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    General Hospital CAST - Olivia Falconeri - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Olivia Falconeri Played by Lisa LoCicero on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lisa LoCicero (ABC)

    Birthday: April 18 1970
    Birthplace: Grosse Pointe, Michigan
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Patrick Jann, son Lukas (2001)
    Real Name: Lisa LoCicero


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    GH Recap: Complicated.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    When Lulu gets home, she finds Olivia sleeping on the couch. She wakes her up and fills her in about her fight with Dante over Johnny. Liv thinks that selling the boat might be a good plan. Then again, she also thinks her son is being too controlling. And then again, she also used to sleep with Johnny. She lists all the men she's slept with who ended up in prison. Lulu squeals when she mentions Julian's name. Olivia admits she's not the best person to give anyone advice. Once Liv leaves, Lulu gets into bed when she hears Dante coming. He has flowers for her and apologizes. She ignores him at first but accepts his flowers and apology. Lulu adds that Johnny insists he's out of the mob.

    GH Recap: As Dead As Disco.

    Wednesday, January 07 2015

    At Metro Court, Lulu is surprised to see Johnny. They catch up. He says his conviction was overturned. Lulu wishes she'd given him the benefit of the doubt. He asks for a hug. They agree they've missed each other. Nearby, Carly asks Olivia where she ran off to last night and asks why she comped a room to Julian Jerome. Olivia tries to cover but Carly realizes she spent the night with Julian. She admits she wanted to make Ned jealous. Olivia complains about Alexis. Carly thinks Alexis is a hypocrite. Olivia says she accused her of stringing Ned long. Johnny and Lulu appear. Johnny tells Olivia he's sorry about Connie and sorry he didn't get her help. Olivia hugs him. Carly thanks Johnny for giving her a heads up about Morgan. They discuss Sonny. Carly asks if he knows anything about his beating? Johnny shrugs that he has enemies. Johnny convinces Lulu to have a drink and they reminisce. Dante arrives.

    GH Recap: I'm Innocent.

    Tuesday, January 06 2015

    At the Metro Court restaurant, Olivia apologizes to Alexis. She doesn't buy the sincerity of the apology and confronts her about Ned. Alexis is sorry things didn't work out but assumes she slept with Julian just to stick it to her. Liv wonders why she gives a damn and accuses her of using Ned while carrying a torch for Julian. "You deserve everything you get," Olivia says.

    GH Recap: The Art Of Seduction.

    Monday, January 05 2015

    In a hotel suite, Olivia is with Ned..she didn't know it could be this good. Alexis appears. "He's with me." She awakens beside Julian, who was dreaming about being with Alexis. Olivia jumps up and paces. "What have I done?" Julian muses that they needed to distract themselves. In another hotel suite, Ned and Alexis awaken together. Alexis says last night was just as good as she remembered. He asks if she has regrets. She flashes to kissing Julian. "Not a one." Ned flashes to Olivia but says the same. Ned talks about avoiding 'awkward situations' on their way out. They exit and run smack into a flustered Olivia and half-naked Julian bickering in their hotel room doorway. Ned accuses Julian of getting Olivia drunk to sleep with her. Olivia hollers that she did it of her own free will. Alexis has to go before she loses her appetite. Later, Olivia returns to the suite to get her shoe. Julian comments on how she owned up to what they did. Olivia says he couldn't wait to rub it in. Julian thinks they really got to Ned and Alexis. Olivia suggests they forget about each other and leaves.

    GH Recap: Shacking Up.

