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    General Hospital CAST - Rebecca Shaw

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Shaw Played by Natalia Livingston on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (ABC)
    Rebecca Shaw

    Actor: Natalia Livingston

    Who played Rebecca Shaw over the years

    Natalia Livingston (January 15, 2009 - December 22, 2009)

    Useful information on Rebecca Shaw

    * She looks exactly like the late Emily Quartermaine.
    * She refused help from the Quartermaines and Nikolas Cassadine because she knew they only saw Emily when they looked at her.


    Past: Waitress at Kelly's
    Past: X-ray technician


    Rebecca was Emily's unknown twin sister who came to Port Charles to scam Emily's family and loved ones. She was eventually revealed to have been working under Ethan's tutelage.

    Before everyone discovered her scam, Rebecca dated Lucky and wormed her way into Edward and Monica's heart. Nikolas was of course taken by her as she looked just like the love of his life Emily.

    Nikolas pursued Rebecca, who truly fell in love with him. Elizabeth and Lucky found out the truth however, and filled Nikolas in, who wanted revenge.

    While Nikolas strung her along as part of his vengeance, he fell in love with Elizabeth. Rebecca discovered them having sex and eventually accepted that Nikolas did not want her any longer.

    Even though she was furious, she did not tell Liz's fiance, Lucky, about her affair with his brother and left town.




    Nikolas Cassadine (lovers)
    Ethan Lovett (lovers)
    Lucky Spencer (Current) (dated)


    William and Nancy Shaw (Parents)
    Emily Quartermaine (Past) (sister - deceased)




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    Monday, January 23 2012: You're Still A Zacchara.

    After welcoming Robin home, Patrick tells her he knows she's the patient she's been talking about. After some back and forth about why she didn’t tell him, Robin admits that she was actually in Seattle. She's now on a third protocol under a doctor who has had great results with his patients in Africa. They'll know in a few weeks if it's working, but that they have good reason to hope. She explains that she doesn’t want him and Emma to watch her get sick like Stone did if the medication doesn't work. She wants them to remember her like she is now. Patrick assures her the disease won't take away who she is. He holds her as she cries and says she's scared. He doesn’t want any more secrets. She agrees. He asks if Lisa messed with her medication. She says there's no way to know for sure. He blames himself, which is exactly what she didn’t want. They move on to debating her asking Elizabeth to take her place and going to Jason before coming to him. She explains she wanted Jason to help her disappear. This tears Patrick up even more. Patrick declares she will beat this and he will be there every step of the way. He adds that taking off is crazy. Robin agrees because she loves him and Emma too much to leave. He wants them to do this together from now on.

    Friday, December 30 2011: I May Be A Liar, But You're A Killer.

    As Patrick and Emma leave the house to pick up ice cream, Robin looks at her trip itinerary and calls a car service for one passenger. When her husband and daughter return, Robin privately tells Emma how much she loves her and instructs her to be a good girl for Daddy. After Patrick gets dressed for the party, Robin pulls out the video camera so they can remember the night. Robin puts Emma to bed and returns with a text from the babysitter, who made last minute plans. Robin finds Patrick asleep on the couch and joins him. She says they don't need to go to the party because everyone she loves the most are right there.

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