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    General Hospital CAST - Ethan Lovett

    Full detailed profile on Ethan Lovett Played by Nathan Parsons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nathan Parsons (ABC)
    Ethan Lovett

    Actor: Nathan Parsons

    Who played Ethan Lovett over the years

    Nathan Parsons (February 2 2009 - Present)

    Useful information on Ethan Lovett

    * He's a grifter from Australia.
    * He never met his birth father, according to what he told Luke the first time he met him. Later he said he was adopted and his birth parents died in a car crash when he was 15 and he hit the road to avoid foster care.
    * He is like a young Luke Spencer, living on the go, looking for a good scam, enjoying booze and women.
    * He met Holly Sutton while in Europe and since she spoke fondly of Port Charles, he stopped by after leaving New York City.
    * Turned out to be Luke and Holly's son.
    * Helped Rebecca con Nikolas and the Quartermaines.
    * Falsely accused of beating Kristina up.
    * Married Maya.


    Current: Johnny's right hand man
    Past: Bartender/dealer at the Haunted Star


    Ethan first appeared in Port Charles as someone who said he was just passing through town. Luke Spencer found him on his casino, The Haunted Star, trying to stuff a wad of cash into his shirt. Eventually he put down his gun and started to get a feel for this young man who reminded him a lot of himself in his younger years.

    It was later revealed that he was Holly's son with Luke Spencer. It also came to light that he was helping Rebecca Shaw, Emily's identical twin no one knew about, con Nikolas and the Quartermaines. He fell for Rebecca, but she was in love with Nikolas.

    Ethan worked for his father at the Haunted Star and struck up a friendship with Kristina, who developed a crush on him. The crush started to become a bit much and Ethan had to forcefully reject her, considering she was a minor. After Kristina's boyfriend Kiefer beat her up, Kristina blamed it on Ethan fearing Sonny would kill Kiefer. Sonny wanted to go after Ethan, but it was eventually revealed who the real culprit was. Despite her putting his life in danger, Ethan remained friends with Kristina.

    He also started working for Johnny and began a flirtation with Maya Quartermaine. He was shot when Kiefer's father, Warren, came to the hospital to get revenge for his son's death. Ethan survived and flirted with med student Maya while recuperating in the hospital.

    While accompanying Luke and Tracy to Vegas for their legit wedding, Maya and Ethan got drunk and were married themselves. They decided to stay hitched when Edward offered to pay them a million dollars if they remained husband and wife for a year.

    The two had a good time together and started developing feelings for each other until Maya went to Philadelphia to visit her sick aunt. While Ethan dealt with Luke's alcoholism, Maya met another man. Ethan walked in on them together when he came to Philly to visit his wife. They separated and Ethan went to the Dominican Republic for a divorce with Kristina in tow.

    Returning to town, he hung out at Wyndemere after running into a mystery woman. He thought she was a ghost until they began an affair. The relationship was short-lived, however, since she wound up being Helena's daughter. After Helena killed her, Ethan was shocked and lost. His father finally decided to send him out of town with Robert Scorpio after convincing the grieving man (he believed Robin was dead) that Ethan was his long lost son.


    Maya Ward


    Holly Sutton (mother)
    Luke Spencer (father)
    Lucky Spencer (Current) (half-brother)
    Lesley Lu Spencer (half-sister)
    Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer (paternal aunt)


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    Wednesday, April 03 2013: Say Goodbye.

    On the Haunted Star Helena announces Laura will shoot Ethan and holds out the gun. Laura grabs it. Luke says they can now give Helena a burial at sea. Helena responds that only Ethan’s death can save Lulu. Helena asks Laura if Luke would be as noble to not shoot Nikolas to save one of their kids. Laura won’t shoot Ethan, even though he is tired of listening to Helena. Helena offers up Luke instead as one betrayed wife to another. She baits Laura about all Luke has done to Laura over the years. Helena says "Kill him and my curse will be broken." Luke tells her to do it. Laura approaches him. Luke tells her she knows what she has to do. He grabs the gun and shoots Helena’s men. He tells Helena, "Say goodbye old woman," and pulls the trigger. Laura asks if Helena is alive. Luke answers, "Ding dong, the witch is dead." Luke searches the boat and Ethan thanks Laura for not shooting him. Luke comes back with no news of Lulu or Dante. He finds an ear piece on one of Helena’s men with flashing lights. Laura hears ships approaching and thinks Dante is bringing the cavalry. Luke thinks it’s the Cassadine’s and tells Ethan he has to disappear for his safety. Ethan wants to stay but Luke talks him into leaving hoping one of the ships will follow Ethan on another boat. Laura asks if Luke has a plan. He says he does. Luke Takes Laura’s hand and says, "Here we go again."

    Tuesday, April 02 2013: Heart And Soul.

    Luke and Laura are startled to find Ethan instead of Lulu. Ethan’s confused. He and Laura figure out who the other is. Luke tells Ethan Lulu’s missing and they’re on the Haunted Star. Luke helps Ethan up to leave and meet Dante in the saloon. The door slams shut and locks. Luke and Laura bang on the door. Laura asks if Ethan remembers anything. He recalls being at Lucky’s place in Dublin while Lucky was in Africa doing humanitarian work. Ethan got a message from Nik about the family being in danger. He remembers being taken as a distraction when Helena didn’t find Lucky. He’s sorry he didn’t turn out to be Lulu. They suspect Helena took Lulu when she couldn’t get Lucky. Laura listens to Ethan complain about Helena and realizes he is a lot like Luke and she wouldn’t need an introduction to know that. Luke thinks it’s time to find Dante but Helena busts in with her henchmen. She takes them on deck indicating Dante is no longer a problem. Helena reminds Laura she is ready to finish the job and takes a gun from one of her men. Luke blocks Laura and asks Helena to shoot him. Helena decides she’s not going to shoot anyone and declares, "Laura is."

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