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    General Hospital CAST - Olivia Falconeri - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Olivia Falconeri Played by Lisa LoCicero on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lisa LoCicero (ABC)

    Birthday: April 18 1970
    Birthplace: Grosse Pointe, Michigan
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Patrick Jann, son Lukas (2001)
    Real Name: Lisa LoCicero


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    GH Recap: I Got Here First.

    Tuesday, July 22 2014

    At the MetroCourt, Lucy knocks on Scott’s door. Bobbie answers in a robe and encourages Lucy to think the worst. Lucy is out of her mind with jealousy and Bobbie enjoys needling her. Lucy knows she has to work through things with Scott, but Bobbie should not be involved with her man. Bobbie declares Scott her man, and she intends to use all the tricks she learned back when she was turning tricks to keep him. After some smacking around a catfight erupts, and Scott finds them rolling on the floor. He breaks it up and wants to know why Lucy came by. She refuses to tell him and leaves. Bobbie does a happy dance. Elsewhere, Olivia gets the whole staff searching for Spencer while Nik realizes Spencer’s phone tracker isn’t working anymore. Nik worries Spencer was kidnapped and Olivia leaves to check the security footage. Spencer texts Britt to look under the chair and she points something out to Nik. Nik pulls out a note from Spencer that laments Nik’s breakup with Britt. She thinks it’s good to know Spencer is safe but Nik scoffs – he doesn’t know anything and calls PCPD demanding to speak to Anna. Anna arrives and looks over the note. Olivia rushes back with news that Spencer got into a cab. Britt gets a text from Spencer that he will send his location soon, and she promises to stay with Nik until Spencer is found.

    GH Recap: Moss. Ronn Moss.

    Monday, July 21 2014

    Back at the Metro Court, Olivia unlocks Spencer’s door for Britt and Nik. Meanwhile, Lucy knocks on Scott’s door and a disheveled Bobbie answers.

    GH Recap: No Death Wasted.

    Monday, July 14 2014

    Olivia and Lulu are with Dante and the baby at the Floating Rib. They discuss when the couple might have a new baby and then Liv gossips about Ava's mother. As Lulu accuses Liv of still having feelings for Sonny, Dante heads over to the bar and chats with Mac. Neither of them like Levi. Maxie storms in and demands to know which of them is trying to get her boyfriend deported.

    GH Recap: Bensonhurst, Born And Bred.

    Tuesday, July 08 2014

    Back at Sonny’s office, Delia opens the safe and pulls out the drive. On her way out she runs into Olivia and pretends she’s Sonny’s new assistant. Delia realizes Olivia’s his ex, the one he ditched after stepping out on her, and shows Olivia the keys. Olivia isn’t budging and calls Sonny to come over. When he arrives, he takes Delia’s phone when it rings. It’s Ava, who inadvertently asks Sonny instead of Delia if she cracked the safe and got the flash drive. Ava cringes when she realizes her plot is foiled. Sonny gets the drive and tells Delia she’s going on a trip to New York. Before she leaves, Olivia tells Sonny to hide his stuff better and give her best to Ava. Shawn arrives and escorts Delia out. She tells Shawn if anything happens to Ava, he and his boss will pay. "And that’s a promise."

    GH Recap: No Big Deal.

    Wednesday, July 02 2014

    At the hospital Rafe overhears Sam, Patrick, Silas and Kiki realize he must have been the one driving the car. Silas tells them Rafe is still at the hospital and wants to talk to him first. Patrick insists on being there, so Sam follows them as they both run off to look for Rafe. Kiki hangs back, and Rosalie pushes Nina up to her. They saw Silas run off and Kiki tells them there is a crisis involving Rafe. Rafe runs off as Rosalie tells Nina and Kiki all about his father’s vampire history. Kiki thinks Rafe took Silas’ car and ran Patrick off the road, and Rosalie bashes Silas for abandoning Nina again for someone else. She wheels Nina off to go home, and Kiki looks appalled. Meanwhile, Sam, Patrick and Silas can’t find Rafe. Dante and Olivia overhear them talking and Patrick tells them they found the other driver in the accident – Rafe. Silas tells Dante he gave Rafe his keys to take the bus home. Dante calls in an APB, then suggests starting at Silas’ apartment. Dante tells a reluctant Patrick to go to the fireworks with Emma instead. Patrick runs into Kiki and tells her the cops are now involved.

    GH Recap: Voice Like A Blender.

    Tuesday, July 01 2014

    Dante and his mom are at the hospital waiting on the results from Lulu's procedure. Olivia assures him everything will work out. They discuss Sonny. She still loathes him but will forgive him eventually. Her son tells her that Sonny claimed he messed things up because of Connie. "This excuse stinks like last week's fish fry," she says. They go into Lulu's room. Dante tells her she's his hero. The doctor comes in and informs them that they've repaired Lulu's uterus. She congratulates them. Liv gets maudlin.

    GH Recap: Swear Me In.

    Wednesday, June 18 2014

    Olivia and Lulu are in the park with the baby. Liv talks about the christening. Lulu remembers the last one. She's come to accept that Georgie belongs with Maxie. They discuss the Sonny situation. "It is what it is," Liv muses. She changes the topic to Lulu's doctor's appointment. Olivia advises her not to give up without a fight. Dante arrives and his wife tells him that she's prepared to get the procedure if he'll support her.

    GH Recap: My Mother Is Having My Ex-Husband's Baby?

    Friday, June 06 2014

    Franco is in the park trying to get people to let him sketch them. Olivia shows up and swipes the money in his hat to pay for the damage he did to her hotel. She runs off. He has a fit and rips up his drawings. Carly shows up. She's been worrying about Morgan and fills him in about the Ava situation. Franco complains about Liv stealing the money he made from painting blind kids. She sits for her caricature. He thinks it sucks. She's shocked that it's a perfect likeness of Olivia. Franco feels worthless. She doesn't care what he does for work, she just loves him. Carly asks him to move in with her so he can start over again. They kiss.

    Max drags Ava into Sonny's front room. He wanders off and the mob boss tells her she's moving in and Max will be her shadow until the baby is born. "Then I'm going to kill you," he says. He lets her leave with Max to get her stuff. Later, Olivia shows up. She tells Sonny they need to find a way to be around each other for Dante's sake. The mobster wants her back. Liv still loves him but doubts they can make it work. He takes her hand and pulls her close. She says they can't rush things. Sonny starts to explain there is a complication. Ava saunters in and announces she's moving in. This doesn't go over well and the pregnancy news makes it worse. Sonny doesn't see the big deal. Liv tells him to go to Hell and storms out. "It was all your idea. I'm going to make myself at home," Ava says. A little later, Morgan shows up and tells his father that he's off the hook. He still cares about Ava and wants to do right by the baby. Ava strolls back in complaining about the lack of closet space. Morgan looks confused.

    GH Recap: Port Chuckles.

    Friday, May 30 2014

    A drunk Morgan is cut off at The Floating Rib and he gets belligerent. Security tries to toss him but Olivia offers to take care of him. She takes him to a booth and tells him she knows Ava cheated on him with Sonny. Morgan thinks they can get back at them and plants a kiss on Olivia. She pushes him off but he thinks they can just say it’s an accident so Sonny and Ava know how it feels. He asks her to take him home with her but she tells him revenge sex is off the table, at least with each other. She can see he’s in a terrible place and sinking to their level isn’t the answer. Revenge is always a mistake. He apologizes for trying to kiss her and she insists on driving him home.

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