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    General Hospital CAST - Marrianna Erosa

    Full detailed profile on Marrianna Erosa Played by Yeniffer Behrens on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Yeniffer Behrens (Nikki Nelson/
    Marrianna Erosa

    Actor: Yeniffer Behrens

    Who played Marrianna Erosa over the years

    Yeniffer Behrens (February 5, 2008 - March 27, 2008)

    Useful information on Marrianna Erosa

    *Ric met her in a coffee shop in Martha's Vineyard
    *She has a mysterious past.
    *Ric has vowed to find her an immigration lawyer to help her break free from her abusive boss.


    Past: Waitress at coffee shop in Martha's Vineyard


    She told Ric that she came to this country to try to make a better life for herself, but doesn't have a green card yet. Randy, her abusive boss, hangs deportation over her head to use her for whatever he wishes. Ric was able to get her green card situation improved and Randy was murdered! When Ric learned that Marianna was hired by Trevor to manipulate him, he broke it off with her. Heartbroken, she returned to Martha's Vineyard to live.




    Ric Lansing (lover)






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    Thursday, March 27 2008: Ric Chooses Sides.

    Marianna meets Ric on the waterfront and gushes about their new restaurant on the piers. He tells her that there won't be a restaurant because he signed the papers over to his father. She is stunned as he says that he knows she has been working with Trevor all along. He asks how it came to be that Trevor convinced her to do whatever it took. "He did not pay me to fall in love with you," she cries. He gets upset as he recalls how hard he struggled in making a fresh start. As she begs him not to hate her, he says that he understands that she was only trying to save herself, but he can never trust her now. He pulls out a check for 20% of what Trevor paid for the piers. She tears it up and he says that he'll messenger another one over to Kelly's for her. She tells him that she's moving back to Martha's Vineyard and he can find her there. Ric says that he'd rather take his revenge out on the person who really deserves it. As she leaves, she tearfully tells him if he wallows in his old baggage his father will have won.

    Monday, March 24 2008: Crash!

    In the hotel suite, Ric tells Marianna that she isn't to blame and that she will never be connected to the death. "He stole two years of your life," Ric says, telling her to forget about everything else. He finally has her convinced everything will be fine and asks her to take over the restaurant he plans to open. They chat about that until Alexis arrives. She says she can't take the girls to an ice skating event and gives him the tickets. Then, she tells them about the body found at the cannery. Alexis leaves. Marianna freaks out, believing the cops will be coming for her for killing Randy. Ric reminds her that she didn't kill the man. She grabs her jacket, says he needs to think about things and then kisses him goodbye. Ric says he doesn't need to think but she leaves anyway. A few minutes later Trevor arrives. He demands the waterfront deed! Ric says no. Trevor says if Ric doesn't sign over the deed, he'll give the police evidence that proves Marianna killed Randy.

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