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    General Hospital CAST - Winifred Leeds - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Winifred Leeds Played by Senta Moses on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Senta Moses (ABC)

    Birthday: August 8 1973
    Birthplace: Elmhurst, Illinois
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Senta Moses
    Height: 4' 11"
    Web site:


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    Beer Goggles or True Love?

    Thursday, April 30 2009

    When Spinelli returns to his office, he finds Maxie waiting for him. She tells him that she thinks she's being stalked and lists the late-night phone calls and footsteps that she hears behind her lots of times. She tells him that she didn't know who else to turn to and he takes her hand and tells her to 'fear not'. After she leaves he gets busy. When Winifred shows up she can't believe that Spinelli didn't see through Maxie's ploy.

    Now We Know What Ric's Up To.

    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    Sam meets Spinelli at Kelly's. He thanks her for her help in getting him off of the FBI wanted list. He goes on to say how impressed he was with her skills in the field, and in turn, she compliments his computer skills. He tells her that it would be a travesty to let their combined talent go to waste and suggests the "Jackal and McCall PI Company." Before she can respond, Winifred shows up upset. She pulls up a chair and says that her employment has been terminated because Rayner considers her a security risk. Spinelli is outraged, but Winifred says that if they fight it charges will be filed. She vows to find gainful employment. Spinelli comes to the conclusion that she should have immediate employment at "McCall & Jackal Private Investigations."

    I Need Help!

    Tuesday, March 24 2009

    Sam is held up outside the room until Winifred comes by and says she has been looking for her. Winfred sends Sam on her way and then gives the other agent his marching orders. When they are gone, Sam sneaks back into the hall and into the locked room! She gets into the computer and then starts going through files. She finds the flash drive and opens those files, then replaces the flash drive with another device! She replaces the files and then takes the flash drive and leaves.

    Robin's Busted.

    Monday, March 23 2009

    Spinelli and Winfred are frantically trying to get into Rayner's computer to eliminate Spinelli's criminal record. Someone is coming, so they slip under the desk. They are relieved to see that Sam has joined them in their efforts.

    Get The Message?

    Friday, March 20 2009

    Winifred and Spinelli are planning their next move at Maxie's when she returns home and warns them that they both need to stop planning and take action – by upgrading Winifred's credentials now. Winifred agrees with Maxie but Spinelli has doubts; he asks her to leave. Spinelli says he is going to prove his worthiness but this only worries Maxie more. She points out that Jason and Sam are in jeopardy, too; Spinelli won't change his mind. He takes her hand as Winifred returns, saying they have to go. Maxie kisses Spinelli! He and Winifred leave.

    A Wedding Present from Jerry?

    Thursday, March 19 2009

    Spinelli and Winifred are back at Maxie's apartment. Spinelli is deliberately ignoring Stone Cold's calls because he went against his orders to stay hidden. He tells Winifred that his defiance is even worse since their mission to erase the evidence was unsuccessful because they couldn't find a hidden flash drive. Jason shows up and tells him how stupid and dangerous he was to go to Rayner's office. He threatens to send them both out of the country just as Maxie comes through the door. She tells Winifred that there's no way she'll let that happen! Once Spinelli and Winifred are finally alone again, Winifred learns that Agent Rayner is sending all of his forces to Sonny's house tonight.

    Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Jacks. Again.

    Wednesday, March 18 2009

    Alexis drops her purse on her way out of Agent Rayner's office. As she bends down to retrieve it, she sees that Winifred is hiding beneath his desk. She assesses the situation and decides to try to get Rayner out of his office for a minute. Once they're in the hallway, she spies Spinelli in disguise hiding amongst the office plants. She loudly tells Rayner that he needs to give her ten minutes in the conference room to straighten this whole thing out. He agrees and Alexis whisks him down the hall.

    Spinelli rushes into the office and gets to work on Rayner's computer. When he finds the file with the evidence against him, he finds a lot of faulty information. What's worse, after some swift key strokes he comes upon something even more frightening.

    Nik tells Lucky to Back Off!

    Tuesday, March 17 2009

    Spinelli is stowed away over at Maxie and Lulu's place. He calls Crimson as Maxie is getting ready for her red carpet appearance with Johnny. She warns him not to slip up and mention anything to Lulu about their 'game of chicken' during the blizzard. After they hang up, Lulu comes into the room and Spinelli blurts out that Maxie might not be able to help herself if Kate keeps sending her out with Johnny. Lulu demands to know what he means by that? She says that Johnny would rather have a root canal than go to a fashion show with Maxie. Winifred comes over and starts talking to Spinelli in code, but Lulu tells her that she knows all about their cover. She leaves so that they can scheme in peace.

    Just as Winifred is about to explain to Spinelli why she would go so far as to protect him, she gets a dire text. She tells him about the APB and that her missive is to shoot him! All Spinelli can focus on is that he has finally earned such high praise as to be considered 'armed and dangerous'! Winifred takes off to destroy the evidence against him.

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