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    General Hospital CAST - Anthony Zacchara (deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anthony Zacchara (deceased) Played by Bruce Weitz on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bruce Weitz (ABC)

    Birthday: May 27 1943
    Birthplace: Norwalk, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married to Vivian Davis, 1 child
    Real Name: Bruce Weitz


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    Two Toxic Junkies.

    Thursday, October 13 2011

    In her hospital room, Lisa asks Anthony why he couldn't have left her alone. Anthony thinks she should be happy to be alive. He calls her plan that landed her in a coma flawed, but says she has a chance to do it better this time. All Lisa can see is that she has no career and will face criminal charges. Anthony wants to use her to get back at the people who've wronged him. He thinks they both can win, but she's not sure she wants to play. Before leaving, he warns Lisa that he woke her up and can put her back to sleep. A nurse comes in to check on Lisa, who knocks the nurse out with her food tray. Lisa puts the nurse in her place in the bed, changes clothes and sneaks out of her room.

    To My Wife And Her New Toy.

    Wednesday, October 12 2011

    Anthony prepares a room at the Metro Court with champagne, chocolates and flower petals. Tracy arrives but insists she's not staying. Anthony reminds her of their deal, but Tracy points out she was coerced. She declares he won't be touching her, but Anthony thinks her presence there tells him otherwise. Luke shows up assuming Tracy is getting her needs filled by the mobster. Tracy denies it, but Luke pours Tracy and Anthony a glass of bubbly. He toasts with a celery stick to his wife and her new toy. Tracy wonders why Luke is there. He hands her divorce papers. Tracy is stunned, but assumes he just wants her money. Luke corrects her, pointing out he isn't asking for spousal support. She asks Anthony to leave them alone. Despite it being his hotel room, Anthony complies. Tracy wants to know what Luke's angle is, but he assures her there isn't one. Tracy thinks he just wants to be free of her and his family. He counters they just need to get on with their own lives. Tracy doesn't buy it.

    Catatonia Got Your Tongue?

    Tuesday, October 11 2011

    Johnny and Anthony meet up on the street after Anthony learns Lisa is awake. Anthony takes his son to task for botching the drug plant at the warehouse. Anthony then leaves to see a lady. He thinks Johnny should meet her because she's his type. Ronnie comes upon Johnny, who makes a call to check on Dante. Ronnie assures him Dante is fine and will come after whoever shot him guns blazing.

    Patrick looks in on Lisa in her hospital room. He is relieved to see her incapacitated so she can't be a threat to his family. He regrets ever getting involved with her. He says karma is a bitch and he will never look at her face again. He leaves as Lisa opens her eyes. Anthony is next to visit Lisa. He tells her they have some catching up to do. She remains silent. He asks, "What's the matter? Catatonia got your tongue?" He knows she will need some time to get used to her new reality, but she shouldn't take too long because they have people to put in their place. He leaves and Lisa rips up her blankets.

    Would You Sleep With Me?

    Wednesday, October 05 2011

    After Johnny tries to track Skye down over the phone in his penthouse, he has words with his father about Dante's shooting. Anthony later reveals that he has a swanky suite prepared and advises Johnny that life's balance is best achieved with a good woman.

    Tracy is none too pleased to see Luke at the spa. He declares he quit drinking, but she finds his flask on him. He promises that he only carries it around as a test, but he hasn't had a drop in weeks. Tracy takes him to task for how he's treated his family and that his being sober is too little too late. He has done some soul searching and he's ready to deal with things, but he needs some wifely support. She informs him that department is closed and there's no money available either. Tracy tells him their marriage is over. Luke thinks it's a lot of tough talk, but he still knows her sweet spot. Tracy denies it, but tears up after he leaves. Anthony shows up and Tracy tells him Luke is home. She can't risk Luke thinking she's cheating on him, so their deal is off. Anthony counters that the price of his silence is still a night with her. Luke listens in and slyly smiles.

    You Want A Cookie?

    Tuesday, October 04 2011

    Tracy tries to relax at the spa, but learns her usual therapist is out so she will be getting a relatively new one. The masseuse walks in, but Tracy won't let her touch her when she discovers it's Alice. Tracy calls it unseemly. After Alice has left, Anthony enters because he can't relax in the next room over Tracy's yelling. He brings up Gino, as Tracy starts to leave. Anthony warns her he's not going to be playing so nice with her anymore. After Tracy gets rid of Anthony, Luke is next to arrive an annoy her.

    Odd Woman Out.

    Wednesday, September 28 2011

    At the penthouse, Anthony hears Johnny on a call and asks who he was speaking with. Johnny evades the question and Anthony lectures his son about learning to adapt. Johnny should be nice to his old man. He’s the only one who knows his secret. Anthony suggests Johnny take care of Dante before he wakes up and talks. Johnny doesn’t like it but Anthony thinks it’s a gift. Johnny thinks there’s only one way to fix what his father has done.

    Epic Fail.

    Tuesday, September 27 2011

    At the penthouse, Johnny is lecturing his father for starting another mob war. Anthony tells him to stop worrying so much because he knows what he's doing. His son gets a call and tells his dad they are screwed because he shot Dante.

    A Victimless Wedding.

    Monday, September 26 2011

    Dante walks into the warehouse. Anthony lurks with his gun drawn. A shot goes off and the cop is hit. He lies on the floor bleeding. He tries calling Lulu but can't get through.

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