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    General Hospital CAST - Diego Sanchez Alcazar - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Diego Sanchez Alcazar Played by Ignacio Serricchio on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: April 19 1982
    Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Ignacio Serricchio
    Height: 5' 11"


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    The Buddy System at Work.

    Wednesday, March 05 2008

    Nik and Diego fight on the waterfront and Nik promises that he won't kill again. Diego yells that Nik only lost one person but he lost his whole family! They go around and around until Diego gets the upper hand and wraps a cord around Nik's neck. Nik is able to twist out of it and Diego grabs his passport and leaves. Nik drops to the ground gasping for air and Emily appears to tell him it's not his time to go.

    Spinelli and Maxie are finally above ground, but they're not outside exactly. The stairs they climbed led them to the area on the waterfront where Diego nabbed Nadine. They spill the bottle of chlorophyll and Maxie runs off thinking Spinelli is right behind her. She runs right into Diego, who quickly puts her neck into his rope. Nikolas busts into the room and Diego starts to taunt him. As Diego and Nikolas stare each other down, Spinelli whacks Diego on the head with a steal rod.


    Tuesday, March 04 2008

    Nik is looking around the waterfront in hopes of finding any clue to Diego's whereabouts. He starts to freak out, but when he sees Emily he calms down. Just below him, Diego has nabbed Nadine. She puts up one heck of a fight and starts shrieking for Nikolas. By the time Nikolas races down the stairs, all he can find is a jar of chlorophyll.

    Diego has freed himself from Nadine and makes his way over to a laptop. He pulls up a blueprint graphic of some property and hits the "Activate when ready" button. Just then he is grabbed from behind by Nikolas.

    And the Car Goes "Plop!"

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Jason drags Lucky's unconscious body behind his car to protect him from gunfire. As he's doing so, he hears a shot fired inside the car that's teetering over the edge of the bridge. He makes his way to the car and Diego jumps out and attacks him. Both armed, they struggle precariously close to the edge. A fierce fist fight ensues until Diego runs off. As the car teeters toward the water below, Liz screams to Jason for help and he quickly jumps on the trunk in order to balance it.

    Life-Altering Moments.

    Friday, February 29 2008

    Meanwhile Diego's car is dangling precariously over the edge of a bridge, high above the raging waters of Port Charles' coastline. He has been knocked out by the accident and Liz tries to break free from her handcuffs. She reaches to the front seat to try to find the key but the shift in weight tips the car even further. She holds really still and then tries again. This time she is able to get the key and unlock her cuffs. Finally she hears a muffled voice coming from the trunk and she realizes it must be Sam. She struggles to try to get through the back seat cushions to the trunk, but suddenly Diego wakes up and grabs her.

    Lucky has heard an APB about the car/bridge crash and turns on his siren on his way to the bridge. When he arrives, he requests backup and an ambulance and then steps out of the car. That's when Diego shoots him, much to Elizabeth's horror. Lucky is unconscious on the snow as Jason shows up at the bridge. As he takes cover behind Lucky's car he sees that Diego and Liz are struggling inside the teetering car.

    Talk about a Cliff Hanger!

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    It only takes Liz a second to realize that the monster who has opened Sam's door is the Text Message Killer. She takes off screaming but he is able to nab her and drag her inside Sam's apartment.

    Diego (masked) has been able to handcuff Liz to one of the passenger seats in his car and is about to leave Sam's parking garage when he's stopped by Max! Max tells the punk to step away from the car and let him take Miss Webber to safety. Diego starts shooting and Max returns fire. Diego is able to get in the car and take off - but not before he backs into Max!

    Diego races along a curvy moon-lit road. Sam is in the trunk and Elizabeth wakes up and realizes she is chained to the backseat. She asks who he is and he tells her if she had a phone he'd send her a text message. Liz yells at him for killing her best friend and calls him sick. Diego tells her that it's more than that - the cops think he's dead. Then he takes off his mask and reveals himself. As he tells her why he killed everyone, she reaches up with her free hand and tries to scratch his face. He turns around to smack her and when he turns back to face the road, he sees that they've entered a bridge and are about to slam into the steel girder on the side.

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