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    General Hospital CAST - Nadine Crowell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nadine Crowell Played by Claire Coffee on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Claire Coffee (Brian To/

    Birthday: April 14 1980
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Real Name: Claire Coffee


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    Wash That Dead Man Right Outta Her Hair.

    Monday, August 11 2008

    Nadine goes to the hospital and dumps her anguish all over Leyla. She says that she finally kissed Nikolas but it will be the last time. She explains how platonic Nikolas's feelings are for her but he managed to turn around and kiss another girl about five minutes later. Leyla says that means he's available and ready to move on, that's all. She advises Nadine to be the woman to catch him.

    Claudia rushes out to Wyndemere to tell Nikolas about Johnny's phone call. She asks whether Lulu has ever hallucinated before and Nik yells that he's not going to loose his sister this way. He tells Claudia about Laura's life and ultimately how she ended up in catatonia. Claudia says that it sounds like Lulu needs more help than Johnny can give her.

    Happy Birthday Lulu?

    Friday, August 08 2008

    On the waterfront Matt tells Nadine to leave him the hell alone! Claudia shows up, with a gun and tells Matt to leave her alone. Matt tries to justify his behavior by saying that Nadine is stalking him, but Claudia tells him to keep walking. After Matt has left, Nadine says she was about to find out something important! Claudia realizes that something is up and tells Nadine to come with her.

    Nik has gone back to Wyndemere. He calls Lesley to check in with her because it's Lulu's birthday. Then Nadine shows up and rambles on until Nik tells her that he has no idea what she's talking about. Nadine flies into his arms and plants a big kiss on him.

    Sonny Finds What he Wasn't Looking For.

    Thursday, August 07 2008

    Back at the clinic, Matt catches Nadine trying to check a prescription that he gave a patient. As he starts to threaten her, Nik interrupts and Matt says he's about to get a restraining order on Nadine. He takes off and Nik warns Nadine to back off. He calls her a stalker and before Nadine can object, Lucky shows up, followed by Sam. As they talk about Jerry Jacks and his motives for hanging around the docks, Nadine slips out the door.

    Nadine is sneaking around the waterfront when Matt rushes up behind her and gives her a warning. "This is the last time you follow me!" he says with her firmly in his grasp.

    Off to Shady Brook.

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    Maxie is at Matt's door and ready to pick a fight over a missing cheese enchilada. From behind a chair, Nadine listens nervously. She makes a noise and Maxie pulls Nadine out from hiding and tells them that they are busted. Matt quickly accuses Maxie and Nadine of setting him up for breach of contract in his rental agreement, but Nadine pips up that she was only checking Matt's shirt sizes so she can replace the shirt she spilled spaghetti on. Maxie doesn't buy it and she tells Matt that he's about to be evicted for having a booty call!

    Nadine has returned to the clinic to work and before long, Matt shows up. He wants to know why she was really in his room and she admits that she was trying to find evidence. She says that she won't turn him in, she wants in on the action. She tells him her theory about his supposed side business and he calls her Nancy Drew. He tells her that she is obviously trying to set him up and tells her to back off. Nik comes in and asks what's going on. Matt tells him to tell "nurse nutcake" to stop sneaking into his bedroom. After he's gone, Nadine tells Nik that she's not giving up.

    Jason Hires a New Right-Hand Man.

    Monday, August 04 2008

    Over at the free clinic, Nadine, backed up by Leyla, tells Nik that she is free to do what she wants with her free time. Nik tells her that she isn't a cop or a P.I. and he'll tell Mac Scorpio that she's about to break into his place if he has to. After he walks away, Leyla asks Nadine if she's going to back off the Matt thing. Nope.

    Nadine and Leyla make it over to the Scorpio house. Leyla voices her concerns that this little Nancy Drew act is just to get Nik's attention. Nadine reminds her that she is trying to bust a drug smuggler. Regardless, they go ahead with their plan and Leyla rings the bell. She strikes up a conversation with Maxie about Spinelli while Nadine crawls into Matt's room through a window.

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