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    General Hospital CAST - Ethan Lovett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ethan Lovett Played by Nathan Parsons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nathan Parsons (ABC)

    Birthplace: Australia
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nathan Parsons
    Height: 6'


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    Say Goodbye.

    Wednesday, April 03 2013

    On the Haunted Star Helena announces Laura will shoot Ethan and holds out the gun. Laura grabs it. Luke says they can now give Helena a burial at sea. Helena responds that only Ethan’s death can save Lulu. Helena asks Laura if Luke would be as noble to not shoot Nikolas to save one of their kids. Laura won’t shoot Ethan, even though he is tired of listening to Helena. Helena offers up Luke instead as one betrayed wife to another. She baits Laura about all Luke has done to Laura over the years. Helena says "Kill him and my curse will be broken." Luke tells her to do it. Laura approaches him. Luke tells her she knows what she has to do. He grabs the gun and shoots Helena’s men. He tells Helena, "Say goodbye old woman," and pulls the trigger. Laura asks if Helena is alive. Luke answers, "Ding dong, the witch is dead." Luke searches the boat and Ethan thanks Laura for not shooting him. Luke comes back with no news of Lulu or Dante. He finds an ear piece on one of Helena’s men with flashing lights. Laura hears ships approaching and thinks Dante is bringing the cavalry. Luke thinks it’s the Cassadine’s and tells Ethan he has to disappear for his safety. Ethan wants to stay but Luke talks him into leaving hoping one of the ships will follow Ethan on another boat. Laura asks if Luke has a plan. He says he does. Luke Takes Laura’s hand and says, "Here we go again."

    Heart And Soul.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013

    Luke and Laura are startled to find Ethan instead of Lulu. Ethan’s confused. He and Laura figure out who the other is. Luke tells Ethan Lulu’s missing and they’re on the Haunted Star. Luke helps Ethan up to leave and meet Dante in the saloon. The door slams shut and locks. Luke and Laura bang on the door. Laura asks if Ethan remembers anything. He recalls being at Lucky’s place in Dublin while Lucky was in Africa doing humanitarian work. Ethan got a message from Nik about the family being in danger. He remembers being taken as a distraction when Helena didn’t find Lucky. He’s sorry he didn’t turn out to be Lulu. They suspect Helena took Lulu when she couldn’t get Lucky. Laura listens to Ethan complain about Helena and realizes he is a lot like Luke and she wouldn’t need an introduction to know that. Luke thinks it’s time to find Dante but Helena busts in with her henchmen. She takes them on deck indicating Dante is no longer a problem. Helena reminds Laura she is ready to finish the job and takes a gun from one of her men. Luke blocks Laura and asks Helena to shoot him. Helena decides she’s not going to shoot anyone and declares, "Laura is."

    Nothing About This Is Okay.

    Friday, April 27 2012

    As Ewen lies unconscious in his office, Spinelli tells Liz outside the door he thinks Matt is Lisa's killer. Liz thinks that's ludicrous, but Spinelli lays out his theory. After Spinelli has left, Liz walks into Ewen's office and finds the doctor lying on the floor.

    A New Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

    Wednesday, March 07 2012

    At Wyndemere, Luke tells Holly and Ethan he gave Robert a reason to live: A son. Ethan isn't thrilled to be used like this, but Luke only sees that it will save Robert's life. Luke thinks this con could save Ethan as well because when he goes in hiding it will keep him safe from Helena. Ethan retorts, only if he goes along with it. After more convincing, Ethan agrees to go on the adventure. Luke gives his son cash, passports and contacts. Ethan says goodbye to his parents and enters the tunnels with his packed bag. As Holly worries about Ethan, Robert shows up.

    You Need To Go.

    Tuesday, March 06 2012

    At Wyndemere, Holly tries to convince Ethan not to go after Helena. When Ethan doesn’t fall for her reasoning, she uses Luke's love for him as her argument. Luke shows up as Ethan decides to stay and not go after Helena. Luke tells Ethan he actually needs him to disappear.

    I Can't Do This.

    Thursday, March 01 2012

    Luke and Ethan confront Holly at Wyndemere about Ethan's parentage. She tells them she was lying to Helena in order to protect Ethan. Luke is Ethan's father. Ethan learns Luke called Holly about Ethan falling for a con woman, which is why she came to town. Holly consoles her son about losing Cassandra. After Luke talks Ethan down from going after Helena, Ethan leaves to be alone to reflect on Cassandra. Holly tells Luke Helena won't be happy when she gets the DNA results on Ethan. Luke knows and is prepared to finally rip her bloody head off.

    You Do As I Say Drake Jr.

    Wednesday, February 29 2012

    Helena, Luke and Ethan aren't convinced Holly is telling the truth about Ethan's parentage at Wyndemere. Luke wonders why she would tell him Ethan was his if it weren't true. Holly explains it was the only way to get Luke back because she still loves him. She says it was all a scam and the only possible father to her baby is Robert. Helena isn't swayed and calls out her goon. She rips hair from Ethan and Luke's heads to have tested at her secret lab. Helena takes off and Holly helps free Luke and Ethan. Luke asks Holly who Ethan's daddy really is.

    Flawless Timing English.

    Tuesday, February 28 2012

    At Wyndemere, Luke tries to reason Helena away from killing Ethan, but Helena wants Luke to suffer like she has. As Helena is about to shoot Ethan, Holly bursts in urging her to stop. Luke notes his English has flawless timing. Holly stands in front of Ethan so Helena can't shoot her son. Holly is updated on the situation, but tells Helena she won't get her vengeance through Ethan because he isn't Luke's son. He's Robert's. Helena doesn’t believe her, but Holly insists to everyone it's true and declares the DNA tests were doctored.

    Please Forgive Me.

    Monday, February 27 2012

    At Wyndemere, Helena instructs Cassandra to kill Ethan. When Cassandra refuses, Helena threatens her daughter. Ethan tells his love to do it because it's her only chance. Cassandra agrees and takes the gun. She points at Ethan, but then turns it on Helena and shoots at her. Helena laughs informing her there are blanks in the gun. It was a test and she knew Cassandra would fail. Helena tells her goon to kill Cassandra. He shoots Cassandra and she falls to the ground. Ethan runs to her and yells out at Helena as Cassandra dies. Luke is disgusted by Helena killing her own kid. Helena says her daughter was a disappointment from the moment she was born. Helena has Ethan tied to a chair. Ethan tearfully tells Luke how much he's enjoyed being his son. Luke in turn tells Dodge he's the most like him of all his kids. He does him proud. Helena tells Luke his soft spot for family is making this a fitting end. She points her gun at Ethan as Luke's eyes widen.

    Bring Him!

    Friday, February 24 2012

    Helena emerges from the Wyndemere tunnels with a knife. She says it's time to reveal her game. She urges Cassandra to tell Ethan what they are really doing there. Ethan remains protective of Cassandra, until she is forced to admit she is a Cassadine. In fact, she is Helena's daughter. She explains she was held captive for years and only knows what Helena has told her. She turned to Ewen for help to remember everything else and he followed her to Port Charles. She adds Helena instructed her to make Ethan fall in love with her. Ethan grows angry, but she insists she fell in love with him for real. She kept up the lie to keep him safe. Ethan knows there more to the story. Helena notes Ethan is very perceptive and says, "Bring him." Two goons drag Luke out from the tunnels. One of the goons holds Ethan back as he tries to get to his father. Luke demands to know what Helena is working up to. She retorts, "It's time for one of you to die."

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