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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Leo Julian - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Leo Julian Played by Dominic Rains on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dominic Rains (ABC)

    Birthday: March 1 1982
    Birthplace: Tehran, Iran
    Marital Status: Unknown
    Real Name: Dominic Rains
    Height: 6'


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    It's DIEGO!

    Friday, February 22 2008

    Dr. Leo comes into Kate's room and Sonny tells him that she is going in and out of consciousness. Dr. Leo asks him to leave so he can do an assessment. Sonny meets Jason in the hall and learns that Michael is missing. Sonny says that they need to wait to be notified by the Zaccharas with a ransom demand. He says that he thinks Claudia is the worst of the bunch and likely shot Kate. Jason doesn't get why he'd make that assumption. "Let's just say she doesn't take rejection very well," Sonny tells Jason.

    New Lovers!

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    Outside of Kate's OR, Sonny is holding Trevor at gunpoint. He promises to kill him and all of the Zacchara's if Kate doesn't make it. Just then, Dr. Leo comes out and tells them that Kate has a bullet lodged between her heart and her lung and has a fight ahead of her. Jax, who has walked up in time to hear about Kate's condition, tells Sonny to let Trevor go and go spend time with Kate. Sonny threatens to kill Trevor and Trevor asks Jax if he witnessed the threat. Jax assures Trevor that if he shot Kate, he'll be happy to witness as Sonny kills him.

    The ER is Busy Today!

    Tuesday, February 19 2008

    In the OR, Leo is losing ground as Kate's blood pressure is bottoming out. They hustle until they find the bleeder and seal it up. But then there's another one and she flat lines.

    Somebody's Watching...

    Wednesday, February 13 2008

    Patrick walks over to Robin at the nurse's station and asks about the sperm donor. They are interrupted by an orderly who has found Epiphany, unconscious, in the locker room. Dr. Leo checks her out and suggests surgery but Epiphany won't listen. She tells everyone to get out but the orderly interrupts, telling Epiphany to listen to her doctors. Dr. Leo and the rest of the staff return to wish Epiphany well in her surgery. She continues her gruff ways, telling them all to get back to work.

    Tension. Sexual and Otherwise.

    Thursday, January 24 2008

    Liz is having nightmares about the fire. Finally, she jerks awake and gets out of her hospital bed. Soon, Leo and Robin escort her back and tell her not to split open her stitches. They discuss her sleeplessness and soon Leo leaves. Once Robin and Liz are alone, Robin announces that she's pregnant. Liz excitedly asks if Robin finally found someone to donate sperm. Robin says that she slept with Patrick, but she doesn't think she should ever tell him about the baby. Liz says that the truth has a way of coming out and suggests that Robin tell him right away.

    Patrick runs into Leyla and she informs him that their little tryst got her suspended! Patrick asks how Dr. Ford even found out about it and she says that he probably followed the trail of evidence. Just then Leo brings Patrick some scrubs bottoms that he found on the third floor and calls him "Dr. Feel Good." Epiphany breaks up the crowd, and then Jason comes and asks her how Elizabeth is. She says that if a family member were to ask that question, she would tell them that Elizabeth needs something to keep her mind at rest.

    Leo finds Patrick at the nurses' desk and says that he's thinking about asking Elizabeth out for a drink. Patrick says that she's a mother of two. He rants that it wouldn't be out for drinks at all - it would be tripping over toys and chicken in a bucket. Leo chaffs at Patrick's tone and says that's just the bachelor in him talking. Patrick is indignant as he says that he never intends to find out otherwise! Robin has overheard the whole exchange.

    Mac Questions Coop.

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    Down the hall, Dr. Leo is consulting with Liz. She asks him if it's January 22 and then asks for some paper and a pencil. Carly barges in and says that it is indeed Jason's birthday. Leo leaves, and Carly tells Liz that her "first bastard son likes to play with matches" and she might have her declared an unfit mother. Before they can get too heated, Jax shows up and tells Liz that he's glad she and Jake will be okay. Then he tells Liz that he knows about Jake, but assures her that it will go no further. Carly says they need to go and plan Jason's birthday party.

    Sadness is in the air.

    Monday, January 21 2008

    Elizabeth has been transferred to a room and she doesn't understand why. Dr. Leo comes in and says that Jake is ready to go home, but she's not. He says that she crawled through broken glass and has to be careful not to open her stitches. Then he tells her that Jake's father can pick up his son and care for him for a few days. Soon, Lucky shows up with Jake and Liz says that she has a favor to ask. She says that Gram has offered to take the boys, but…before she can finish, Lucky speaks up. "It's okay they're my sons," Lucky says he'll take a few days off and take care of them.

    At GH, Leo and Patrick are in the locker room (and don't know that Robin is, too.) Patrick tells Leo about his recent tryst with Leyla and how confusing it was to him. Leo says that if he's not getting back with Robin what's the problem? He adds that it's a good thing he ran HIV tests after the broken condom incident a few weeks ago. Patrick says that now that he knows he wasn't infected, he and Robin don't have to have an awkward conversation. He says that Robin will go to a sperm bank, get pregnant and that will be the nail in their coffin. Robin promptly finds Kelly and says that the guy she was with was tested and isn't HIV positive. Then she asks Kelly to keep her pregnancy a secret.

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