son.”

    Luke pours Holly a drink and Holly feels bad over the situation. She recalls that she knew Ethan the moment she saw him as an adult and wanted to hold him close, but instead she pretended to be a stranger. She convinced herself it was up to fate after she gave Ethan the photo of him and Robert, but it was really just a way of not facing the fact that she was a coward. She cries and runs off.

    Full Disclosure.

    Friday, May 22 2009

    An angry Lucky grills Holly about Ethan. They discuss the situation and Lucky wonders if she cares that she is destroying his family.

    After Tracy leaves, Luke tells Ethan he has to play by Holly’s rules. They argue and Holly enters. She tells them the game isn’t fun anymore so she came to tell them the truth. Luke is suspicious, but Holly says she didn’t mean to hurt anyone and it’s time for full disclosure. She says she is Ethan’s mother, but Luke is not his father. Luke looks disappointed and Holly tells him he will have to settle for the kids he already has. Ethan demands to know who his father is and Holly tells him it’s Robert Scorpio.

    Stuff Happens.

    Wednesday, May 20 2009

    At Patrick’s house, Holly offers Luke and Ethan some champagne. Luke and Holly engage in some banter, but Ethan wants some answers. Patrick tries to restore some order since they are in his house and instructs Ethan to start talking and then moves on to Luke for him to tell his story. Holly continues to be vague and Patrick thinks there is a simple solution to all of this: a DNA test. Luke says they already had one and they don’t need any more. Luke and Ethan need to hear it from Holly herself. Holly says Luke needs to prove that he is serious about Ethan by going against his wife and parting with some of Tracy’s money. Luke is aghast that she wants him to pay for the truth, but Holly thinks Tracy can afford it. Ethan thinks Holly wants to upset Tracy so much, she’ll kick Luke out. Holly says he is just like Luke and Patrick thinks they are all crazy and goes upstairs. Ethan doesn’t think this issue is worth wrecking Luke’s marriage over and Luke wants to talk to Holly alone. She won’t do anything until she gets Tracy’s money. She kicks them out and Luke tells Ethan he just saw a master con woman at the top of her game. He then suggests Ethan buckle down for the ride of his life.

    Tracy Confesses!

    Tuesday, May 19 2009

    Patrick and Holly catch up and she asks if she can stay for a day or two. Patrick agrees and Holly asks after Robin. Patrick fills her in and then asks if he can help her, but she assures him he already is by letting her stay. Patrick has to go back to the hospital and checks on Emma before he leaves.

    As Tracy and Luke argue, Holly calls and Luke demands to know where she is. She didn’t want to cause any trouble, but she thinks it’s best they not see each other. She hangs up and Tracy says if he chases after Holly then he shouldn’t come back. Luke won’t go after her if Tracy admits she rigged the DNA test. Tracy insists she didn’t do it and Luke tells her anything that happens from here on out is on her.

    Patrick returns home with a bottle of champagne and he and Holly celebrate Michael’s recovery. Ethan and Luke show up outside of Patrick’s door and decide to enjoy the fireworks together. Luke knocks on the door and Holly answers. Luke and Ethan demand answers from her.

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