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    General Hospital CAST - Ethan Lovett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ethan Lovett Played by Nathan Parsons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nathan Parsons (Apega/

    Birthplace: Australia
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nathan Parsons
    Height: 6'


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    Tragically Flawed.

    Wednesday, January 25 2012

    Molly, TJ and Alexis enter Kelly's. Shawn asks how the first day of school went. Molly says TJ is behind on some subjects, but she'll help him. Alexis and Shawn sit down at a table while the kids head to the counter. Shawn is happy TJ has Molly for a friend, but Alexis worries TJ might be a bad influence on her daughter. At the counter, TJ looks at Molly's MyFace page and sees she only has five "friends," one being her mother. TJ thinks she might be the one who needs help. Ethan enters and Molly runs to greet him. She catches him on Kristina and then meets Cassandra. Molly returns to TJ at the counter. She's glad Kristina isn't around to see Ethan with Cassandra. After the new couple leaves for the arcade, TJ bocks Molly's MyFace page from her mother in case Molly ever gets a life.

    Ethan and Cassandra return to Wyndemere after playing shooting games at the arcade. They find an irritated Ewen. Cassandra leaves to change as Ewen informs Ethan he has taken Cassandra to the shooting range before and she was very skilled. He warns Ethan, as Cassandra eavesdrops.

    No Time For Alterations.

    Thursday, January 19 2012

    Ethan and Cassandra have fun at Wyndemere. She stops things when she hears Ewen. She instructs Ethan to tell the doc he hasn't seen her because she's not supposed to be there without him. She runs to the tunnels and listen as Ewen tells Ethan he doesn’t want him seeing Cassandra anymore and that he is moving in. Cassandra walks out furious no one asked her about this. She says she wants to stay there with Ethan and Ewen. She has a feeling about the house that is hard to explain.

    No Matter What She Decides.

    Wednesday, January 18 2012

    At Spinelli's office, he gets information about the fire at Franco's studio. Jason asks if they found a body. He relays that a body was found and deemed to be Franco's. He continues that the fire is blamed on mishandling of turpentine. Spinelli hopes Franco's reign of terror is over, but notes Jason isn't exactly relieved. Ethan enters and Jason leaves. Spinelli knows Ethan is there about Cassandra. Spinelli admits he is drawn to the mystery of the woman, who is eluding even his network of friends. Ethan needs to know who she is. Maxie shows up and asks Spinelli to move in with her.

    She Is Coming Home, Right?

    Monday, January 16 2012

    Lulu shows up at the Haunted Star and interrupts Ethan daydreaming about Cassandra. Lulu realizes what he's thinking about and quizzes her brother. He evades her questioning and asks about the wedding. After filling him in, Lulu tells Ethan her ideas of turning the Star into an art gallery as part of her quest. Ethan thinks it's great she's trying to find her passion and calls her lucky. They drink wine as they discuss his job working as a caretaker at Wyndemere.

    What Keeps Him Up At Night.

    Friday, January 13 2012

    Cassandra pulls away from kissing Ethan at Wyndemere. She continues to talk about not having an identity, which is freeing on the one hand, but devastating on the other. Helena still lurks as the two discuss love. Cassandra thinks she'd know if she had ever been in love and believes if anyone loved her, they would have found her. As they muse on who she really is, Ethan passionately kisses her, which leads to sex in front of the fire. She tells him that was the most beautiful experience she's ever had. He points out, "As far as you know." Ethan gets a text from Luke, who urgently wants to meet with him. He asks Cassandra to go with him, but she will be fine there. After Ethan has left, Ewen shows up. He warns her away from seeing anyone. She accuses him of becoming obsessive, but he says staying away from Ethan will be best for both of them.

    Once Ethan is at the Star, Luke asks for his son's help digging up Zacchara family secrets. He suggests using Skye to do it. Ethan hesitates leaving Port Charles to charm Skye. He fills Luke in on Cassandra, leading Luke to warn Ethan about monogamy. Luke also says nothing ever good happens on Spoon Island. Ethan thinks he might be surprised.

    This Is How Patrick And Lisa Started.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    Helena listens in at Wyndemere as Cassandra recalls to Ethan all the mysterious mansions she's recently inhabited. He wonders how she finds all these kinds of places. She thinks they find her. She tells Ethan she trusts him because he makes her feel safe. She goes on to talk about the all the ghosts trapped there. She can hear their voices late at night. She insists she doesn't care about her past, but asks him what it's like knowing who he is. Ethan explains he only found out just a few years ago and it gave him a name, a past and people he's connected to. He thinks she has so many secrets locked inside her. She wonders what if she is the secret and someone else has the key. She suggests he keep his distance because she doesn’t stay anywhere for long. She asks what he would do if finding out who he was turned out to be the worst thing for him and everyone around him. He embraces her.

    Holding Out For The Right Thing.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    Cassandra eavesdrops at Wyndemere as Ewen and Ethan discuss her. After Ewen leaves, Ethan calls out for Cassandra, assuming she's hiding. She reveals herself and he tells her he wants to know all her secrets. She starts to leave but he asks her to stay. She says on one condition and kisses him. Ethan gushes about how intrigued he is by her and questions her about being at Wyndemere. She doesn't know and can't talk about it. He asks if she's hiding from Helena, as said evil force lurks.

    Marrying Into The Mob Again.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    Patrick finds Robin at Kelly's as she looks at her will. Meanwhile, Spinelli enters, sees Ethan and sits at a nearby table. The Drakes leave as Ethan and Spinelli eagerly wait for someone. Spinelli looks at a classified ad he has circled and literally walks into Ethan, as the Woman in White appears outside. She walks off before the men see her.

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