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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Ian Devlin

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Ian Devlin Played by Seamus Dever on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dever (FayesVision/
    Dr. Ian Devlin

    Actor: Seamus Dever

    Who played Dr. Ian Devlin over the years

    Seamus Dever (January 25, 2008 - May 6, 2008)

    Useful information on Dr. Ian Devlin

    *Went to medical school with Patrick Drake.
    *He butts heads with Robin Scorpio, but the other women of GH are happy to have a new bachelor on staff.
    *He's charming, confident and has a way with women.
    *He is NOT related to Dr. Julie Devlin - a character from spinoff Port Charles.
    *He sold illegal drugs to Nikolas Cassidine for $1 million.
    *Claudia Zacchara hired him to kill Sonny, but his bullet ricocheted and put his son Michael in a coma.
    *Jason Morgan killed him to prevent him from slashing Maxie Jones' throat.


    Past: Plastic surgeon
    Current: Oncologist at General Hospital


    When Ian came to Port Charles, his old college buddy Patrick couldn't believe it. He commented that going from plastic surgery to oncology is a strange choice, but then the two picked up where they left off.

    Ian soon started showing signs of shady behavior and was hired by Claudia Zacchara to shoot Sonny Corinthos. The hit went badly however and the bullet ricocheted into Michael Corinthos instead, putting him into a coma. When Jason found out Ian was involved, he killed him.










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    Tuesday, May 06 2008: One Less Evil Citizen in Port Charles.

    At the rural bus stop, Devin flashes a scalpel in front of Maxie's face and she tries to play the "dumb blonde" card, but he's not buying it. He taunts her friends to come out of the bushes and Maxie looks worried because she's alone out there. Before long, however, Spinelli appears from nowhere begging him not to hurt her. Devlin isn't happy just yet, he wants to see Jason. So, Jason obliges by firing his gun and stepping out from the bushes. Ian says that he's not bluffing, he will slit Maxie's throat. After all, he shot a child, he says. Jason calmly says that all he has to do is tell him who hired him to do it. Devlin says that Jason is the person who failed to protect Michael so what good will a name do? Jason shoots him and Maxie rushes into Spinelli's arms. Devlin dies before Jason can get a name out of him. Maxie is clearly shaken and yells at Jason for not shooting sooner. She says that all she could think of was that her dad couldn't bear to lose her so soon after Georgie. She looks for her phone and insists that she is calling 911!

    Monday, May 05 2008: Unlikely Alliances.

    At Crimson, Kate is urging Lulu to stop blaming Maxie for her ineptness. The phone rings and Lulu patches a call from Devlin through to Kate. He threatens to come back to Port Charles unless he gets more money from her and Kate says that he is to stop blackmailing her. She informs Devlin that Sonny will kill him if he returns to town, but Devlin says that maybe he'll kill Sonny. Either way, Sonny will either end up dead or in prison.

    Back at the country bus stop, Maxie ducks in the bushes and hides when she sees none other than Dr. Devlin show up. She starts to text Spinelli, but Devlin nabs her before she can finish.

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