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    General Hospital CAST - Holly Sutton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Holly Sutton Played by Emma Samms on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Emma Samms (ABC)

    Birthday: August 28, 1960
    Birthplace: Willesden, London
    Real Name: Emma Samms


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    GH Recap: Frank Smith returns to kill Luke and his family

    Friday, July 03 2015

    Lulu, Luke, Dillon, Holly, Ethan and Laura are surrounded by thugs in a warehouse. Frank Smith wheels in. Luke recaps their history for everyone. He thought he'd killed him twenty years ago. Frank was shot in the spinal cord and had to drag himself away. He pulls out a gun. Luke begs him to let his family go. Dillon steps up for Lulu so the thugs knock him out. Luke pleads with Frank again. Smith shoots Ethan in the arm. He allows everyone to leave but Luke and Laura. While Ethan and Holly drive off, Lulu and Dillon circle back to the warehouse. When they get there, a gunshot goes off.

    GH Recap: Luke discovers Ethan standing on a bomb

    Thursday, July 02 2015

    Up in Canada, Holly and Laura scout the grounds while Luke heads into the warehouse. There he finds Ethan just standing in the middle of the room. Ethan warns him not to come any closer as he’s standing on a bomb. He says he’s been there for sixteen some hours and is getting woozy, so he tells his dad that Lucky is alive and managed to escape. Ethan is about to pass out and warns Luke to go, but Luke decides to disarm the bomb. Ethan feels he should go help Lucky, who could be injured, but Luke says he will save Ethan or die trying. Elsewhere, the guard offers to drive Lulu and Dillon to the hospital, so Lulu pretends to go into labor to avoid getting in the van. Unfortunately their scheme to distract the guard is revealed when her hay bundle baby falls to the ground. The other guard, who was knocked out by Holly and left behind, has come to and arrived. He grabs Lulu from behind and threatens to break her neck. Lulu elbows him to break free, and Dillon fights the other guy. They leave the men unconscious and head back to find Luke and the others. After they leave, one of the guards wakes up and makes a call. Back at the warehouse, Luke does what he can to disarm the bomb. Luke takes Ethan’s hand and pushes him off the bomb, which doesn’t explode. Before they can leave, the guards arrive with Lulu, Dillon, Laura and Holly at gunpoint. Luke demands to see their boss. Their boss walks in as Luke and Laura gasp in disbelief.

    GH Recap: Luke, Laura and Holly get a lead on the boys

    Wednesday, July 01 2015

    Up in Canada, Luke and the others try to figure out how to locate where Ethan and Lucky are. Luke studies the photo of the boys and sees that Ethan is making a sign with his hands. They are signals they used while scamming in card games. Lulu notices Lucky is pointing at himself. They decode the signs to mean three jacks son, or 3 Jackson Street. Lulu traces the address to a local lumberyard, so they take off.

    The gang makes their way to the warehouse at the lumberyard, which is heavily guarded. Lulu devises a plan which they put into motion. Lulu and Dillon pretend to be a couple whose car broke down and Lulu is in labor. One of the guards offers, after some debate, to take them to the hospital. After they leave, Luke, Laura and Holly get the drop on the other guard and knock him out. They decide to split up and scout the place out. Luke busts into the warehouse and exclaims, "I’ll be damned!"

    GH Recap: Dante goes after Lulu

    Tuesday, June 30 2015

    Luke lies in bed with Laura and Holly at the hotel in British Columbia. None of them slept. He's sick of sitting around. They all are. Holly points out that someone is obviously targeting Luke through his sons. He decides to go off and check on his daughter. The women rehash their past. Laura doesn't feel the urge to level the score. Holly explains how she got pregnant with Ethan. She never even knew that he was married and had a son. She apologizes for any pain she caused. They discuss Luke and Bill. The call comes in. They're instructed to look outside and discover a photo of their sons bound and gagged to chairs. Down the hall, Dillon wakes Lulu up She wants to call her parents. He talks her out of it and feeds her room service. He spent the night re-writing his script. She starts unloading about lying to her husband. Luke interrupts and fills them in about Ethan. Once he gets his sons back, he plans to make things up to Tracy. They head back down the hall. After Holly and Laura show them the photo, they vow to kill whoever did this. Later, Dante arrives and finds Lulu's room empty.