    Friday, January 02 2015

    At Metro Court, the partygoers all count down to 2015. Balloons and glitter drop at midnight and several people kiss. Duke plants a kiss on an unsuspecting Lucy, while Sloane gives Anna a kiss. Carly pulls an upset Jake into a kiss behind the bar. Olivia and Julian kiss, but she quickly pushes him off and tells him that shouldn’t have happened. Ned approaches them and asks Olivia what she is doing with this scum. Olivia says the person she wanted to be with is spending the night with someone else. Meanwhile Alexis tells Julian that it’s pretty low for him to kiss Olivia to get back at her, but Julian says that’s not why he did it. Ned and Alexis leave together. Elsewhere, Anna is shocked by Sloane’s kiss. Sloane says he kept her from looking like a loser to her ex. She reminds him that his date left with a prince, so he’s the loser. The two end up quarreling. Sloane promises Anna that he will bring her to justice. He tells her that he enjoyed the dance and kiss, and then he walks off. Noticing Duke and Lucy have vanished, Anna asks Olivia for Sloane’s room number. Olivia gives it to her, but later isn’t sure she got the right room. Meanwhile Liz decides to head home, but Ric invites her up to his room. As they are heading out, Carly confronts them and specifically Liz for going back to Ric. Ric and Carly start to fight, but Ric stops it and whisks Liz away. Carly tells Jake about her history with Ric and how he’s not a good guy. Carly says Elizabeth chooses to turn a blind eye to what Ric has done. Jake switches the subject to Jason, so Carly tells him about their friendship. Later Carly offers Jake a free room at the hotel until he figures out his next move. Elsewhere at the party, Patrick and Sam share many kisses. Sam invites Patrick to spend the night with her. As they are about to leave together both of their phones ring. Their kids are having issues, so they have to postpone their plans. Ric and Elizabeth head to his room at Metro Court and quickly end up in bed. Anna begins banging on the door demanding they open up. Ric answers, she was expecting to find Sloane. She apologizes to them and leaves. Later Liz gives Ric talk about their past and Ric brings up their marriages. Ric says the third time is the charm as people say. Ned and Alexis end up in their own hotel room at the Metro Court. The two talk about Julian and Olivia and their feelings for them. Ned is sure he wants Alexis, but feels she’s not ready. She however tells him that she wants him and pulls him into a kiss. Julian and Olivia end up in a hotel room as well, but only end up playing a game of cards on the bed. Olivia continues to rant about Ned and Alexis. Julian wonders why they aren’t doing something else given Alexis and Ned are in their own room. The two end up kissing, which leads to them ripping each other's clothes off. Anna knocks on another door and a shirtless Sloane answers. Anna barges in and tells Sloane that he may think poorly of her, but he has no idea what she went through thanks to Faison. Sloane says that doesn’t mean what she did was right. Anna says it was, Faison is no longer obsessed with her because he no longer sees her as a challenge. They continue to argue and Sloane calls her out and says she’s fighting with him only to avoid what is going on with Duke. Anna says this is not about Duke and she ends up storming out of his room.

    GH Recap: New Year's Eve Bash.

    Tuesday, December 30 2014

    At Metro Court, Carly is making sure everything is ready for the party. Jake meets with her and asks for another chance at a job. He informs her that he moved out of Elizabeth’s now that Ric is back. Carly tells Jake that he gave up on Elizabeth too easily, and that Ric isn’t a nice person. Carly decides to hire Jake to be her new bartender. She gives him a uniform and sends him out with a tray of champagne glasses to hand out. Ric and Elizabeth arrive for the party, only to run into Julian. Ric confronts Julian, but Elizabeth calms Ric down. They head into the party and Elizabeth locks eyes with Jake. Meanwhile Duke and Anna run into each other at the party. Anna learns that Lucy is Duke’s date for the party, though Lucy swears they are only friends. Duke tells Lucy that she doesn’t have to explain herself to Anna. Duke thinks Anna has her own date with Sloane, who is there, but she assures him they aren’t dating. Sloane introduces himself and gives his first name, Kyle. Kyle has his own date coming to meet him, who happens to walk in on Nicholas’ arm. The woman, Ivy, ends up dumping Kyle for Nikolas. Ivy just met him in the lobby and they hit it off. Anna and Kyle find themselves alone, yet together. Alexis and Ned arrive and run into Julian, leading to an altercation between the men. Olivia runs interference and takes Julian to get a drink and cool off. Olivia tells Julian to stay away from Ned and Alexis or she’ll kick his butt out of her hotel. Julian knows Olivia is still pining over Ned. Olivia can’t believe she’s in the same boat as Julian. Later Ned talks with Olivia and says he really misses their friendship. She does too, but doesn’t think they can get it back. She then walks off. Julian meanwhile makes small talk with Alexis. He brags to her that he came alone, but hopefully won’t be going home alone. Later Ned tells Alexis that he got them a room, which an unhappy Olivia overhears. Julian tells Olivia to forget them and dance with him. She agrees to one dance. Patrick and Sam arrive together and run into Alexis and Ned. Alexis is glad to see her daughter with Patrick again. Sam is taken aback when Jake offers her champagne, but the two remain civil. Carly notes the tension between them, but Jake doesn’t want to talk about it. Carly complains to Jake about how horrible her year has been and how she’s missing Jason. Elsewhere Jordan and Shawn arrive at the party separately, but run into one another. Jordan explains her lie to Julian about joining him and Duke and that if Julian learns she lied then she is dead. Shawn doesn’t know if he can trust her, so she swears on TJ’s life that she’s not conspiring with Julian. Shawn says he believes her. Later the two make a point to run into Julian so that he knows her story wasn’t a lie. They then head to see Duke to make the job official. Duke has a test for Jordan though. As the hour draws near, Carly gathers everyone to say some inspiring words for the New Year and to start the countdown. Everyone counts down together to midnight. Balloons and glitter fall as the New Year is rung in and kisses are exchanged. Julian and Olivia share a kiss, though Olivia does so with the caveat that it never happened. Anna and Kyle also lock lips. Carly sees how upset Jake is watching Elizabeth with Ric, so she pulls him into a kiss.

