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    General Hospital CAST - Ethan Lovett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ethan Lovett Played by Nathan Parsons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nathan Parsons (Apega/

    Birthplace: Australia
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nathan Parsons
    Height: 6'


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    Please Forgive Me.

    Monday, February 27 2012

    At Wyndemere, Helena instructs Cassandra to kill Ethan. When Cassandra refuses, Helena threatens her daughter. Ethan tells his love to do it because it's her only chance. Cassandra agrees and takes the gun. She points at Ethan, but then turns it on Helena and shoots at her. Helena laughs informing her there are blanks in the gun. It was a test and she knew Cassandra would fail. Helena tells her goon to kill Cassandra. He shoots Cassandra and she falls to the ground. Ethan runs to her and yells out at Helena as Cassandra dies. Luke is disgusted by Helena killing her own kid. Helena says her daughter was a disappointment from the moment she was born. Helena has Ethan tied to a chair. Ethan tearfully tells Luke how much he's enjoyed being his son. Luke in turn tells Dodge he's the most like him of all his kids. He does him proud. Helena tells Luke his soft spot for family is making this a fitting end. She points her gun at Ethan as Luke's eyes widen.

    Bring Him!

    Friday, February 24 2012

    Helena emerges from the Wyndemere tunnels with a knife. She says it's time to reveal her game. She urges Cassandra to tell Ethan what they are really doing there. Ethan remains protective of Cassandra, until she is forced to admit she is a Cassadine. In fact, she is Helena's daughter. She explains she was held captive for years and only knows what Helena has told her. She turned to Ewen for help to remember everything else and he followed her to Port Charles. She adds Helena instructed her to make Ethan fall in love with her. Ethan grows angry, but she insists she fell in love with him for real. She kept up the lie to keep him safe. Ethan knows there more to the story. Helena notes Ethan is very perceptive and says, "Bring him." Two goons drag Luke out from the tunnels. One of the goons holds Ethan back as he tries to get to his father. Luke demands to know what Helena is working up to. She retorts, "It's time for one of you to die."


    Thursday, February 23 2012

    Ewen interrupts Ethan and Cassandra at Wyndemere. Ewen wonders if Cassandra has remembered her life, but just hasn't admitted it. Ethan defends Cassandra, but Ewen feels something is off. Cassandra fires Ewen as her shrink and Ethan vows to have Alexis remove Ewen's name from Wyndemere's lease. Ewen leaves, but not before warning Ethan to proceed with caution. Cassandra tells Ethan she's falling in love with him. She suggests they go somewhere new, tonight, before anyone stops them. The wall to the tunnel opens and Ethan says, "You."

    I Have Faith In Your Future.

    Wednesday, February 15 2012

    Ethan brings Cassandra tea at Wyndemere. When Ewen appears, Ethan claims Cassandra has something to tell him. She doesn't want to talk about it. Ethan admits Cassandra remembers a market and waiting for someone to arrive. Ewen shows them a book that she'd been reading and claims a passage in there became her memory. "Why would you lie to me?" Ethan asks. Cassandra didn't realize it and claims she can't separate fact from fiction. Ewen confirms it then leaves, appearing nervous. She swears to Ethan that she's not lying. Cassandra doesn't remember her past. He promises to trust her.

    Played A Little Pool.

    Wednesday, February 08 2012

    Ethan enters Wyndemere and starts flirting with Cassandra. He pulls out a blindfold so she can engage in a sense memory exercise. She doesn't want to wear the blindfold but he encourages her to put it on and try the different foods he brought for her. They hear a noise and Ethan gets up to check out the tunnels. Cassandra panics and stops him by saying she remembered something. He gives her another bite of the food and she talks about a market she might have been to in India. She says she feels sad and has no idea why, as she tears up. Ethan hugs her. She tells him she feels safe with him. Ethan assures her she is and he's not going anywhere.

    It's Ours.

    Monday, February 06 2012

    Ewen boards the Haunted Star looking for Cassandra. Ethan relays that he left her at Wyndemere and she's fine. They discuss the possible meaning behind Cassandra's fixation on the letters I and C. Ethan suggests the C means Cassadine.

    The Number One Topic Of Conversation.

    Friday, February 03 2012

    Ethan brings Cassandra to the Haunted Star. He gives her the history of the place and how he met Luke when he tried to rob it. He explains he brought her there to take her mind off things. He confesses he's falling in love with her. She urges him to stop because she is unstable. Ethan doesn't think who they were in the past matters. He wants to start over together. Ethan gets a message and says he has to go. She promises to be there when he gets back, but she's gone when Ethan returns.

    That Character Isn't In The Book.

    Tuesday, January 31 2012

    Ethan and Cassandra have a glass of wine with lunch at Wyndemere. Luke interrupts them as they canoodle. Luke fills Cassandra in on all those who have lost their lives on the island. He also warns her about Helena. Cassandra likes the mystery of it and leaves father and son alone. Luke suggests Ethan learn more about his mystery woman. Ethan feels he knows everything there is to know about her, but Luke seriously doubts that. Luke warns people don't block out happy memories. Just darkness and despair. Luke just wants Ethan to proceed with caution because it's dangerous whenever the Cassadines are involved. Ethan thinks that book is closed, but Luke doesn't understand why he's putting all his chips on the table for a woman he doesn't even know. Ethan asks his father to just let him live in the moment. Ethan walks away and Luke enters the tunnels, as someone follows and knocks him out.

    Grandmother Sounds So Old.

    Thursday, January 26 2012

    Elizabeth walks into the Haunted Star and finds Ethan. He wonders if she was hoping Lucky would be there. She admits a song reminded her of him and she found herself driving by the casino. Ethan apologizes for being so judgmental regarding her and Lucky. She accepts his apology, but recognizes some of what he had said was valid. Ethan relays that Lucky told him he would always care about her. Liz says that helps, but makes it worse at the same time. She knows if Lucky returns it won't be for her. Ethan, in turn, knows when someone is just trying to convince themselves of something. They play cards as Liz talks about finding herself.

    Tragically Flawed.

    Wednesday, January 25 2012

    After Cassandra leaves a note for Ewen at Wydemere she takes off with Ethan for some alone time. Ewen enters and sees her note.

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