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    General Hospital CAST - Anthony Zacchara (deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anthony Zacchara (deceased) Played by Bruce Weitz on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bruce Weitz (ABC)

    Birthday: May 27 1943
    Birthplace: Norwalk, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married to Vivian Davis, 1 child
    Real Name: Bruce Weitz


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    Grandmother Sounds So Old.

    Thursday, January 26 2012

    As Sonny orders flowers on the phone in his office, Anthony walks in. The men share tense words about Sonny revealing Johnny's true parentage. Anthony warns, since Sonny hurt his kid, he'll hurt one of his. Sonny retorts some threats of his own. After Anthony leaves, Sonny tells Max it's time to take back what's his.

    Still at the penthouse, a distraught Johnny screams as he smashes Anthony's potted orchid plants. Anthony enters to face a bitter and drunk Johnny. He discovers his busted up plants. He can't believe this is how he decided to get even for Claudia. Johnny spits out they aren't even close to even.

    Tragically Flawed.

    Wednesday, January 25 2012

    Johnny angrily shows Anthony his real birth certificate at the penthouse. Anthony plays dumb, but Johnny orders Anthony to be a man and own up to the truth. He grabs his father demanding to know how old Claudia was when he started pimping her out. Anthony admits he used Claudia as bait to get dirt on Gino. He swears it wasn't supposed to go that far. He calls Claudia tragically flawed and declares her life couldn’t have ended any other way than her getting killed. Johnny tears up as he yells out that Claudia was his mother, but he never knew it. Anthony knew Claudia couldn’t handle being a mother and that's why he sent her away. Gino agreed to a big payoff to keep quiet about it. Anthony was going to kill Gino and take his money, but Tracy beat him to it. Anthony calls Johnny a miracle he never expected. The heir he always wanted. Johnny doesn't believe him, accusing him of hating him. Anthony assures him he loves him no matter what. Everything he built is for him. Johnny spits out if he ever sees him again, he'll kill him. It doesn’t change anything for Anthony because everything is Johnny's. Anthony leaves, as Johnny tries to fight back the tears.

    A Little Wine With Lunch.

    Tuesday, January 24 2012

    In a Metro Court hotel room, Tracy and Anthony bicker, as Luke knocks on the door with breakfast. He informs them he is their neighbor. Anthony tries to get rid of him, but Tracy plays along. She asks if Luke is there to tell her their divorce was never finalized. Luke says it is official so she is really married to the mob boss. She then takes pity on Luke and thinks he should stay if he has no nowhere else to go. Anthony says he will go get his things from Johnny's and they can move into the Q mansion. Once Anthony has left, Luke and Tracy reminisce and talk about regret. Tracy wonders how she got herself into this mess. Luke has a feeling all of this will turn out fine.

    You're Still A Zacchara.

    Monday, January 23 2012

    Tracy is thrilled to see Luke at her wedding to Anthony, but her jaw drops when she learns he's not there to stop the proceedings. Anthony orders the minister to start things, but Tracy says she can't do it because she needs tradition. Maxie tries to help by giving her something old and suggests Luke be the best man, since she can step in as the maid of honor. Luke readily agrees and helps move things along until Tracy and Anthony are declared man and wife. Annoyed at Luke, Tracy makes a show of kissing Anthony. As they take photos, Anthony reminds Tracy, "What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine." Tracy's face falls.

    Off His Sexual Radar.

    Friday, January 20 2012

    Anthony finds Tracy having a drink at the boat bar. He reminds her they are getting married in less than an hour. Not to worry though, he's called in the cavalry for help. Maxie enters and Anthony leaves the women to chat. Tracy tries to wrestle Maxie's phone from her so she can get off the boat. Anthony returns to announce both of them will be in serious trouble if they leave. Maxie and Tracy realize he is blackmailing both of them. Once Tracy changes, she and Anthony stand in front of the minister, as Luke shows up.

    No Time For Alterations.

    Thursday, January 19 2012

    On the boat, Anthony gives Tracy a surprise: her wedding dress. He hopes it fits because there is no time for alterations. They are getting married today. Tracy tries to leave, but a goon stops her. The goon turns out to be a pal of Anthony's from the joint who is now a minister.

    You Owe Me.

    Tuesday, January 17 2012

    Tracy angrily confronts Anthony on a boat for kidnapping her. He informs her they are getting married and a debate ensues. Tracy tells him she hates him, but he thinks that is perfect because now they can get married with all the cards on the table.

    Holding Out For The Right Thing.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    Maxie and Anthony work on the wedding at his place. Tracy stops by and tells Anthony there won't be a wedding after Maxie leaves. When Anthony rejects this, she starts sneezing and says she's sick and doesn't want to start their marriage off this way. Since he's superstitious, Anthony agrees, but says they'll just postpone it. Tracy leaves exasperated, as Anthony hums the wedding march to himself and makes a slicing motion across his throat. Later, someone throws a black hood over Tracy's head.


    Tuesday, January 10 2012

    Lulu comes upon Maxie outside their apartment. Maxie fears someone is following her, but Lulu pooh-poohs her concerns. The women start doing yoga in their heels as they discuss Maxie's roommate possibilities, namely Spinelli and Matt. Maxie gets a call from Anthony. Maxie doesn't let on who she's talking to in front of Lulu, as Anthony relays wedding instructions and threats. Maxie hangs up and helps Lulu, who gets stuck in a yoga pose.

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