    GH Recap: Denied.

    Tuesday, December 16 2014

    At Metro Court, Olivia tells Ned that she has feelings for him, and she wonders if there is a chance for them. Ned tells Olivia that he likes her a lot, but he and Alexis have a history together. He feels he owes it to himself to take this second chance with Alexis. All Ned can offer her for now is his friendship. Olivia tells Ned that she can’t go back to just hanging out and being friends, as the more time she spends with him, the more she wants to be with him. Ned says then this is goodbye and he heads off, leaving Olivia in tears.

    GH Recap: Cold Fish.

    Monday, December 15 2014

    Liv wanders into the Metro Court restaurant and spots Ned sitting with Alexis. He tells the lawyer that Julian is bad news and she shouldn't have to see him alone. She doubts he'll be out any time soon. Liv interrupts and guesses what they want for breakfast. She pointedly suggests Alexis wants her eggs over-easy and chuckles as she walks off. Alexis wonders if Ned's noticed the friction in the air. Ned's clueless. Liv returns with the meal and explains she added some lox for the lawyer because she reminds her of cold fish. With some prodding, Olivia tells them that they don't belong together. She belongs with Ned. That turns out to be a fantasy. Liv keeps her mouth shut and comps their meal. After Alexis leaves, Ned asks Olivia what's really going on.

    GH Recap: Ric Is Missing.

    Tuesday, December 09 2014

    At the Quartermaines, Ned and Olivia watch a movie with their 3D glasses on. He starts talking about his fight with Alexis and how uncertain their relationship is. That piques her interest. As they watch the movie, she hops into his lap and claims it's just because of the 3D. He turns it off. She starts trying to get something off her chest when Alexis interrupts. Liv starts to stutter. She's about to leave but Ned insists she stay. She goes to get more popcorn. Alexis apologizes to Ned for defending Julian so he apologizes for defending his father. She tips him off about Julian framing Ric. Plus, he's alive. They forgive each and smooch. Liv watches and crumbles some popcorn. After Davis leaves, Ned asks Liv what she wanted to tell him. She admits she was going to ask him to New Years but he's patched things up with the lawyer. He thinks they need to get her a date and tells her she's due for some happiness.

    GH Recap: Pizza Again.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    At the Quartermaine mansion, Sam brings Danny by to see Monica and Michael. Michael invites them to dinner, but she already has plans with Patrick and Elizabeth. Larry Ashton shows up as Sam is leaving and he asks Michael if that was Patrick Drake’s wife he just saw. Michael says no they aren’t married. Larry appears to be onto Patrick and Sam’s investigation of him. Later, Olivia, Dante and Lulu all arrive for dinner. As everyone gets ready to eat, Monica announces that one of the dishes caused the cook to come down with food poisoning, and as they don’t know which one it is, it all has to be thrown out. Fortunately Alice walks in to save the day with a stack of pizzas.

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