    GH Recap: Ethan has been kidnapped

    Monday, June 29 2015

    In British Columbia, Holly is surprised when she walks into Luke and Laura's hotel room and they have their guns out. She has her gun out too. Laura demands to know what she knows about Lucky. Holly says that someone has taken Ethan too. They put their guns away. Holly explains that she and her son were grifting some guy in South America when he went missing. After that, she found a matchbook for this hotel and came looking. They fill her in about Jennifer Smith. Laura gets a call. They offer to tell them all they need to know tomorrow. In her room down the hall, Lulu thinks of calling her husband but doesn't want to have to lie to him again. To waste time, they read one of Dillon's scripts. She mocks it and jokes around with the Quartermaine.

    GH Recap: Hot Sauce On The Side.

    Wednesday, March 19 2014

    Julian leaves Ava’s gallery in a hurry to meet Alexis. Sonny soon arrives to talk about AJ. Sonny knows it’s on him if AJ dies, but Michael will blame himself. She reaches out to comfort him and tells him they have to finish AJ off or they will both be in trouble. He wonders why she is worried and she tells him that once she conspired with him and covered up the shooting she is in it up to her neck. Morgan walks in and asks what they are doing. She tells him about their concerns that Ric is funding Julian. Morgan tells them AJ is in a coma and Michael is very torn up.


    Monday, August 19 2013

    In PA, Obrecht confides with Holly that Robert is in the predicament he's in because he knew too much about 'her.' She offers to let Holly know who she's referring to under one condition. Holly doesn't think she can believe anything she'd tell her so Obrecht offers a chance for her to hear it from Robert. Holly knows Robert is in no condition to speak but Obrecht can fix that. Meanwhile, Luke maneuvers through the hidden walls then down into a basement area before finding Laura tied up. He wonders why she's there. Laura knows, Tracy didn't rat him out, she confesses she just knew something was wrong. She's eager for them to find Jerry so they can get home before Lulu becomes a mother. Luke thinks that won't be happening since Jerry's dead. Laura announces Obrecht lied; Jerry's the one who tied her up and left her there. She's certain Jerry was keeping someone else there. Luke's impressed with the basement laboratory and considers if Jerry is alive than Obrecht must have the answers. Laura wonders where they can find her when Luke surprises her with the news that she's upstairs. When the make it upstairs, they find Holly unconscious. She wakes up surprised that Obrecht is gone and that Luke found Laura instead of Jerry. After Laura checks her messages and announces Lulu's baby's coming. Holly promises to stay on Obrecht's trail for Luke so he can keep his promise to Lulu.

    No Disco?

    Friday, August 16 2013

    In Corinth, PA, Holly wonders who's responsible for the hidden chamber. Luke quips it must be Jerry Jacks in the conservatory with the cure. He's ready to shoot the lock on the door when Holly pulls a pin from her hair to show him how the professionals do it. While arguing over if it's the right hairpin when Luke can't get it opened, a humming voice can be heard approaching them. Luke points his gun as the perpetrator enters and introduces her to Holly as the mad doctor Liesel Obrecht. Holly goes after her for what she did to Robert. Luke stops her and tells Obrecht to quickly explain why she's come to Jerry's hideaway. Obrecht asks Luke how she can be affiliate with Jerry Jacks if he's dead. Luke assumes Obrecht has been getting help from Faison. She insists Faison is a visionary they can’t comprehend. Obrecht realizes Luke needs the radiation cure and informs him she failed curing Jerry. He’s dead and she burned the body. She blames Anna and Robert’s meddling for making her abandon her research. Luke doesn’t believe it – he thinks Jerry is behind the door. She warns him that some doors are not meant to be opened. Luke goes anyway. Alone, Obrecht tells Holly she had no choice but to silence Robert – he knew too much. Holly wonders about what. Meanwhile, Luke hears someone.

    You Asked For The Truth.

    Thursday, August 15 2013

    Armed with guns, Holly and Luke sweep a house they believe is Jerry Jacks' base of operations. Holly worries when Luke becomes winded. He wonders if the drug Sean gave him was a placebo. They try to figure out why Jerry would be hiding in this small town in Pennsylvania. Luke begins to think it makes sense when he remembers the Loving Murders that happened there. Holly finds a photo of the murderer, Gwyneth Alden who killed her family. Later, Luke is out of breath after sweeping the house again. He accidentally finds a large hutch covered with a sheet when he doubles over in pain back in the living room alone. Holly calls out that she found something and enters with a wheelchair. Luke notes it's more modern than when the house had people living in it. They think someone could still be there. On a hunch they move the hutch and find a door. Luke kicks the door open.

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