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    General Hospital CAST - Ethan Lovett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ethan Lovett Played by Nathan Parsons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nathan Parsons (Apega/

    Birthplace: Australia
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nathan Parsons
    Height: 6'


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    Graduation Day.

    Tuesday, June 14 2011

    Sonny has Max and Milo physically bring Ethan to him at home. Sonny tells Ethan he can take a pay off and leave town or he can go to the Pine Barrens with Max and Milo. Either way, Sonny does not want to see Ethan with Kristina. Ethan declines the payoff, so Sonny orders his men to take Ethan away. Ethan insists he and Kristina are just friends and that Sonny should trust his daughter's judgment. Milo leads Ethan out, but Sonny tells Max to let him go. Later, Brenda tells Sonny she's not going to Michael and Kristina's graduation. She fears Carly will start something with her and she doesn’t want to do that to his kids. He reminds her she is his wife and his kids are expecting her to be there. She holds her ground and sends him on his way. Jax stops by to tell Sonny he will be at the graduation, but Brenda informs Jax her husband's not home. She then says she's not going to the ceremony. Jax invites her to go with him.

    Lucky finds Ethan on the Haunted Star and tells him about Luke. Ethan in turn tells his brother about his divorce and how Kristina accompanied him to the Dominican Republic. Lucky tells him to be careful so they don't lose him on top of Luke, noting from now on, they are on their own. Lulu enters as Ethan says he's not convinced Luke is gone for good Lucky tells his siblings Luke feels liberated by Jake's death. He wants nothing to do with them. They need to accept it so they can get on with their lives.

    Lulu and Ethan find Lucky back at the house. He finally understands why Luke always wanted to see the place torched.

    The Gift Of Hate.

    Monday, June 13 2011

    After Sonny and Alexis barge into the judge's chambers in the Dominican Republic, Ethan tries to explain the circumstances surrounding their trip. Bickering ensues until the judge reminds them it isn't family therapy. He wonders if Ethan still wants the divorce. Ethan says yes, but Alexis yells no. Ethan reminds her it's none of her business, but Alexis hopes he and Maya can work it out. Once Ethan signs his papers, Sonny tells Kristina they're leaving. Kristina fires back that she came with Ethan, so she's leaving with him.

    The foursome take Sonny's jet home. Alexis and Sonny accuse Ethan of using Kristina. Kristina rails at her father, calling him out on his hypocrisy. Sonny declares he is only looking out for her because he knows Ethan is taking advantage of her. Ethan insists nothing could be further from the truth and vows to see Kristina whenever he pleases. Alexis just sighs in exasperation.

    Patron Saint Of Sinners.

    Friday, June 10 2011

    A chipper Kristina brings a hung over Ethan a Bloody Mary in the hotel room. She has
    one for herself, but despite her being of legal drinking age in the Dominican Republic, Ethan won't let her touch it. He wants to lay low for a bit, but she's raring to get him divorced.

    Sonny and Alexis burst into the judge's chambers assuming Ethan and Kristina are getting married. They demand the proceedings be stopped. Ethan wonders why they would want him not to get divorced.

    What Are You Up To Little One?

    Thursday, June 09 2011

    Kristina surprises a hung over Ethan on the plane to the Dominican Republic. He's worried about Sonny finding out, but Kristina doesn’t think he will. She assures him she will handle her father if he does. As bad of an idea as it is, Ethan welcomes her aboard.

    Once at their destination, Ethan and Kristina discover that all government offices have been closed due to a holiday. They are forced to spend the night, but only have one room, with one bed.

    Every Party Has To End Some Time.

    Tuesday, June 07 2011

    In bed with another man at the hotel, Maya tells Ethan she's sorry. The guy gets dressed and leaves, but not before urging Ethan not to take his anger out on Maya. Maya launches into the story of how she met Aaron, a cardiologist she met at the hospital while visiting her aunt. She cries as she says she won't be coming back to Port Charles. However, she loved being married to Ethan because he made everything fun. He was the best time she ever had, but being with him scared her to death. Although hurt, Ethan remains calm and understanding. Maya says their differences are too great because she is not wired for the adventure he seeks every day. She's sorry she didn't tell him, but she couldn’t let him go. She asks how he has been and Ethan lies about what's been going on. He says he's great and he's finally learning what it means to be part of a family. She feels bad he won't be getting Edward's money, but he doesn’t care about it. He just thought she needed it. She wants him to yell at her, but he won't. He says they had a great time, but every party has to end. He states she was the most fun he ever had too. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves, but pauses outside the door as he tears up.

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