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    General Hospital CAST - Felicia Jones Scorpio - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Felicia Jones Scorpio Played by Kristina Wagner on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristina Wagner (ABC)

    Birthday: October 30 1967
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Divorced from Jack Wagner since 2006. Two sons, Peter and Harrison
    Real Name: Kristina Wagner
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Mac Questions Coop.

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    Mac is fired up at the PCPD because the DNA results from Georgie's fingernails are due any minute. He tells Detective Harper to be ready to bring Johnny Z in. Then he asks Coop what he's doing hanging around. Coop explains that he's covering Lucky's shifts for a few days. Felicia comes in and wants to discuss Georgie's case, so Max directs her to the interrogation room. He tells Coop to see to it that he gets the results the moment they come in. Then he takes Felicia inside and vehemently tells her that there was a time when he would've welcomed her help, but he has to be the one to bring down Georgie's killer.
    Outside the door a detective puts the results smack in Coop's hands.

    Sam Spills.

    Monday, January 07 2008

    At the PCPD, Johnny tells Mac that they have nothing on him, but Mac says that the forensic evidence says otherwise. It turns out that Georgie fought off her attacker and there was skin under her fingernails to point the finger (so to speak) at her killer. Johnny is taken for DNA testing and Mac goes back into the interrogation room to ask Maxie about her rampage at Kelly's. Maxie says that she won't talk as long as Felicia is in the room. Since it becomes clear that Felicia won't leave, Maxie does. As they watch Maxie leave, Felicia notices some muddy footprints on the floor of the office and asks Mac for the forensic footprint photos. The same "dice" pattern that is on the floor is in the photos!

    Things happen in threes?

    Friday, January 04 2008

    Mac is furious when he finds Lucky and Detective Harper messing around at their desks. He asks if Georgie's killer has been found and the guys scurry in different directions. Then Felicia comes in and says that she'd like to help find Georgie's killer. Lucky brings footprint photos from Georgie's murder scene. Felicia pipes up with technical information about foot print integrity and Mac asks if she is too close to the case to help. Felicia says that her obligations to Frisco can wait and meanwhile she needs to live with the fact that it took the death of her daughter to bring her home.

    Maxie shows up in Mac's office and tells Felicia it's too late for her to become Mother of the Year. She tells her that Georgie had no mother-of-the bride at her wedding or no mother to turn to after her divorce. She spews that while Felicia was out saving the world, she lost both of her daughters and then leaves. Felicia turns around and starts studying the footprint photos. Detective Harper brings in photos of Georgie's autopsy, but tries to hide them from Felicia. She asks to see them and Mac tells her not to do this to herself. She bravely says that it's the little things in life…and in death…that make all the difference.

    As Felicia is looking at the autopsy photos of her youngest daughter, Detective Harper rushes in and says that they've found some proof against Johnny Zacchara. Mac gives him the order to go bring him in!

    Another funeral.

    Friday, December 21 2007

    The mood is pretty dismal at the Scorpio house. Maxie is angry at Felicia and tells her that she's riding to the funeral with Coop. Felicia helps her clasp a bracelet and tells her it is beautiful. Maxie says that she wouldn't know anything about it because it was Georgie's. After Felicia leaves, Coop arrives and Maxie says that she doesn't know if she can bear today.

    People start coming into the church, first Edward and then Ric and Skye. Felicia has taken her place next to Mac and they receive the guests together, along with Robin. Patrick offers his sympathies to Robin and then Mike has some great stories to share with Felicia about how Georgie befriended the customers at Kelly's.

    After a while, Mac is worried about Maxie's whereabouts, and Felicia tells him that she's having a hard time. Mac says that he warned her about Maxie's attitude toward her and she shouldn't beat herself up today, Georgie wouldn't have wanted it. Maxie finally arrives and the family takes their seats in the front pew.

    Then she singles out Felicia because she deserves "special attention." Her tone changes as she mentions how Felicia dumped them and ran off. Mac starts to object, but Felicia stops him. Maxie's acid tongue kicks into high gear as she tells Felicia that she has no right to be here. The crowd is very uncomfortable, but it's Mac who finally stands up and tells her that she can't honor her sister by dishonoring her mother. Maxie goes on to say that either Felicia leaves or she will. Felicia leaves.

    Dillon rushes out of the church to comfort her. He tells her that he knows for a fact that Georgie never once doubted her mother's love for her. Felicia is in tears, but she eats his words up. He says that he and Georgie would get in crazy situations and when Georgie would find their way out, she credited her mother for teaching her things.

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