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    General Hospital CAST - Anthony Zacchara (deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anthony Zacchara (deceased) Played by Bruce Weitz on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bruce Weitz (ABC)

    Birthday: May 27 1943
    Birthplace: Norwalk, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married to Vivian Davis, 1 child
    Real Name: Bruce Weitz


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    Bring Him!

    Friday, February 24 2012

    Sonny shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and pulls a gun on Anthony. Zacchara urges him to kill him – right in front of his wife because she will testify against him and send him to prison. Sonny isn't so sure Tracy would do that. Tracy talks Sonny down. Sonny lowers his gun and says this could have been the answer to all her problems. Tracy orders Sonny out. After he leaves, a stunned Anthony asks Tracy why she took such a big chance for him. She didn’t want to have to explain the blood stains to Monica. She still wants him out of her life though. Anthony announces he's heading to the airport, but won't tell her where he's going. He fully intends on repaying her kindness though. She asks for a divorce. He laughs it off.

    Starr, Cole and Hope drive from the airport on their way back from Los Angeles. They note the Llanview airport was closed. Starr wonders what Port Charles is like, as they drive through. Cole hopes no one recognizes him and mentions they're only returning because of what's happening with her father Todd. Cole brings up getting married, but Starr doesn't know how that would work since he's supposed to be dead. Cole got a second chance and he doesn’t want to waste it. He wants them to be husband and wife. Starr doesn’t know what to say. Cole suggests she say yes. As they debate it, Anthony drives and thinks Sonny is following him. He loses control, as Starr and Cole scream as they start to swerve.


    Thursday, February 23 2012

    Tracy and Anthony return to the mansion and tell Edward someone tried to kill Sonny at the benefit. Anthony steps out to take a call from Johnny, as Edward and Tracy debate whether or not Anthony was the one to shoot at Sonny. Meanwhile, Johnny warns Anthony on the phone that Sonny knows he shot Dante at the warehouse. Anthony returns to Edward and Tracy. After Edward makes his exit, Anthony tells Tracy Sonny wants him dead. Tracy wants him out of the house before Sonny puts all of them in danger. Sonny walks in and says, "Too late."

    She's Gone.

    Tuesday, February 21 2012

    Anthony returns to the Metro Court restaurant. Tracy asks where the hell he's been. Anthony explains he was looking for Johnny. Tracy asks if he was in the parking garage because Sonny was shot there. Steve and Kate return and Steve fills in Olivia. In shock, Kate calmly insists she's fine, but Olivia worries about her cousin. Kate freaks out, knocks over some tables and leaves. Olivia is left baffled and more concerned. Anthony thinks Kate's behavior could mean she shot Sonny. Tracy doesn’t think she has motive, but Johnny does. Anthony insists his grandson didn't do it.


    Friday, February 17 2012

    At the benefit, Matt runs into Liz who is supposed to meet Ewen. Matt drinks and remains disdainful of the psychiatrist. Liz reminds Matt what happened on the party boat when he drank too much. Matt doesn’t think them almost kissing would be such a bad thing. Matt follows Liz out to the lobby as Liz tries to track down a missing Ewen. They talk about Maxie, as she appears and gets into it with them. Back inside the party, Shawn talks to Carly about TJ. She looks at Johnny as she says, with a little support anyone can change their life. At the same time, Maggie and Steve enter. They tell Olivia Maggie's date got held up. Meanwhile, Tracy arrives with Anthony, and Alexis sees Diane and Mac on a date together. Max takes note of Diane as well. Kate calls for the room's attention, but Carly interrupts her speech welcoming everyone. Sonny then makes his own speech about Dante getting shot and how GH saved his life. He wants other parents to receive the same miracle. He announces that the benefit is in Dante's honor. A drunk Johnny offers to donate $3 million dollars and he doesn't even like Dante. Sonny won't take his money and the men argue. Sonny won't let Johnny ruin his night and outs the truth about Johnny's parentage to the whole room. Johnny leaves, as a fuming Anthony threatens Sonny. When Sonny tries to talk to Kate, she recoils from his touch. Olivia and Dante lash out at Sonny for his behavior. Kate walks up to him, but Sonny brushes her off because he can't talk right now. Kate vents to Olivia about how stupid she was to think she could make it work with him.

    I Have Faith In Your Future.

    Wednesday, February 15 2012

    Johnny confronts Anthony at the club, who's dining with his goon Lenard. He warns them both to stay out of his business and life. After Lenard leaves, Anthony wonders what Johnny has going with Dr. Webber. Johnny dismisses his inquiry and wishes he would've had his real father around. Anthony claims he cared for Johnny the best he could. One day he'll understand he only wants Johnny to be successful. Johnny vows to move on. Anthony hopes it's not with Carly. Sonny's a possessive bastard. John could be walking into trouble. He doesn't want his 'Grandpa's' concern. Anthony gives him a tip about a shipment then leaves. Olivia appears. She can tell Johnny's about to make a mistake and warns him against it. Olivia cares about him and begs Johnny to take care of himself. Later, Johnny calls and orders a shipment to be turned around and sent east.

    Outside, Maxie admits to Matt that she's not sorry for turning Liz in. She's the one person who made Lucky feel the guiltiest. Matt feels Liz took the meds to help Lucky. Maxie thinks Matt's in denial and warns if Lucky returns, Liz will turn away from Matt in a heartbeat. What Maxie did doesn't make her a bad person. Matt thinks otherwise and calls Maxie a hypocrite. She might be but so is Liz. The only difference is Matt always gives Liz the benefit of the doubt and only criticizes her. Matt demands Maxie stop making their problems about Liz. Maxie finally admits they don't work well or understand each other. She refuses to continue pretending they do. Matt claims he tried to pretend too, more than she will ever know. Matt walks away. Anthony appears. Maxie vows never to ask him for another favor.

    The Options Are Endless.

    Thursday, February 09 2012

    Anthony finds Johnny drinking on the pier. Johnny wants nothing to do with Anthony and threatens to turn him in for shooting Dante. Anthony brings up Claudia's name, inciting more rage in Johnny. He grabs his father and threatens to throw him in the river, as Carly walks by and yells for him to stop. Anthony walks away as Johnny finds Carly's divorce papers that fell out of her pocket. She grabs them back and steers the conversation back to Johnny's issues with Anthony. She knows he's nothing like Anthony because he has a soul. Johnny wonders why she cares. Carly just does.

    Spinelli meets Maxie at Kelly's dressed for snowboarding. He says them having fun on the slopes is all part of the plan to make Matt jealous. He assures her a FOS will be taking photos and posting them on social networking sites for Matt to see. Maxie knows her plan isn't working and vents about Liz needing to find her own man. She thinks her next plan should be to push Liz and Ewen together and runs off. Anthony enters and Spinelli tells him he should call his guard off Maxie because he is living with her now and can protect her. Anthony laughs at the notion. Anthony says he cares about Maxie's well being, which surprises Spinelli. Anthony suggests he focus on more pertinent matters like the plus minus ratio of the Sabres game.

    That Character Isn't In The Book.

    Tuesday, January 31 2012

    From her office, Tracy makes a call for an extended stay at the Metro Court, but learns Anthony's card has been declined. Anthony walks in and Tracy tells him she won't stay in the boat house so she needs another credit card from him. Johnny shows up and informs Tracy Anthony is broke because he cut him off. He also tells Tracy who his real parents are and that he is staking his claim to the money Gino left behind. Tracy stalks off as Anthony warns his son about going up against the Soleito family.

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