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    General Hospital CAST - Felicia Jones Scorpio

    Full detailed profile on Felicia Jones Scorpio Played by Kristina Wagner on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristina Wagner (ABC)
    Felicia Jones Scorpio

    Actor: Kristina Wagner

    Who played Felicia Jones Scorpio over the years

    Kristina Wagner (1984 - 2003; 2004-2005; December 2007 - January 22, 2008; returned 2013.)
    Sandra Ferguson (2005)

    Useful information on Felicia Jones Scorpio

    *She first came to Port Charles as an Aztec princess in search of a ring.
    *The love of her life is the father of her two daughters, Frisco Jones.
    *He tried to settle down and be a husband and father, but his passion working for the WSB (World Service Bureau) as a spy.
    *Felicia later married Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio.
    *Her grandmother in Texas became ill and Felicia left her daughters (Maxi and Georgie) in Mac's care and went to live with her.
    *She returned to town in 2007 to attend Georgie's funeral and help to find her killer. She revealed that she has been working with Frisco at the WSB for the past few years.
    *Returned to Port Charles in 2013 to support daughter Maxie during a surrogate pregnancy. After, she remarried her ex-husband Mac Scorpio.


    Current: Assistant/Barmaid for the "Floating Rib"
    Past: A spy for the World Service Bureau
    Past: Host for Mac's restaurant "The Outback"
    Past: Author. She wrote Lila Quartermaine's Memoir.
    Past: Managed Duke Lavary's night club


    When Felicia first came onto the scene, she was dressed a boy and breaking into Frisco's apartment in search of an Aztec ring. Frisco was enchanted by her and decided to help her find her family treasure. They were married in 1986 and he was called to duty at the spy organization, the WSB. When he was reported as dead, Felica relucantly moved on and married Colton Shore, but the ceremony was declared invalid because Frisco showed up on the wedding day! They remarried in 1990 and had their first daughter, Maxie.

    Frisco couldn't stand the domestic life and went back to work for the WSB, which lead to their divorce. Felicia was all set to marry him when Maxie developed a fatal heart condition and needed a transplant to survive. Mac was able to find Frisco and he came back to town. Maxie's cousin B.J. (Bobbie and Tony Jones' daughter) died and her heart was ultimately used for the transplant. During all of this Felicia turned to Frisco instead of Mac. Still with itchy feet, Frisco couldn't hack the family life, so he left Felicia once again. This time, she was pregnant with Georige.

    Felicia and her girls rented a room from Bobbie's brownstone and life went on. Felicia was involved with fellow tenant, Tom Hardy, until she thought he was stalking her. The stalker turned out to be Dr. Kevin Collins, however, who eventually came out of his mental illness and became her friend.

    Felicia and Mac had remained friends and ended up rekindling their romance. They married and had a seemingly normal life for a while. Felicia had an adventurous streak that couldn't be satisfied by writing Lila Quartermaine's memoir. The work did provide her with Luke Spencer, who helped her solve a mystery in Lila's past. Poor Mac, she ended up falling for Luke.

    One of Luke's enemies, Cesar Faison, kidnapped Felicia in 2000. Luke rescued her and they almost made love, but Mac arrived just in time. He took his family away to a dude ranch to try to heal the wounds and it worked. For a while. She ended up meeting Luke in a hotel room and having a one-night stand. That same night Luke was framed in a murder case and Felicia was his only alibi. So, she had to admit to the liason in court, which finally ended her marriage to Mac.

    Georgie and Maxi were growing up by this time and very disillusioned with their mother. At this point, Felicia went back to Texas to care for her grandmother and let Mac take care of her girls for her. About a year later, Lila Q. died and named Felicia as the executor of her estate. The Quartermaine family was so devious in their attempts to persuade Felicia that she gave the bulk of the estate to Justice Ward.

    Ultimately, Felicia went back to Texas and seemingly remained there until she got word that Georgie had been killed. She returned to Port Charles to face an angry Maxie and confessed that she has been working undercover with Frisco at the WSB, but then left town again.

    Felicia returned in 2012 after Maxie confessed to killing Lisa Niles and again in 2013 when Maxie became a surrogate for Dante and Lulu Falconeri. Upon her return, she and Mac rekindled what they once had. After a brief distraction with Frisco Jones who returned to compete for her affections, she and Mac remarried at the Floating Rib. Surrounded by their family and closest friends, the event was interrupted by Richard Simmons who came to ask Lucy Coe's forgiveness for the trouble he caused at the Nurses' Ball. Felicia offered forgiveness and all followed suite before Lucy Coe married the happy couple.

    Felicia currently supports Maxie who had lost a custody battle for her baby, Connie, and assists Mac in running the Floating Rib bar.


    Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio (Divorced/Remarried)
    Frisco Jones (Divorced)
    Colton Shore (Invalid)


    Roy DiLucca (Dated)
    Tom Hardy (Dated)
    Peter Harrell
    Luke Spencer (One-night stand)


    Maria Cummings (Maternal Grandmother)
    Connie Jones-Spinelli (Granddaughter)


    Maria Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones (Daughter, with Frisco)
    Georgianna "Georgie" Jones (Deceased daughter, with Frisco)


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    Wednesday, July 23 2014: GH Recap: That’s Intense.

    At The Floating Rib, Lucy tells Felicia about Bobbie and Scott. Felicia can’t take sides since she’s friends with both Bobbie and Lucy, but urges Lucy to follow her heart and go fight for Scott. Lucy marches off, determined to get her man.

    Tuesday, July 22 2014: GH Recap: I Got Here First.

    At The Floating Rib, Maxie tells Mac, Felicia and Nathan that she’s marrying Levi and Nathan accuses them of doing it to avoid Levi’s deportation. He wonders what Levi said to make her propose – that he would be shot on the tarmac? Maxie lies that it was intimate and beautiful, and Levi not being deported is just a plus. Mac warns her immigration will investigate, especially after her marriage to keep Matt out of jail. Nathan pulls Maxie aside and tells her she can get in a lot of trouble for fraud. Maxie is marrying Levi anyway. Nathan wants to know in Maxie’s heart if this is what she wants and she assures him it is. Meanwhile, Levi asks Mac and Felicia for their blessing. Mac refuses and doesn’t appreciate Levi cornering them to give him an answer in front of Maxie. Maxie hoped for their support, but it won’t stop them from getting married. Nathan looks like his puppy ran away.

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