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    General Hospital CAST - Holly Sutton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Holly Sutton Played by Emma Samms on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Emma Samms (ABC)

    Birthday: August 28, 1960
    Birthplace: Willesden, London
    Real Name: Emma Samms


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    GH Recap: Hot Sauce On The Side.

    Wednesday, March 19 2014

    Julian leaves Ava’s gallery in a hurry to meet Alexis. Sonny soon arrives to talk about AJ. Sonny knows it’s on him if AJ dies, but Michael will blame himself. She reaches out to comfort him and tells him they have to finish AJ off or they will both be in trouble. He wonders why she is worried and she tells him that once she conspired with him and covered up the shooting she is in it up to her neck. Morgan walks in and asks what they are doing. She tells him about their concerns that Ric is funding Julian. Morgan tells them AJ is in a coma and Michael is very torn up.


    Monday, August 19 2013

    In PA, Obrecht confides with Holly that Robert is in the predicament he's in because he knew too much about 'her.' She offers to let Holly know who she's referring to under one condition. Holly doesn't think she can believe anything she'd tell her so Obrecht offers a chance for her to hear it from Robert. Holly knows Robert is in no condition to speak but Obrecht can fix that. Meanwhile, Luke maneuvers through the hidden walls then down into a basement area before finding Laura tied up. He wonders why she's there. Laura knows, Tracy didn't rat him out, she confesses she just knew something was wrong. She's eager for them to find Jerry so they can get home before Lulu becomes a mother. Luke thinks that won't be happening since Jerry's dead. Laura announces Obrecht lied; Jerry's the one who tied her up and left her there. She's certain Jerry was keeping someone else there. Luke's impressed with the basement laboratory and considers if Jerry is alive than Obrecht must have the answers. Laura wonders where they can find her when Luke surprises her with the news that she's upstairs. When the make it upstairs, they find Holly unconscious. She wakes up surprised that Obrecht is gone and that Luke found Laura instead of Jerry. After Laura checks her messages and announces Lulu's baby's coming. Holly promises to stay on Obrecht's trail for Luke so he can keep his promise to Lulu.

    No Disco?

    Friday, August 16 2013

    In Corinth, PA, Holly wonders who's responsible for the hidden chamber. Luke quips it must be Jerry Jacks in the conservatory with the cure. He's ready to shoot the lock on the door when Holly pulls a pin from her hair to show him how the professionals do it. While arguing over if it's the right hairpin when Luke can't get it opened, a humming voice can be heard approaching them. Luke points his gun as the perpetrator enters and introduces her to Holly as the mad doctor Liesel Obrecht. Holly goes after her for what she did to Robert. Luke stops her and tells Obrecht to quickly explain why she's come to Jerry's hideaway. Obrecht asks Luke how she can be affiliate with Jerry Jacks if he's dead. Luke assumes Obrecht has been getting help from Faison. She insists Faison is a visionary they can’t comprehend. Obrecht realizes Luke needs the radiation cure and informs him she failed curing Jerry. He’s dead and she burned the body. She blames Anna and Robert’s meddling for making her abandon her research. Luke doesn’t believe it – he thinks Jerry is behind the door. She warns him that some doors are not meant to be opened. Luke goes anyway. Alone, Obrecht tells Holly she had no choice but to silence Robert – he knew too much. Holly wonders about what. Meanwhile, Luke hears someone.

    You Asked For The Truth.

    Thursday, August 15 2013

    Armed with guns, Holly and Luke sweep a house they believe is Jerry Jacks' base of operations. Holly worries when Luke becomes winded. He wonders if the drug Sean gave him was a placebo. They try to figure out why Jerry would be hiding in this small town in Pennsylvania. Luke begins to think it makes sense when he remembers the Loving Murders that happened there. Holly finds a photo of the murderer, Gwyneth Alden who killed her family. Later, Luke is out of breath after sweeping the house again. He accidentally finds a large hutch covered with a sheet when he doubles over in pain back in the living room alone. Holly calls out that she found something and enters with a wheelchair. Luke notes it's more modern than when the house had people living in it. They think someone could still be there. On a hunch they move the hutch and find a door. Luke kicks the door open.

