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    General Hospital CAST - Ethan Lovett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ethan Lovett Played by Nathan Parsons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nathan Parsons (Apega/

    Birthplace: Australia
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nathan Parsons
    Height: 6'


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    Marrying Into The Mob Again.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    Ethan enters the tunnels at Wyndemere, as Ewen shows up. The Woman in White exits the tunnel and looks at Laura's portrait. Ethan finds her, as Spinelli enters from the other side of the tunnel. Ewen also exits the tunnel and tells the men the woman is his patient.

    New Perspectives.

    Tuesday, January 03 2012

    As the Woman in White finds Ethan's message on the coffee cup outside Kelly's, Maxie accuses Spinelli of being embarrassed of her when he won't introduce them. She gets up to introduce herself to the woman, but she's gone. Maxie asks Spinelli how he even met the woman but Spinelli remains vague. She leaves in a huff to see Matt. Spinelli sees the woman again and takes a photo with his phone. Ethan returns and finds the coffee cup. He sees the Woman in White who kisses him and starts to walk away. He pulls her back and kisses her again before she takes off. He laughs and yells out, "Happy New Year."

    I May Be A Liar, But You're A Killer.

    Friday, December 30 2011

    Tracy runs into Ethan outside Kelly's. She asks where Luke is, but he doesn’t know. Tracy notes it looks like he's waiting for someone. He says, "More like hoping." She shows him the diamond she thinks Luke gave her, which leads into Tracy's declarations that she is done with him.

    Maxie follows Spinelli to Kelly's and demands he tell her who his mystery woman is. Outside, Ethan leaves the Woman in White a note on a coffee cup and leaves, as she appears. As Spinelli starts to describe what his date looks like, he sees the Woman in White outside. Maxie turns around and asks, "That's her?"

    In Search Of.

    Thursday, December 29 2011

    The Woman in White approaches Ethan as he sleeps on a couch at Wyndemere, but she slinks off before Ethan wakes up. He realizes she's been there and leaves a note telling her to wake him up next time. Alexis and Molly show up. Alexis is intrigued by the mystery Ethan is chasing, as Molly sneaks off. Molly returns with some books and Ethan suggests they all head out, but Alexis and Molly stay behind. Once Ethan is gone, Alexis looks in the box of food Ethan brought for the Woman in White. Molly looks through a photo album of the Cassadines she found, but hides it from her mother. Molly shows Alexis a button she found on the shore earlier and romantically muses on who it could belong to.

    At Kelly's, Ethan thinks he sees the Woman in White outside the door. He runs out, but she's gone.

    Why Wait?

    Wednesday, December 21 2011

    At the house, Lucky tells Cameron he has to go to Ireland again. Cameron wants him to stay, but Lucky assures him he loves him and explains it's better if he and Liz aren't married. Cameron hugs Lucky and says, "I love you Dad." They open some presents and Lucky holds Aiden. He tells his son he's only leaving because he has to. Ethan shows up and assumes his brother is getting ready to take off. Lucky asks his brother to tell Luke that he loves him and that he finally understands. He then warns his brother to be careful at Wyndemere. Ethan tells him he's now the caretaker. Lucky wonders what happened out there. Ethan fills him in on the Woman in White and Lucky worries about Helena lurking. Lucky thinks Ethan is being conned, but Ethan doesn’t believe it.

    Elizabeth returns home and learns from Ethan that Lucky is on the way to the airport. She can't believe Lucky didn’t want to say goodbye. Ethan thinks he just didn’t want to hurt her. She doesn't think it can end like this. She asks Ethan to stay with the boys for a bit and leaves.

    That's A Huge Yes.

    Friday, December 16 2011

    Ethan heads to Wyndemere and leaves a box for the Woman in White. Once he's gone, she appears and opens the box, which contains food. She eats an apple and sees a note he left that tells her not to be afraid.

    Dealing With A Lot.

    Monday, December 12 2011

    Ethan finds Alexis at the police station to tell her he wants the caretaker position at Wyndemere. Alexis has reservations, but ultimately gives him the job. She hopes he finds what he's looking for.

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