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    General Hospital CAST - Anthony Zacchara (deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anthony Zacchara (deceased) Played by Bruce Weitz on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bruce Weitz (ABC)

    Birthday: May 27 1943
    Birthplace: Norwalk, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married to Vivian Davis, 1 child
    Real Name: Bruce Weitz


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    Sleeping With The Enemy.

    Thursday, March 29 2012

    In his cell, Anthony giddily assures his wife he's getting out of there. He asks to use her phone, but Tracy won't let him until he signs the divorce papers. He warns that he will get out of there and when he does, she won't want things to get ugly. A cop enters before Anthony can grab the phone and leads him away.

    Maxie continues to insist she's guilty of Lisa and Officer Briggs' murder at the station, as Matt, Mac, Alexis and Spinelli try to convince her to change her statement. Maxie says she can prove it and gives Mac a number to call. Mac returns after calling the number and a man is brought in. The man confesses to writing Officer Briggs' confession/suicide letter and points to Maxie when asked who paid him. The forger leaves and Mac releases Anthony. Mac is left with no choice but to arrest Maxie.

    Don't Look So Surprised Cookie.

    Wednesday, March 28 2012

    Maxie wakes up in jail and is shocked to see Anthony Zacchara across the way. He says, "Don't look so surprised Cookie. You're the one who put me here." As they discuss the charges against both of them, Maxie asks Anthony to tell the cops he saw her kill Dr. Niles. Anthony wonders why she would want him to. Maxie explains that if they won't lock her up for Robin, she'll go away for Lisa. Anthony says she can do what she wants, but warns her not to point any fingers in his direction. They make a deal and then Mac arrives to talk with Maxie privately. Tracy shows up and tells Anthony she will bail him out if he signs divorce papers. When he balks, Tracy says he doesn’t have any room to negotiate. Anthony counters that he will be out very soon.

    My Wife's In A Box?

    Monday, March 26 2012

    In the interrogation room, Dante questions Anthony about fleeing the site of his accident with Starr. Anthony recounts the events of that night and then tells Dante he wants police protection from Sonny. Dante wonders if he has proof Sonny shot out his tires. When Anthony tries to leave, Dante arrests him for the murder Maxie implicated him in.

    Thank You. I Have The Internet.

    Friday, March 23 2012

    At Johnny's, he and Olivia debate what Steve did in Memphis, as well as Anthony being on the run. Olivia wants him to back off Steve. When he says it's not her call, she yells at him not to push her or else she will turn him in. She storms out and Johnny tells his grandfather he's more trouble than he's worth. Anthony leaves to help Johnny out of this mess.

    Bad Timing.

    Thursday, March 22 2012

    Anthony sees the news about Maxie's arrest at home and Johnny questions his father's concern. He demands to know what he's holding over Maxie as Olivia knocks on the door. Johnny hides Anthony, but she knows the old man is there. Dante is next to arrive looking for Anthony so he can help clear up Maxie's statements. Johnny doesn't know where Anthony is. Olivia thinks he's at the Quartermaines. Dante leaves and Olivia agrees to keep quiet about Anthony if Johnny keeps quiet about Steve.

    It's Been A Long Time McBain.

    Tuesday, March 13 2012

    Tracy shows up at the Zacchara penthouse looking for Johnny and is surprised to find Anthony. They discuss the accident and how Anthony worries about Sonny trying to finish him off. Tracy wants Anthony gone so she starts calling Sonny to point him in his direction. Anthony taunts that if he ends up dead, the cops will find the paper trail he left regarding her shady financial dealings. Olivia shows up and overhears Tracy and Anthony discussing their situation in the hallway. She leaves before they see her.

    I Don't Have Time To Kick Your Scrawny Butt.

    Thursday, March 08 2012

    At Johnny's, Anthony rambles about the possibility of Sonny seeing Johnny with Kate. If they catch Sonny off guard, they can take him down. Johnny doesn't want to take advantage of Kate's mental instability. Anthony warns they need to hit Sonny where it hurts before he hurts them again. Anthony knows Johnny has to be tempted and hides when Carly arrives. She rants about not being allowed to see Jason, who would want to know about Robin's death. Johnny talks Carly down and kisses her after getting the scoop on her leaving the hospital half naked. After Carly leaves, Anthony taunts Johnny about dating a mom who has to leave all the time. He urges him to give Connie a call.

    You Need To Go.

    Tuesday, March 06 2012

    Anthony spies Connie coming on to Johnny at the penthouse. Connie wants Johnny to help her make Sonny jealous, leading him to break up with Kate. Johnny isn't so sure, but Connie tells him this is his chance to make Sonny suffer. Besides, it's not like he's seeing anyone. Even if he was, they'd have a good time getting back at Sonny. She gives him a night to think about it and leaves. Anthony walks out and enthusiastically encourages his son to take Connie up on his offer. Johnny doesn't feel right taking advantage of a woman losing her marbles. Anthony thinks it could be beneficial, but Johnny has his reasons for saying no.

    I'm Looking For My Daughter.

    Friday, March 02 2012

    At Johnny's Carly admits she and Robin didn't get along, but Jason loved her. Johnny doesn't understand Carly's undying loyalty to Jason. He's her best friend, and Carly plans to be there for him. After Carly leaves, Anthony appears and asks for Johnny's help. Johnny doesn't blame Sonny for trying to kill Anthony, who tried to kill his son. Anthony denies taking the shot but knew Sonny was coming for him. It's why he tried to get out of town. He insists to Johnny that Sonny shot out his tires. As Johnny tends to Anthony's wounds, Anthony comments about the others not being so lucky. He thinks back, and how he refused to help Starr, but doesn't let Johnny in on it. Later, after Antony leaves, Kate appears all dolled up and says, "What's the matter, Johnny Boy? Cat got your tongue?"

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