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    General Hospital CAST - Marrianna Erosa - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marrianna Erosa Played by Yeniffer Behrens on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Yeniffer Behrens (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: October 2
    Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela
    Marital Status: Single. Son born in 2001
    Real Name: Yeniffer Behrens
    Height: 5' 4"
    Web site:


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    Ric Chooses Sides.

    Thursday, March 27 2008

    Marianna meets Ric on the waterfront and gushes about their new restaurant on the piers. He tells her that there won't be a restaurant because he signed the papers over to his father. She is stunned as he says that he knows she has been working with Trevor all along. He asks how it came to be that Trevor convinced her to do whatever it took. "He did not pay me to fall in love with you," she cries. He gets upset as he recalls how hard he struggled in making a fresh start. As she begs him not to hate her, he says that he understands that she was only trying to save herself, but he can never trust her now. He pulls out a check for 20% of what Trevor paid for the piers. She tears it up and he says that he'll messenger another one over to Kelly's for her. She tells him that she's moving back to Martha's Vineyard and he can find her there. Ric says that he'd rather take his revenge out on the person who really deserves it. As she leaves, she tearfully tells him if he wallows in his old baggage his father will have won.


    Monday, March 24 2008

    In the hotel suite, Ric tells Marianna that she isn't to blame and that she will never be connected to the death. "He stole two years of your life," Ric says, telling her to forget about everything else. He finally has her convinced everything will be fine and asks her to take over the restaurant he plans to open. They chat about that until Alexis arrives. She says she can't take the girls to an ice skating event and gives him the tickets. Then, she tells them about the body found at the cannery. Alexis leaves. Marianna freaks out, believing the cops will be coming for her for killing Randy. Ric reminds her that she didn't kill the man. She grabs her jacket, says he needs to think about things and then kisses him goodbye. Ric says he doesn't need to think but she leaves anyway. A few minutes later Trevor arrives. He demands the waterfront deed! Ric says no. Trevor says if Ric doesn't sign over the deed, he'll give the police evidence that proves Marianna killed Randy.

    Claudia and Johnny Bond.

    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    At the scene of the cannery explosion it's pure chaos. Trevor is hounding Marianna about whether or not she was able to get Ric to sign the waterfront property over to him yet. Alexis is watching them from a distance but is interrupted by Detective Harper who wants a count of who is still inside. She tells him that Claudia, Carly and Ric Lansing aren't accounted for, plus Sonny, Jax and Jerry went inside to look. Jax and Jerry come out and Alexis tells the cops to arrest them if they try to go back inside.


    Monday, March 17 2008

    Ric and Marianna are in a different area of the cannery. As they start to make their way out of the building they remember Randy's body. Ric asks Marianna if she killed him but she swears that she didn't. He assures her that she can trust him, but again, she insists that she didn't kill him. Ric gets busy trying to make sure that Randy isn't quickly found so that it looks as if he died in the explosion. He convinces her to leave with out him, but she's worried that if he's caught with the body it will look as if he killed him!

    Trevor goes outside and complains to Mac for allowing Johnny to go back into the burning building. Alexis tells Mac that she'll handle this and then asks Trevor what he, Sonny and the Zaccharas were doing in the building at the same time. Alexis wonders why he's not more upset that Claudia is inside too and he asserts that John is like a son to him! Marianna comes out of the building and Alexis rushes over to comfort her. She says that Ric is still inside and they were separated. After Alexis walks away, Trevor goes over to Marianna and insists on knowing why she left his son in there.

    Kate Drops a Bomb.

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    Marianna is working at Kelly's when Ric calls and asks when she'll be home because he has dinner ready. She insists on taking the bus and won't hear otherwise. After she hangs up Trevor corners her. He says that she has always been an opportunist little tramp. Mike comes to protect her and the two men finally meet. (They've known of each other for a long time and both bare fangs at the sight of the other.) Mike tells him to leave and before he does, Trevor tells Marianna to steal the deed from Ric as was their original deal. She informs him the deal is off. After Trevor threatens to hurt Ric if she doesn’t cooperate he leaves. Randy shows up and tells her that he'd be willing to help her - for a price.

    Sonny's Gonna Blow.

    Tuesday, March 11 2008

    Liz has gone into Kelly's for take out and found Marianna working there. Marianna tells Liz that she is glad to be working again and that Ric helped her clear up her immigration status. Liz tells her that she met Ric while working here and then comments that so much has changed since then. The two ladies are laughing and chatting when Ric comes in the door. He asks them what's so funny and they giggle some more. Liz says that they have "girl stuff" in common. On her way out, she tells Ric that she really hopes he can find happiness.

    Nik Goes For It.

    Monday, March 10 2008

    Ric and Marianna are having coffee at Kelly's. He's forgotten his wallet and has to leave for a little while. The diner is busy and Mike is having a hard time keeping up with the customer's needs. Marianna notices and jumps up to help him out. Mike is thrilled and gives her a job. Her happiness is cut short when she sees Randy sitting at one of the tables. He tells her that he hasn't called immigration yet, but she needs to come with him now. As he is threatening her, Ric returns and tells him that he's the only person leaving. He tells Randy that Marianna is no longer under his thumb because her papers are in order now, legally. Randy leaves and Marianna tells Ric that she doesn't need him to take care of her. She tells him that she wants to be independent and he looks at her in amazement.

    Daddy of the Year?

    Friday, March 07 2008

    Ric and Marianna go into Kelly's for a bite to eat, but Ric says he should take her somewhere nice. She says that this is nice and she doesn't need to worry about being deported anymore. They take a table as Randy peeks in at them through the window.

    Time for Goodbye?

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    Ric has taken Marianna to his waterfront property. He says that he could change the direction of this property and put it to good use. She says that the place feels eerie as if something bad happened here, or is about to. He says that the property could be like the aquarium or farmers market on the Seattle pier. While Ric continues dreaming out loud, Trevor shows up and makes fun of him. He tells Ric that he doesn't have the guts or the vision to bring this project to fruition. Trevor tells Richie to cash in and retire to "Miss Third World" over there. As the two men start to slam each other around, they don't even know that Diego's bomb is teetering above them.

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