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    General Hospital CAST - Anthony Zacchara (deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anthony Zacchara (deceased) Played by Bruce Weitz on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bruce Weitz (ABC)

    Birthday: May 27 1943
    Birthplace: Norwalk, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married to Vivian Davis, 1 child
    Real Name: Bruce Weitz


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    Surprise! The Truth Sucks.

    Thursday, May 17 2012

    In the boathouse Tracy has fantasies of killing Anthony. He walks in and she tells him they should take a spin on the lake. He declines then decides to sail with her. When they leave she grabs an oar and follows, but Luke grabs her and knocks her down. She tells Luke she was tired of waiting and is taking matters into her own hands. He tells her he wants to help her and if she needs it that bad he will arrange it. Anthony comes back and hears them plotting.

    It’s Billable.

    Monday, May 07 2012

    On the phone at his place, Johnny asks someone to do damage control with Starr. He hangs up and answers the door to Anthony and fills him in on the Starr situation. He really seems to feel sad for Starr. Anthony then tells Johnny that Tracy is trying to kill him and that he saw her talking with Luke, which made him nervous. Johnny tells him she can just divorce him, but Anthony tells him it is not an option and that if she wants out she has to kill him. Starr shows up shaking with the gun. Johnny takes the ammo out and Starr tells him she almost killed Sonny. Anthony wishes she had and Johnny pushes him out. He tells Starr to forget about Sonny and she leaves but runs into Michael and some cops in the hallway.

    Nothing About This Is Okay.

    Friday, April 27 2012

    As Luke and Anna discuss Maxie's trial in their Metro Court room, Tracy calls Luke to tell him she has Anthony handled. Luke knows this is a bad idea and takes off as Anthony prepares to dine on Tracy's meal at the mansion.

    As Anthony is about to take a bite of his food prepared by Tracy at the mansion, Luke rushes in to stop him. Anthony is tired of Luke's jealousy routine and leaves to change. Once he's gone, Luke calls Tracy insane for trying to poison her husband. Tracy calmly and smugly pours herself a drink, as Luke tries to convince her taking a life, even Anthony Zacchara's, is a bad idea.

    Hell Hath No Fury Like Carly Jacks Scorned.

    Thursday, April 26 2012

    Kate runs down the stairs at Johnny's place, cursing Johnny for allowing what Connie wanted to happen. She hopes Johnny rots in hell for what he did to her. She opens the door to leave and Ewan is there. Kate explains to him how Connie took over, and that she woke up in Johnny's apartment. Connie had sex with him to get revenge on Sonny. She argues with Ewan to let her go to Sonny but relents when he warns her that Connie may come back out. He assures her once they get checked in the hospital will deal with Sonny and she goes with him. After they leave Anthony shows up, and Johnny tells him he slept with Sonny's girlfriend. He is starting to regret his actions, not only taking advantage of a mentally unstable woman, but he may have lost Carly forever. Anthony doesn't argue that and Johnny has him leave. He begs for forgiveness on Carly's machine.

    Tracy Needs Anthony to sign some stock options but he sees they are divorces papers and tells her nice try. He has enough evidence to put her away for a long time. She wonders why she saved him, but gives up and Luke walks in. She warns him not to gloat but on his worse day he was not as bad about Anthony and that she prefers jail to life with him. Suddenly she wonders if someone could bump him off. He asks her if she is asking him to kill her husband. She is only stating he has certain resources at his disposal and that he owes her. He tells Tracy something will occur to her, but she says she is out of options. He leaves and she smirks.

    Keeping My Fingers Crossed.

    Friday, April 13 2012

    Spinelli stops Jason before he heads into Sonny's trial. He wonders if Jason has told Sonny about Kate yet. Jason thinks Sonny's got enough going on right now. Spin then asks about Sam's appointment and Jason proudly shows him the sonogram. On the stand, Kate gives her given name: Connie Falconeri, however, it's still Kate testifying. The prosecutor forces her to admit she and Sonny had sex in her office the day the gun was found in her office. Kate gets uncomfortable as he asks if the gun is hers. She says no. When it's her turn, Alexis asks if she saw Sonny with it. Kate says no. Jason enters the room as Anthony appears to testify. Anthony gives his events of the accident and says he saw Sonny driving behind him and shoot out his tires. Alexis pokes holes in his testimony by proving he can't even read her writing on a piece of paper a few feet from him. So how could he see Sonny driving behind him through tinted windows? As Anthony leaves the courtroom, he apologizes to Starr, saying he tried his best. Alexis tells the judge she is calling no witnesses so the defense rests. Closing remarks are made as Jason studies a quietly melting down Kate.

    Tracy's feathers are ruffled upon seeing Luke and Anna at Kelly's. They tell her Heather was there, but assure her she isn't after Edward. Luke declares the bullseye is on his back. They move on to talking about Anthony and Luke tells Tracy he knows the mobster is holding something over her. He asks what it is. Tracy motions she wants Anna to leave, which she does. Alone, Luke implores Tracy to tell him why she can't divorce Anthony. She replies that he will send her to prison and gives him all the details. Anthony shows up and drags Tracy out of the diner because he has a craving for steak, and more, at the mansion.

    Happy Birthday Spanky Buns.

    Monday, April 09 2012

    Tracy excitedly walks downstairs to the main room in the Q mansion hoping someone has remembered her birthday. Alas, Monica doesn't care and Alice tells her cook has the day off so no cake for her. She can't believe no one remembered her birthday, not even her kids or father. Alice returns and says, "Someone did," as Luke appears with a flower box. She is touched he remembered, but her smile fades when she opens the box to find a riding crop. Anthony then shows up with a bunch of bags. He went shopping on her credit card to celebrate his release from jail. Starr shows up looking for Anthony. They talk privately and he reiterates Sonny was the one who shot out his tires. He saw him do it. Meanwhile, Luke tries to explain to Tracy his gift was from the heart because he tracked down what happened to her childhood horse Skittles that was given away and got her the horses' son, which is out back. Tracy can't believe he got her a pony for her birthday.

    All About Johnny.

    Friday, March 30 2012

    Johnny returns home to find Anthony, who updates his grandson on his time at the station. He assures him he's free, so Olivia doesn't have anything over him anymore. Anthony urges him to go after Kate to get at Sonny. Johnny won't do it, declaring he and Carly are becoming something real. Kate/Connie will have to find her own way to deal with Sonny.

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