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    General Hospital CAST - Felicia Jones Scorpio - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Felicia Jones Scorpio Played by Kristina Wagner on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristina Wagner (ABC)

    Birthday: October 30 1967
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Divorced from Jack Wagner since 2006. Two sons, Peter and Harrison
    Real Name: Kristina Wagner
    Height: 5' 6"


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    What Did I Miss?

    Monday, February 04 2013

    At the Rib, Felicia wonders how Maxie will look during pregnancy - Frisco used to call her an overripe peach. Mac is jealous but she assures him he is the only man in her life. Kevin shows up and Felicia is glad he is here to help Lucy. He acknowledges that Lucy became obsessed with the idea she was a slayer. When they broke up it seemed to go away for a while. But coming back to Port Charles brought back all these emotions and Lucy is convinced all the fantasies are real. Felicia tells him that Lucy was truly terrified when she saw John, so how could it all be in her head? Kevin still loves her but things change. Felicia thinks love defies all odds. Kevin commends her and Mac for finding that love, but his situation is different. They don’t have a vampire between them. Mac wonders if Frisco counts. Later, Mac goes to the stockroom. Frisco walks in and finds Felicia alone.

    Can You Define Nuts?

    Tuesday, January 22 2013

    At the Rib, Duke admits to Felicia and Mac that thoughts of Anna kept him alive all his years in captivity. He knew she would move on but always dreamt one day they would be reunited. Duke wonders if Faison actually succeeded in taking everything from him considering Anna recoils when he touches her. And now there is another man in the way. Mac insists Duke try to talk with Anna, but he does not want to push her further away. Later, Felicia thinks Maxie is hiding something but Mac encourages her not to worry.

    I Don’t Know You.

    Thursday, January 17 2013

    Lucy, Mac, Alexis and Felicia meet at court for Lucy’s arraignment. Alexis insists Lucy not talk, and plead not guilty insanity. Tracy busts in. She can’t have Lucy saying she is insane and give AJ more ammo. She threatens to withdraw her check from the nurse’s ball if Lucy doesn’t let up on the vampire talk. She begrudgingly agrees and Alexis coaches her to plead not guilty. Later, Todd, Diane and John arrive. Diane tells Todd that Carly probably would have stood by him if he told her the truth. For all of her faults she is remarkably loyal. John goes in. Lucy spots John and tries to attack him. Mac pulls her off and amidst the chaos Alexis shouts she is changing the plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. Tracy is horrified. Alexis tells her to look on the bright side – Lucy won’t go to jail. Carly arrives with a new do and a red dress for the arraignment. Diane instructs Todd to plead not guilty and say nothing else. He pleads but then continues - the person who did those things is not him.

    Land Of The Living.

    Wednesday, January 16 2013

    Mac and Felicia enjoy French toast at Kelly’s. She can’t wait to see Lucy. Shawn overhears and tells them about Lucy’s attempt to murder John. Alexis confirms with the latest edition of the Sun – "CoeCoe goes Cuckoo." Felicia leaves to hear her side of the story. Mac and Alexis discuss Lucy and decide she needs some help. Alexis knows just the person and leaves a message for Kevin Collins.

    In her cell, Lucy has flashbacks of her time with Caleb. Duke hears her screaming and goes to her. She thinks he is Joshua Temple, Caleb’s assistant. Felicia arrives and she and Duke have a sweet reunion. Lucy is assured by Felicia that he is really Duke. Lucy never told Felicia before about the vampires because she didn’t want to worry her. She begs them to believe her and get her out of there. Duke pulls Felicia aside and tells her he will not go to the arraignment and Lucy begs him to go to hunt down Caleb instead. Soon, Alexis arrives as her lawyer. Outside, Anna stops Tracy from seeing Lucy.

    Nurses Have Balls?

    Tuesday, December 04 2012

    Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and tries to stop her from going to the hospital. She is concerned about her heart transplant but is also worried that Maxie will not be able to walk away from a baby she carries for nine months. She knows this is a big deal but it feels right. She realizes she is late meeting Lulu and Felicia offers to drive her. She is worried but she will stand by her.

    Baby Mama Here We Come.

    Tuesday, November 27 2012

    Felicia visits Anna at work with takeout and asks about her men. Anna is confused about Duke. Things were headed to the bedroom but when he kisses her it doesn’t feel the way she thought it would. She is called away and runs into Mac in the hallway. She is shocked to see he has Faison’s file. He covers that he is just now returning it from the water crisis. Anna doesn’t ever want to see that file again.

    At Kelly’s Maxie orders a high-calorie meal. Felicia arrives and asks what is wrong.

    Are You Sure About That?

    Thursday, November 01 2012

    At Kelly's Maxie thanks Spinelli for her birthday gift and they compliment each other's Halloween costumes, her as the goddess Aphrodite and Spinelli as human anatomy. Ellie walks in in a DNA costume and they leave with Felicia and Mac to go to the Haunted Star Halloween party.

    AJ, disguised as the Grim Reaper walks around the Haunted Star Halloween party determined to find his son. Nearby, Tracy confronts Luke about investigating Duke. Luke says in costume and hidden they will discover the fake's fatal flaw. While Duke tends bar, Luke overhears Anna say that she turned Luke down to go to the party with him. Dressed as vampires, Starr and Michael dance when they are stopped by the Grim Reaper. Michael asks, "Who are you?" but gets no answer. Starr laughingly tries to distract him as the Reaper walks away without speaking and violently bumps into Tracy. He tells her he knows who she is. When Tracy says she knows that voice, the Grim Reaper warns her to be very afraid. Patrick introduces Brit to Anna and Anna's face falls. She’s upset he’s dating so soon after Robin but later assures him it’s fine and apologies to Brit. Outside, Michael and Starr confess to each other that they are ready for the next step in their relationship – sex – but Michael doesn't have protection. They kiss as a hidden Grim Reaper looks on. Luke continues to eavesdrop as Anna tells Felicia she would choose Luke if he wasn't always trying to spy on her and raises her voice as she catches Luke in costume. In another area, Partick and Brit kiss and he turns down her invitation to stay overnight. He needs to be there for Emma in the morning. As Maxie opens her birthday gift from Lulu, they talk about Maxie wanting to break up Ellie and Spinelli. Maxie leaves to search for Spinelli. Later, Ellie pushes Maxie to talk to Spinelli and tells Lulu she wants Maxie to be happy. Lulu dryly says to be careful what you wish for. Maxie confronts Spinelli on his non-reaction to her break-up with Matt. He tells her he never thought Matt was the right man for her. She pointedly asks him, "Then, who is the right man for me?" The Grim Reaper interrupts. Later Maxie rambles to Lulu about making sure Spinelli knows she is available. At a separate table, Ellie and Spinelli tell each other they are perfect for each other, but when she leaves Spinelli is caught staring at Maxie. Luke and Tracy meet over the food table to discuss the night's investigation of Duke. He confesses that Anna found him out and tells Tracy that Duke has blinded her. Outside, Starr agrees to meet Michael at the apartment and leaves. As Michael tries to leave, the Grim Reaper steps in his way, takes off his mask and stuns Michael.

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