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    General Hospital CAST - David Harper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Harper Played by Jay Pickett on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Pickett (ABC)

    Birthday: February 10 1961
    Birthplace: Spokane, Washington
    Marital Status: Married since 1986, Elena. Two daughters, one son.
    Real Name: Jay Pickett
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Lulu's Being Followed!

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    Meanwhile at the condo, Spinelli is stunned when Lucky tells him that he is a suspect in Georgie's death. The cops show him a couple of computer records that detail Georgie's love for Spinelli. They are about to arrest Spinelli when Jason walks in and tells them to back off. Jason reminds Lucky that Spinelli has an alibi for the night is question. Lucky tells Jason that he isn't the best alibi source but the cops leave. Spinelli keeps Georgie's computer notes to him. Jason asks about the papers and Spinelli tells him about Georgie's love for him. They sit down to talk about the case but it is hard for both of them to concentrate. Jason brings up Coop but Spinelli still hasn't found out anything more about him. Jason continues to suspect him. A while later Jason leaves. When he is alone Spinelli begins writing a letter to Georgie. "There is so much to say but no one who can hear me," he says.


    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    At the crime scene where Georgie died, Lucky is interrogating Spinelli and accuses him of killing Maxi. Spinelli says that he just lost someone dear to him and he doesn't feel like answering questions. Finally Detective Harper lets Spinelli go. Sam shows up and asks what is going on. After Lucky tells her about Georgie, her first question is to ask how Maxie is. Lucky says that he told her and Sam says that this has got to stop! She says that maybe "Everyday Heroes" can do something. Mac returns in time to see Georgie being "zipped up." Then, he tells Lucky that Felicia asked him to take care of their girls and he failed her. Mac leaves to go back with Maxie, and Detective Harper and Lucky agree to start their investigation with Johnny Zacchara.

    Georgie is Dead!

    Monday, December 17 2007

    When Detective Harper arrives, he urges Spinelli to step away from the crime scene, but he wants to stay with Georgie. Then, the Detective sees that Mac has arrived and he tries to block him from stepping any closer to the body. It doesn't take Mac long to realize that the dead girl is Georgie. He rushes over to her and breaks down. Lucky shows up and Mac says, "They got her Lucky, they got Georgie." He says that he has to tell Maxi and Robin. Lucky offers to go bring Maxi to him.

    At the crime scene, Mac lays his eyes on Spinelli and grabs him by the coat. He demands that the "freak" tell him what he knows! He spits that Spinelli works for the mob and the mob knows everything. Spinelli sweetly says that all he knows is that the world is a less beautiful place tonight. Detective Harper assures Mac that Spinelli only found Georgie, but Mac insists that they get DNA from him. Detective questions what Spinelli knows. He says that he came from Kelly's and found her on the stairs, already cold.

    Is Georgie Right?

    Thursday, December 13 2007

    At Sonny's office, Jason tells Sonny that their entire shipment is gone and their guys didn't even see it coming! Sonny's plan is to…do nothing. He explains that Johnny isn't experienced enough to endure a war - they need to set him up to fail. As they are talking, Detective Harper comes in and says that he's working on the shooting of Sonny's employees. Jason and Detective leave for the station and Sonny says he'll have Diane meet them.

    Detective Harper and Jason are in the interrogation room. The Detective is clearly zoning in on Johnny and asks why he bothered to protect Johnny in the first place - unless he wants to kill him himself? Jason won't talk without Diane, so he is released. On his way out, he sees that Lucky has brought Johnny in. He and Johnny exchanges looks and it doesn't go unnoticed by Lucky.

    Hang On Luke!

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    At the PCPD, Mac checks in on Maxi and Detective Harper in the interrogation room. She wants to leave, but Mac wants her to stick around for a lineup. Just then, Coop accompanies Georgie into the PCPD and Maxi rushes into his arms. Lucky brings Johnny in and Mac rushes over and pins Johnny against the wall and tells him "Game over." Detective Harper pulls Mac off and reminds him that Johnny is only here for questioning. Lulu rushes in and tells Lucky that their dad is having his surgery tonight. Mac tells Lucky to go to the hospital.

    Detective Harper, Mac, Georgie and Maxi are looking at the lineup. All of the guys look very similar and Maxi says that although she knows Johnny Zacchara, she can't identify any of them as the guy who attacked her today. Georgie agrees. The men are taken out of the room and THEN Maxi remembers something. She says that she remembers the smell of the guy, a clean smell like soap or something. Mac tells the girls not to mention that to anyone else, just yet. Coop and Georgie suggest that they take Maxi to Kelly's for a while, instead of home - so the three of them leave. Diane arrives and demands that her client be released! Mac rolls his eyes and leaves Diane with Johnny to talk. He asks what she is doing and Diane assures her that she's in it for the money -- he is to discuss the rest with Jason. Johnny thanks her for her help and then accepts it. Diane faces off with Mac and comes out the winner. Johnny and Diane head for the door together. Trevor finally arrives and Johnny says that Miss Miller did his job for him.

    Maxi's New Necklace.

    Monday, December 10 2007

    Detective Harper goes into the interrogation room and tells Jason that it looks less likely that Anthony Zacchara killed his sister. He asks if there is anything he can think of to shed some light. Diane arrives and tells the Detective not to harass Mr. Morgan. He explains that Jason needs to speak up if he has any information, that's all he was saying. Then he learns that Maxi was almost strangled with a phone cord - so, again, he asks Jason what Leticia, Emily, Carly and Maxi might have in common?

    Diane is Back!

    Friday, December 07 2007

    Maxi shows up at the PCPD and tells Coop that she's been called in for questioning. He tells her not to volunteer anything! Detective Harper comes up to her and she says that she was with Georgie the whole evening. Detective Harper says how odd it is because Cooper already said he was with her all evening. He takes Maxi into the interrogation room and asks her to tell him everything about that night. Maxi says who went where and when and it's clear that Detective Harper is more curious about where Cadet Barrett was. After Maxi repeats her story, he draws the conclusion that Coop had no alibi for the majority of the night.

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