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    General Hospital CAST - Winifred Leeds - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Winifred Leeds Played by Senta Moses on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Senta Moses (ABC)

    Birthday: August 8 1973
    Birthplace: Elmhurst, Illinois
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Senta Moses
    Height: 4' 11"
    Web site:


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    Nik tells Lucky to Back Off!

    Tuesday, March 17 2009

    Nik meets Alexis at Kelly's so they can talk about fighting Jax over Spoon Island. He denies that his choice of restaurants has anything to do with Rebecca working there, but Alexis doesn't look convinced. When Lucky comes in, Nik can overhear him and Rebecca talking about the big night they had last night. Nik almost chokes on his five- alarm chili.

    Winifred has slipped into Agent Rayner's office undetected, but can't scale his firewalls. She calls Spinelli and he starts working on it from his end. Winifred hears Rayner coming, so she ducks under the desk, letting Spinelli hear his conversation with Alexis about shooting him if necessary.

    Spinelli Risks it all for Maxie.

    Monday, March 16 2009

    Before long, Spinelli and Maxie come into the suite and Spinelli says that he cannot be parted from Maximista. Jason disagrees. Winifred bursts back in and jubilantly tells them that she has received a promotion and can soon obliterate all evidence against The Jackal. Spinelli is elated, but Jason tells him to think about what could become of Winifred's career. Then he points out that this could be Spinelli's last chance to get out of the business. Spinelli has considered it all and still wants to return back to Port Charles. Sam reminds him that he'd still have to hide out for a while. Spinelli repeats that he knows what he's doing and appreciates what everyone has done for him.

    Maxie Professes her Love.

    Friday, March 13 2009

    Out in LA, Spinelli assures Maxie that his manly effort paid off when he jumped on one of the evil ones. Jason pulls Winifred aside and tries to convince her that she has to act as if she took down the art thieves by herself or they could all go to jail. She doesn't want to, but when Spinelli urges her to listen to Stone Cold, she asks Sam for the gun and takes over as the others flee.

    Winifred is surprised when Agent Rayner shows up in the parking garage. He reminds her that she's a systems analyst not a field agent! He is furious at her for the list of actions she single-handedly took while supposedly on a leave of absence. He adds that if Spinelli gets away during this she's really going to be in trouble! She tries to turn in her badge, but Rayner tells her that her little escapade put away a ring of art thieves and she's going to get a promotion for it in fact - along with a bump in security clearance.

    Robin's Dance Card is Full!

    Thursday, March 12 2009

    Out in LA, Jason, Sam, Winifred and Maxie arrive at the art auction venue that they've traced Cassandra to. Maxie and Winifred are still arguing, but Sam and Jason get to work. As they prepare their handguns, Winifred asks if they have permits for their weapons. Sam is able to look at Winifred's laptop and determine which room holds the computer, although she isn't willing to tell a Fed such as Winifred how she did it. They insist that Maxie stay behind in the parking garage and rush inside.

    Inside, Cassandra has put Spinelli in front of the computers and given him 19 minutes to gain access to the art. He gets busy and is able to do so within seconds of the deadline. Cassandra is happy with his work, but instead of releasing him she leaves him with a guard. Spinelli tries diplomacy with the guard, but ends up jumping on him as if he wants a piggyback ride. The guy quickly gives him the shake and draws his gun. Thankfully, Team Spinelli rushes in and knocks him out before he can shoot. When Spinelli finds out that Maxie is outside he asks that they take him to her. Winifred wants to call the cops, but Jason grabs the keyboard to prevent leaving any fingerprints. Winifred says that it's a good thing that Spinelli didn't actually open the vault or he'd be an accessory. Spinelli just rolls his eyes.

    Two Mothers, Two Babies and a Spinelli Fan Club.

    Wednesday, March 11 2009

    Out in LA, Maxie is relieved when Sam shows up at the coffee shop. Before long Jason shows up too. Maxie and Winifred quickly fill them in on the woman named Cassandra who lured Spinelli into helping her with his computer skills. Maxie badgers her for details and Winifred slowly recalls the details of Cassandra's coat. Maxie recognizes it and has an idea. She calls a boutique on Beverly Boulevard to see who recently bought their new spring jacket. Before long she has the names and credit card numbers of three women. Winifred quickly discovers that not only did Cassandra buy her coat there, she's wanted for art theft in three states. They do more research and Winifred is surprised that she's getting pop-ups in spite of her spam filter. Maxie recognizes that it must be a clue from Spinelli. Winifred finally figures out where Cassandra has taken him.

    It's Do or Die Time For Michael.

    Tuesday, March 10 2009

    Maxie arrives at the coffee shop in LA and learns that Winifred lost Spinelli.

    What If I Tell Someone...

    Monday, March 09 2009

    Spinelli and Winifred are going over their get-away plans when a strange woman comes up and asks for his help. Winifred talks over Spinelli, saying they are too busy but Spinelli talks to the woman, who says her husband has been hiding assets and she needs someone to find them. Winifred wonders why the woman is pushing Spinelli to act now. She leaves the table when Spinelli asks for a little space. Winifred warns him that the woman is up to no good. Spinelli is certain that Cassandra is the way he will vindicate himself but Winifred isn't convinced and says he isn't a good judge of character, especially with women! When she implies that Maxie was a mistake Spinelli goes to Cassandra and promises to help her. She leads him away.

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