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    General Hospital CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Run Snow White Over With My Car.

    Monday, September 17 2012

    Rafe runs into Sami outside the pub. She questions the blood on his face. He shrugs that he got in a fight with EJ and John broke it up. Sami asks what they were fighting about? Rafe denies it was about her - EJ just wasn't getting what he wanted. She wonders if EJ picked up that things have changed between them since Rafe kissed her. Rafe says the kiss was stupid and meant nothing.

    Get A Life.

    Friday, September 14 2012

    After Rafe flashes to kissing Sami and throws things across his office, he calls himself an idiot. Brady walks in and Rafe admits he kissed Sami. "She's reckless," Rafe exclaims, but what's he to do? "Let her self-destruct with the jerk?" Rafe calls Ejami toxic and insists he's not getting involved. Brady raises an eyebrow. Rafe admits he cares.

    Rafe and EJ bump into each other at the square. EJ tells Rafe not to cross him and Rafe snorts, "Get a life." EJ wants Rafe to have a look at his divorce paperwork and orders Rafe to get out of their lives. Rafe's suggestion is for EJ to go to hell.

    You've Got Your Big Purse.

    Thursday, September 13 2012

    In Sami's doorway, Rafe observes that she's obviously got plans with EJ. He calls her a fool, and tells her she shouldn't be with anyone. They go inside, bickering about what he meant. Rafe says he was thinking about the kids. Sami doesn't see what's so bad about getting back with their dad. Rafe tells her if she gets back with EJ those kids don't have a chance. Sami says EJ loves them. Rafe reminds her he kidnapped Sydney. She calls that 'no longer relevant'. They bicker heatedly. Sami wonders why he's being so relentless - she thinks it's about them. Rafe angrily says she's not sure about EJ either, noting she's got her big purse with everything in it because she can't completely trust him. Rafe says she can do better than EJ. She asks who? How? He walks to the door to leave, but turns back, grabs Sami, and kisses her passionately. He then walks out.

    Rafe arrives at the station flashing to kissing Sami and mocks himself. "I know exactly what I'm doing!"

    Reminds Me Of Philip.

    Wednesday, September 12 2012

    Rafe visits Nicole at the Horton home and learns her baby's a boy and he'll be named "Daniel Rafael Hernandez." Rafe's honored but thinks it'll make EJ suspicious. She talks about her clarity for her feelings for Daniel but that he doesn't have the same clarity. She opens up about Jennifer being back on Daniel's radar. Rafe suggests she tell Daniel her feelings. She asks him to take his own advice and tell Sami how he feels. Nicole gags to see them together but she cares for Rafe and wants his happiness. "There is no there there," Rafe insists.

    Sami and Will arrive home. Sami tells him her family has always been her first priority. Will points out that things have been revolving around what EJ's doing. Will thinks EJ's a good person and he's coming around to the idea of Ejami. He opens his gift, which is a sport jacket he admired recently at a store. They talk about how 'all over the map' she has been with men lately. She flashes to Rafe and agrees. Will asks, "Can you be sure this time?" Sami switches gears and asks about his love life but he tells her 'that department is closed'. Will leaves and Rafe shows up. He notices she's dressed for a date with EJ but EJ's not the man for her.

    Cage Match.

    Monday, September 10 2012

    At Sami's place, she asks Rafe how he feels about her considering he doesn't hate her. "You ask the damnedest questions." She answers a knock at the door. It's EJ who has a surprise for her. EJ tries to make Rafe uncomfortable until he leaves. Once he's gone, EJ asks Sami to lunch at Green Mountain Lodge to celebrate their freedom. He wants to pick things up where they left off in the safe house. Sami's conditions are, "No shooting, no cloning, no kidnapping, lying..." "Dull. Dull, dull, dull," EJ says. They start making out but Hope interrupts and tells them the charges against them have been dropped but the governor wants to meet with them face-to-face. EJ knows this is about tendering his resignation.

    Rafe sits at the pub, unable to get his mind off of Sami and their last conversation. Lucas sits down. He owes Rafe for warning him against going back to Sami so he buys him a beer. Lucas muses that he should have listened. He asks Rafe about going from Sami - bad - to worse - having a baby with Nicole. Rafe says Lucas hasn't heard the whole story. They commiserate about EJ and Rafe hears Sami hates that Nicole's carrying his baby. Rafe ponders that and has a flashback to EJ earlier at Sami's as Lucas takes off. Rafe realizes EJ's using the baby being his to get Sami back. He gets up to leave and spots Sami. He wants to warn her but can't.

    Gets A Lot Of Sequels.

    Friday, September 07 2012

    Rafe's surprised Gabi's working at the pub because of her modelling job. She tells him she quit. Rafe assumes Sami said something and goes off in a huff to find her.

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