    You Knew.

    Monday, August 12 2013

    At the Donely's, Sean holds out a bottle to Luke and Holly. Luke's certain it's the cure. Holly begs Sean to give it to them. Anna Donely apologizes for not being able to help them and explains it's not a cure, just a temporary stopgap. The Donely's share their story of Sean's similar fate of being poisoned by The Balkan. Anna Donely recounts their attempt to get the cure, albeit unsuccessfully. Luke is eager to help Sean in their attempt to save themselves. They shake on it. Sean wants Luke to have a swig of the medicine. Luke is concerned he doesn't have enough but Anna confirms he's stable.

    Kill You Where You Stand.

    Friday, August 09 2013

    Holly and Luke arrive at Sean Donely’s house in Ireland but his daughter Anna tells them he isn’t there. She lets them in and Holly and Luke conspire to split up. Luke asks to use the bathroom and Anna informs Holly she is on to them. Luke is dragged back by the goons and Sean comes out in a wheelchair. Anna insists Sean has no answers but they demand to know where Jerry Jacks and the $88 million is. Luke thinks Jerry got sick and made a deal with Sean. Anna insists he needed the money and Sean pulls out a vial.

    I Do What I Want.

    Monday, August 05 2013

    Holly reveals herself as Luke’s accomplice at the Swiss bank. She risked a lot to help him and called in a lot of favors, so she wants answers. He knows he owes her the truth and tells her about Helena’s poisoning and his impending death. She regrets not seeing Helena die. Luke takes the opportunity to tell Holly goodbye – he may never get the chance again. They hug and he gets her up to speed on Jerry Jacks and the money. An alarm goes off as they find Jerry’s account on the computer and realize a transfer of funds was made after the explosion and was picked up by Sean Donely.

    Dead Man Walking.

    Friday, August 02 2013

    At a bank in Zurich, Luke assumes the alias of Dr. Von Schemerman. He implores the bank detective to help save his life by finding the money Jerry Jacks withdrew from their bank. She wants to know who he's working for that he's worried about his life. Luke lists the colorful list of criminal characters from Port Charles, including Spanky. She can't divulge any more information with him than she did with the WSB and asks him to leave. Two armed masked men break in. Security is close behind but they are quickly disarmed when they threaten to kill the boss lady. One masked man shoots out the security camera. Luke claims their business isn't with him and tries to leave but they promise he will be a dead man if he does. He doesn't want the woman to worry and doesn't think anyone will shoot. Someone does and Luke hits the ground. She cries out, "You killed him." Convinced they mean business, she logs in for them to access bank records. Luke opens his eyes after all but one of the suspects leaves the room. He thanks the person at the computer. Holly removes her mask and smiles.

    I Don't Have Time To Kick Your Scrawny Butt.

    Thursday, March 08 2012

    Holly rushes into Robert's arms at Wyndemere. After taking in her condolences over Robin, he brings up Ethan. Robert refuses to let anything happen to his son and wonders why Luke and Holly are looking at each other. They cover, and Luke gives them time alone. As Robert promises Holly he'll save Ethan from Helena, Luke listens from the shadows. Luke rejoins them and hands Robert a photo of Ethan. It's clear Luke's having a hard time talking about Ethan as Robert's son. Holly privately wonders if they're doing the right thing. Luke reminds her he and Ethan know the truth. That's all that matters.

    A New Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

    Wednesday, March 07 2012

    At Wyndemere, Luke tells Holly and Ethan he gave Robert a reason to live: A son. Ethan isn't thrilled to be used like this, but Luke only sees that it will save Robert's life. Luke thinks this con could save Ethan as well because when he goes in hiding it will keep him safe from Helena. Ethan retorts, only if he goes along with it. After more convincing, Ethan agrees to go on the adventure. Luke gives his son cash, passports and contacts. Ethan says goodbye to his parents and enters the tunnels with his packed bag. As Holly worries about Ethan, Robert shows up.

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