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    General Hospital CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    You're The One Who Is Insane.

    Wednesday, January 23 2013

    Rafe walks through the square, angry. Nicole stops him, knowing it has to be about Sami. He grins. He shouldn't be surprised anymore but she outdid herself with her cheerleader EJ. They walk to the park and Rafe fills Nic in. He saw the true Sami and he's done with her. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ talk over at the square. Sami texts Lucas to talk and Adrienne interrupts. Sami threatens to take her down if she trashes Will. Adrienne tells her Sonny's devastated. Sami's sorry but defends Will. Adrienne leaves amd Sami bitches about kids and is glad EJ's there. He holds her hand.

    How's It Going There Granny?

    Tuesday, January 22 2013

    Rafe arrives at the pub wondering why Nick's working. Nick's doing so until he starts his new job. He's still planning on marrying Gabi but hands over the tickets for the honeymoon. Rafe tells him not to rush into anything. He sees Justin on his way out. Nick pays Justin to ensure confidentiality while discussing sole custody. Justin says he has to petition the courts to have Will give up his rights to the baby and when Nick wants to prove Will unfit, Justin asks if it's because Will is gay. Nick says he's 'not saying that'. Justin's not interested in this case and gives Nick the retainer back.

    At the rectory, Nicole eavesdrops on Gabi's apology to God about her lies. She offers to lend a nonjudgmental ear. Rafe steps in unseen and listens as Nicole counsels Gabi to go forth with a wedding if that's what makes her happy. Nicole has screwed up her own life but people are pretty forgiving. Nicole leaves and Rafe goes to his sister. He'll help her any way he can no matter who gets in the way.

    Sami runs into Rafe at the rectory. She's bitter. He doesn't want to do this - not here. She gets sarcastic. "Are you supposed to tell the truth in church?" They start arguing about Gabi's motives and Rafe reminds her she hid the truth about her baby once. Things get ugly and EJ interrupts.

    Buying Bubble Gum At The Mall.

    Tuesday, January 15 2013

    In the church, Gabi listens quietly with tears streaming down her face as Rafe and Sami argue about whether or not Will wanted Gabi to have an abortion. Gabi begs them to stop and defends Will but admits he didn't want to have the baby because he and Sonny were getting close. The arguing continues and Gabi says Will was on board with her and Nick bringing up the kid.

    Back at the church, Rafe and Sami argue about how Will really felt about having the child and Eric interrupts. Sami leaves and Gabi bawls as she apologizes. Nick arrives and hugs his bride. They remove their rings for now. He flashes to overhearing Lucas saying he went to jail for Will and promises Gabi they'll fix this. In another room, Rafe rants to Eric. He saw Sami's true colors today. This made him want to run fast in the other direction.

    This Changes Everything.

