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    General Hospital CAST - David Harper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Harper Played by Jay Pickett on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Pickett (ABC)

    Birthday: February 10 1961
    Birthplace: Spokane, Washington
    Marital Status: Married since 1986, Elena. Two daughters, one son.
    Real Name: Jay Pickett
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Elizabeth Is Dealt A Double Blow.

    Tuesday, March 08 2011

    In the office, Sonny tells Jason he thinks Theo's plan started with Brenda, but now he wants to flush him out. Sonny thinks Theo is making it personal between them. Dante walks in as Sonny goes on a rant about taking Theo down. He tells them he thinks Theo believes Brenda's baby is still alive. Once Sonny's alone, Carly comes to see her ex about Michael, but she realizes he's worse off than their son is. Sonny tells her how hard it is waiting to find Brenda. He blames himself, but Carly reminds him Theo was fixated on Brenda long before she returned to town. Sonny points out he's the one who asked her to stay and marry him though. Carly knows he will find Brenda and have the life he wants with her. She genuinely declares she will be really happy for him when that happens.

    Nothing to Lose.

    Monday, January 25 2010

    Michael secretly listens as Dante and Johnny discuss bringing Sonny down on the pier.

    We Have to Talk.

    Friday, December 11 2009

    Diane waits for Sonny in his office, who wants her to get the case on Claudia closed, by having her declared missing instead of possibly murdered. Diane points out the difficulty in this, but Sonny needs to protect Michael. Olivia comes to the office and Diane sees how this all makes sense. She thinks him pursuing Olivia could be seen as a motive for murder should the case remain open. Olivia makes it clear there is nothing going on and declines Sonny's invitation to have dinner because she has plans with Johnny. Olivia leaves and Diane says she'll see what she can do about declaring Claudia missing, but orders him to keep his wedding ring on and act like a married man. After Diane leaves, Johnny comes to the office and Sonny assigns him an all-night job. Max and Milo talk with the boss after Johnny exits and tell him the job isn't necessary, but Sonny already knows this and was just trying to get him out of the way.

    Two Women, Two Children and a Bunch of Russians.

    Friday, November 21 2008

    Detective Harper shows up at Jason's and arrests him for the murder of three men.

    Port Charles Loses an Angel and a Devil.

    Wednesday, November 12 2008

    Detective Harper is waiting for Jax on the waterfront. After Jax asks what this is about, the detective tells him that a freighter called 'The Gibraltar' blew up in the harbor tonight and it was leased to Jerry. He says that they haven't found any bodies, but they did find Jerry's passport.

    It's Mrs. Spencer vs. Mrs. Spencer.

    Monday, November 10 2008

    Before long, Detective Harper shows up at Carly's house and asks Sonny where he was about an hour ago. Sonny refuses to talk, so he asks Mrs. Jax for her statement. She won't talk either. Then he places Sonny under arrest and reads him his rights.

    Anthony's Plan is Twisted.

    Tuesday, September 30 2008

    Mac and Detective Harper show up to ask Anthony a few questions. Anthony says that he's just an old man in a wheel chair, and then tells Trevor to make himself useful. Trevor puts his drink down and tells Mac that they need to look at a new player in town named Karpov. Mac asks if he's willing to come to the station to talk, and Trevor agrees. After they're gone, Ric mentions that Karpov is guilty. Anthony nods with satisfaction and warns Claudia that Sonny will likely come to their front door first. He tells her to go see Sonny to represent the family and reassure him that they had nothing to do with Kate's shooting. He tells her to comfort the man in his time of grief.

    Dr. Robin Drake?

    Friday, August 22 2008

    Jason and Lulu have arrived at the PCPD and Jason assures Detective Harper that Lulu's been searched and is okay to see Johnny. Meanwhile, Johnny has seen her through the window in the interrogation room and already opened the door. Claudia objects, but Johnny orders her to leave so Lulu can come in. Claudia steps out and gets in Jason's face for bringing Lulu. She doesn't have to do it alone for long because Lucky storms in and takes over.

    Nik and Claudia Team Up.

    Tuesday, August 19 2008

    Back at the PCPD, Anthony wheels up to Alexis and tells her that Johnny goes free or she'll lose what she loves most. She tells him that she's not worried about him any more because both Jerry and Sonny will do whatever it takes to protect her children. Before he leaves, he asks if she really wants to play chicken with a psycho like himself.

    Johnny Drives to Shady Brook.

    Friday, August 15 2008

    Lucky is at the nurses' desk at GH talking to Epiphany when Detective Harper comes in and warns them that the ER will be really busy tonight. He explains that the Drug Enforcement Agency got a tip about a drug shipment coming in tonight and they're going to intercept it.

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