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    General Hospital CAST - Holly Sutton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Holly Sutton Played by Emma Samms on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Emma Samms (ABC)

    Birthday: August 28, 1960
    Birthplace: Willesden, London
    Real Name: Emma Samms


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    You Need To Go.

    Tuesday, March 06 2012

    At Wyndemere, Holly tries to convince Ethan not to go after Helena. When Ethan doesn’t fall for her reasoning, she uses Luke's love for him as her argument. Luke shows up as Ethan decides to stay and not go after Helena. Luke tells Ethan he actually needs him to disappear.

    I Can't Do This.

    Thursday, March 01 2012

    Luke and Ethan confront Holly at Wyndemere about Ethan's parentage. She tells them she was lying to Helena in order to protect Ethan. Luke is Ethan's father. Ethan learns Luke called Holly about Ethan falling for a con woman, which is why she came to town. Holly consoles her son about losing Cassandra. After Luke talks Ethan down from going after Helena, Ethan leaves to be alone to reflect on Cassandra. Holly tells Luke Helena won't be happy when she gets the DNA results on Ethan. Luke knows and is prepared to finally rip her bloody head off.

    You Do As I Say Drake Jr.

    Wednesday, February 29 2012

    Helena, Luke and Ethan aren't convinced Holly is telling the truth about Ethan's parentage at Wyndemere. Luke wonders why she would tell him Ethan was his if it weren't true. Holly explains it was the only way to get Luke back because she still loves him. She says it was all a scam and the only possible father to her baby is Robert. Helena isn't swayed and calls out her goon. She rips hair from Ethan and Luke's heads to have tested at her secret lab. Helena takes off and Holly helps free Luke and Ethan. Luke asks Holly who Ethan's daddy really is.

    Flawless Timing English.

    Tuesday, February 28 2012

    At Wyndemere, Luke tries to reason Helena away from killing Ethan, but Helena wants Luke to suffer like she has. As Helena is about to shoot Ethan, Holly bursts in urging her to stop. Luke notes his English has flawless timing. Holly stands in front of Ethan so Helena can't shoot her son. Holly is updated on the situation, but tells Helena she won't get her vengeance through Ethan because he isn't Luke's son. He's Robert's. Helena doesn’t believe her, but Holly insists to everyone it's true and declares the DNA tests were doctored.

    My Life is in Your Hands.

    Tuesday, June 02 2009

    Lucky lays into Luke, but Holly defends her former love. Lucky grows furious and Luke tells his son to take his anger out on him instead of Holly and Ethan. Holly won’t apologize for what’s gone down between her and Luke and doesn’t think he should judge Luke for one mistake. Holly wonders if Lucky is error free and suggests he stop being self-righteous and appreciate that he has a father who loves him. She tells him Luke should get credit for walking away from her in Singapore because he loved his family. Luke tells his son Ethan is a fact and there’s no wishing him away, but Lucky is past caring.

    After Lucky leaves, Holly and Luke discuss his first-born and Luke hopes Ethan likes him better than Lucky does. Holly believes he already does, but thinks their son hates her. Ethan walks in and says he’d like to work on that and thanks her for giving him to a good family and seeking him out years later. Luke notes Holly is leaving now and Ethan is shocked. Holly only wanted to introduce the two of them and now she wants to leave on a positive note. Ethan doesn’t like getting played. He wishes her a good trip and is sure he’ll hear from her again the next time she needs something.

    Holly and Luke toast to their son and Luke tells her he doesn’t hold a grudge against her. Holly hopes one day they have their chance and Tracy comes in as the two of them are in a close moment. Furious and fed up, Tracy admits she tampered with the DNA test and Holly says that was cruel. Tracy tells her that’s the pot calling the kettle black. She tells Luke to have his Holly and to never come after her again. Luke is so mad at Tracy he could kill her, but he won’t because she is the reason he is alive to enjoy being a father to Ethan. He tells her he is not leaving her for anybody. Holly tells Tracy if she mistreats Ethan or fails to cherish Luke she will be back to claim them both. Holly leaves and Tracy and Luke engage in their special brand of banter, thereby making up. Luke makes her a martini and Tracy tells him her life is in his hands.

    Yep, I’m Your Brother!

    Monday, June 01 2009

    After hearing Luke is his father, Ethan isn’t sure he should believe anything Holly says. Holly tries to explain why she never told Luke she was pregnant and why she gave Ethan up, but Ethan isn’t happy with her recounting of things. Holly gets emotional as she tells Ethan giving him up was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but she couldn’t keep him with her and drag him around from place to place. Ethan tells her his parents were wonderful, but it doesn't excuse all the lies she’s told since she found him. Holly didn’t know how Luke would react so she set the wheels in motion and left it to chance; if they were meant to connect they would. Luke tells her they could have had years together, but she kept Ethan from him. Holly doesn’t know why she played all these games, but she just wanted more. Ethan is proud to be Luke’s son, but Holly makes him sick and he walks out.

    Holly wonders if Luke hates her too. Luke could never hate her, but this con makes no sense to him based on her sloppy work of it. Holly is just as confused and didn’t realize he’d have a life in Port Charles that he’s invested in. Luke says wanderlust aside, he is invested in his life there. Holly would love for him to come away with her, but she’ll accept it if he’d rather stay there. Luke tells her his kids are in Port Charles and he has a life there and a wife he loves. He says riding into the sunset with her is tempting and Holly tells him it’s an open invitation. Luke says goodbye for this roll of the dice and Holly looks forward to the next. Luke kisses her, as Lucky walks in and sees it. He yells at Holly to take his dad and get out of there!

    Swimming in Antarctica.

    Friday, May 29 2009

    Robin informs Holly she told Ethan there is no way Robert is his father. Holly knows she’s made a mess of things and Robin wonders if she is even Ethan’s mother. Holly declares Ethan is her son, but doesn’t expect her to understand. She thought her and Luke deserved a bit more fun and hoped they might have fabulous adventures with Ethan. Robin wonders why Holly didn’t just leave Ethan alone and Holly says she wanted to make sure he was okay. Robin tells her all of the confidence he once possessed is gone because she won’t give him a straight answer. Holly says she is leaving, but has one more stop to make.

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