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    General Hospital CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Wednesday, May 23 2012

    Nicole shops online at home for baby clothes when Rafe arrives. He updates her about what went down with Stefano and she thinks it's a crappy joke. He explains that Carrie's telling Austin about them now. Nicole thinks Carrie's a saint to keep her secret and can see how much in love they are. Nicole calls Carrie the complete opposite of Sami. When Sami finds out the truth about him and "Pollyanna" Nicole wants to hear details about how she takes it.

    Back at Nicole's, she and Rafe continue shopping for baby clothes and Rafe doesn't want her to dress the kid in persimmon. They playfully argue and then Rafe gets his message from Carrie and they head to the pub, figuring Carrie's there.

    At the pub, Carrie moans that nothing's turning out the way it was supposed to, after hearing the news about Stefano. Carrie gets a box for her sandwich and Austin's out of cash so goes into Carrie's bag to pay the bill. He finds her positive pregnancy test and confronts her. She confirms it's true and he yelps with delight and share the news with the entire pub. Rafe and Nicole arrive and Nicole thinks Austin looks too happy for someone who was just asked for a divorce. Austin tells them Carrie's pregnant and Rafe's jaw falls to the floor. Nicole tries covering for Rafe and takes him away while Austin professes his love for his wife. Outside, Rafe struggles with his composure.

    As Pure As The Driven Snow.

    Tuesday, May 22 2012

    Salemites stare at Marlena and Hope in the square, making Marlena feel like a Kardashian. They spot Rafe and Marlena goes to him to ask where Carrie is. He says she's with Austin. Hope finds Abe and tells him about bringing Stefano down. He thinks it's about time but worries this will crush Lexi.

    Carrie walks thorough the square, shoving a pregnancy test deep into her shoulder bag. Rafe walks up and learns she hasn't told Austin the truth yet. She says the timing is off. Rafe tries to reassure her and they profess their love for one another before Rafe runs back to Hope and Marlena, who tell him what's going on with Stefano.

    Queen Of The Night.

    Monday, May 21 2012

    Roman, Bo, John, Hope, and Rafe bring Stefano into the police station. They book him as Shane watches. Stefano denies that he's panicking. Shane muses that he's facing Federal charges - trafficking illegally in arms. Hope says the Phoenix flew too close to the sun - his wings melted and he can't fly anymore. Stefano mocks them, but they are confident they've got him this time.

    Marlena strides into the station. Stefano clucks, "Ah, the queen of the night." Marlena tells him how delighted she is that he can't hurt her family anymore. She tells him he's broken and dark inside - she finds him pitiful. Rafe and Carrie leave. Stefano refuses his one phone call - news will travel fast. Stefano chuckles as he goes behind bars. Lexi arrives, followed by EJ. Stefano says Marlena, Bo, Hope, John - they're all alive - it was a hoax to trap him. He's charged with arms trafficking. Lexi wants EJ to get him out. EJ thinks he's guilty. Lexi says maybe he is, but every minute counts for her. Stefano says he'd refuse EJ's help anyway.

    Outside, Rafe tells Carrie it's time to get their lives back. She lets him know she loves him. They nearly kiss, but she insists on talking to Austin first. Rafe notes she looks pale, and suggests she wait to tell Austin. Carrie says she can't let him go on thinking they have a future.

    Austin arrives in the square and pushes past Rafe to throw his arms around Carrie. He tells her he'll never let her go! He raves about what it's like to see her again and be able to take her home. Rafe looks on dubiously. Austin thanks Rafe, and he and Carrie head home. He shows her the houses he's been looking at - plenty of room to grow. He wants to dive in and start a family. She says she can't.

    Check And Mate.

    Friday, May 18 2012

    At Pier 19, Bo, Hope, Rafe, and John discuss what to do when DiMera gets there. Bo mentions how Shane's recording everything in a surveillance van. When Stefano calls, Bo fakes a "Russian" accent and pretends he's Nevsky. He tries getting Stefano to continue negotiations. Stefano agrees to meet. He turns up later and comments on the disguises. "Nevsky" claims he has had security issues and doesn't want to be photographed. Stefano heard he had another buyer and demands he deliver what he paid for or else regret it. He makes a show of telling him he's not intimidated and is unarmed. "Nevsky" says they've a deal. Stefano hands over the money and "Nevsky" says they've everything they need. Everyone pulls off their disguises. "Looks like it's check and mate," John says and Bo arrests Stefano, who smiles.

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