    Monday, January 14 2013

    Gabi walks down the aisle to Nick at St. Luke's and Father Eric starts the proceedings. Rafe gives her away and readings are done. Their vows are said and just as Eric's about to pronounce them husband and wife, Chad stands up. He thinks the bride should be marrying the father of her baby. Everyone gasps. Julie and Doug arrive late with apologies and Chad says he was going to let it go until they got to the part about honesty in marriage. He wants Gabi to tell the truth - for once. Rafe tries dragging him out and they end up getting physical when Rafe throws a punch. Hope drags him out into the vestibule and Rafe follows. Hope arrests Chad for assaulting an officer and disturbing the peace. Chad points out that Rafe hit him first. Hope calls for back-up. Inside, Gabi cries. Abby blames herself for bringing Chad and Julie and Doug ask Maggie what's up. Back outside, Chad tells them he overheard Gabi telling Cameron Nick wasn't the father. Rafe shoves Chad. "Lies!" Inside, Kate and Sonny wonder if Chad was telling the truth. Father Eric refuses to resume the ceremony. Will speaks up. The truth has to come out. Outside, Chad thinks the father is Andrew, Gabi's stalker. Inside, Nick begs Will not to ruin their wedding day. Will says they should have been honest in the beginning. He reveals he's the father. Back in the vestibule, Rafe and Chad argue about Gabi being a user and a slut. Hope tells him to shut up and back inside, Gabi runs out. Everyone begs Nick to explain and Sonny runs off with Will trying to follow. He tells Sami he'll talk to her later and grabs Sonny with an earnest apology. Sonny says this changes everything. Billie realizes Kate's a great-grandmother and Kate cringes. In the vestibule, a cop arrives. Sonny leaves the church and tells them it's true. Rafe and Hope head back inside and Sonny calls Chad a bastard. Victor heads out and says Stefano would be proud that he proved himself to be a true DiMera. He goes after Sonny. Inside, Nick explains to Rafe and Hope that he'd do anything for Gabi. Abby leaves and on her way out, yells at Chad for playing her. He explains he didn't plan this. He's shocked to learn Will's the father. He had no idea. Abby and Jenn take off. Back inside, Nick tells Rafe and Hope the whole story. Rafe goes after Gabi. Sami finds her in another room and lashes out at her creating a family at her family's expense. "You were trying to keep my child's child from him and me." She guarantees that won't happen. Back in the chapel, Kate fires Nick. He sighs. If she wants to buy him out, he won't need a job for another year or so. She should do what she needs to do. Hope chastises Kate for going off on Nick when he's down. Nick goes to face Chad and promises to take revenge when Chad least expects it. Meanwhile, Sami accuses Gabi of using Will and her. Gabi tries to explain in between sobs until Rafe tells Sami to stop it. Eric and Caroline snuggle in a pew in the chapel. She tells him he did well. It's not how he pictured his first wedding! He knew something was off with Nick and Gabi. Back in the vestibule, Hope hands Chad a citation. The cop leaves and Chad admits he is sorry he hurt Will. He leaves and Julie and Doug find Hope alone. She tells them Nick's optimistic about this arrangement working. Julie worries about Gabi and the baby. "This is so much to deal with." In another room, Sami and Rafe argue as Sami feels Gabi and Nick were "guilting" Will into leaving his child. Rafe tells her it was Will's decision to get Gabi to an abortionist.

    Here Comes The Bride

    Friday, January 11 2013

    Sami and Rafe are kissing at her apartment and they start to disrobe on the couch. There’s a knock at the door. Sami lets Hope in and Rafe leaves. Hope helps Sami get ready and asks about her and Rafe. Sami agrees they are trying again and wonders if they are meant to be like Hope and Bo.

    At the pub, Chad tells Sonny he’s going to Gabi and Nick’s wedding. Sonny wonders what’s up. Chad says he’s tired of being mad all the time and is moving on. Nick overhears Gabi asking Will to be the baby’s Godfather. Nick steps in and says no way. Gabi apologizes that she didn’t tell him first and Will confronts Nick. Gabi tries to stop them. Will says Nick doesn’t think he’s capable of being Godfather. Nick pleads his case that the odds of the truth coming out go up and claims he’s worried how hard it will be for Will. Will tries to make them understand what it would mean for him to be Godfather. Gabi and Nick shut him down. Will leaves for the church disappointed.

    Abby helps Gabi get ready at the church and Sami shows up. Gabi starts to get emotional and Sami gives her a pep talk and discusses how they will always be connected by the baby because she was with her when she heard about the baby. Rafe interrupts with a call from their mother. Gabi speaks to her in Spanish. She says her mom apologized for hanging up and is really excited about the baby. Sami rushes Rafe out of the room. In another room, Father Eric, Rafe and Will offer support to Nick. Rafe’s phone rings and he leaves. The priest leaves Will and Nick alone. Nick asks will if they are okay and reminds Will how he stepped up. Will ignores him.

    Victor and Maggie welcome Caroline at the church. They thank her for giving Nick a second chance. Maggie steps away and Victor and Caroline discuss Chloe. Chad shows up and finds Abby waiting. Sonny arrives and tells Will he can’t believe he moved in so fast and will be happy to dance with him later. Rafe kisses Sami between wedding tasks. Chad joins Abby and tells her how beautiful she is. Billie, Kate and Lucas arrive and Billie asks how she's feeling about Chloe's return. Jenn was assured by Daniel that they're still on track. Eric and Nick arrive and Will and Abby go up the aisle next. Rafe walks Gabi down the aisle and Eric welcomes everyone. The readings begin and vows are exchanged. Just then, Chad stands up and stops the wedding by declaring Gabi should be marrying the real father of her baby!

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