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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Matt Hunter

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Matt Hunter Played by Jason Cook on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Cook (Jill Johnson/JPI)
    Dr. Matt Hunter

    Actor: Jason Cook

    Who played Dr. Matt Hunter over the years

    Jason Cook (June 26, 2008 - June 11 2012)

    Useful information on Dr. Matt Hunter

    * He's an arrogant resident new to General Hospital.
    * Learned Noah Drake was his father.
    * Eventually formed a relationship with his brother Patrick.
    * Began a relationship with Maxie.


    Current: Surgeon at General Hospital.


    Matt came to Port Charles as a cocky new doctor. He eventually learned Noah Drake was his father. He and his brother Patrick butted heads, but eventually formed a relationship.

    Aside from being a major flirt, he had a couple of mishaps at GH. He was poisoned by a man he was operating on who was transporting poisoned capsules in his stomach and he was sued for malpractice when the mayor's mistress died after he operated on her. He was eventually cleared in any wrong doing.

    Matt then became the target of Maxie's interest when she tried to use him to make Spinelli jealous. The plan backfired on her, but Matt became interested in her and wanted more from her than just being runner-up.

    When Warren Bauer shot up the hospital, Matt operated on Mac and saved his life. Maxie thanked him by having sex with him in the hospital's supply closet. The two continued to dance around each other, as they worried about Patrick and Robin's estranged marriage.


    Maria Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones


    Dr. Noah Drake (Father)
    Patrick Drake (Half brother)
    Donna (Mother)
    Emma Grace Scorpio Drake (half neice)




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    Monday, June 11 2012: A BLT At Kelly’s.

    In the PCPD interrogation room, Matt signs the confession. Alexis gives him his cell phone and tells him to get his affairs in order. She will try to get him released, and leaves. Matt calls Patrick who comes right away. Matt tells Patrick he can’t take the guilt, no matter how evil Lisa was. They hug and don’t want to lose each other. Alexis comes in to tell him his fate.

    Thursday, June 07 2012: How Can I Be Okay?

    Heather visits Dante at the station and asks to see Luke. She wonders how they could arrest him without a dead body. Dante wonders how she knows so much. Matt arrives and wants to talk to Dante. Heather tells him to wait his turn but it can’t wait. Dante urges Heather to go home since Luke can’t see her anyway. She leaves and Matt tells Dante that he is turning himself in for Lisa’s murder. Maxie shows up and begs him to put the ring on, leave with her and live his life. She is not going to change his mind though, and he tells Dante he is ready to give a statement.

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