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    General Hospital CAST - Nadine Crowell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nadine Crowell Played by Claire Coffee on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Claire Coffee (Brian To/

    Birthday: April 14 1980
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Real Name: Claire Coffee


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    Laura Sheds Light for Lulu.

    Tuesday, August 26 2008

    In the OR, Matt has removed Spinelli's spleen and Nadine is full of questions about whether or not he has checked the bowel, ruptured the diaphragm, etc. Finally Matt has had enough and asks her to leave his operating room. Epiphany echoes him and tells Nadine that she is "on report."

    Maxie and Nadine are eagerly waiting for Epiphany's assessment of how Spinelli is doing after surgery. Epiphany tells them both that Dr. Hunter is arrogant, but he did a fine job and deserves their respect. Maxie goes into Spinelli's room and holds his hand while he sleeps. Liz comes in, checks his vitals and then brings Matt into the room. She reports that Spinelli's fever is spiking, so Matt orders a bunch of tests. Maxie smacks him in the face and announces that if anything happens to Spinelli she will ruin his life.

    Laura Speaks to Lulu!

    Monday, August 25 2008

    As Nikolas whirls Nadine around on the grounds of Wyndemere, she fantasizes that he's in a tux and she's in a white gown. Evetually gets dizzy and he brings her inside for some water. She assures him that she's okay and wants to try again. As they start to dance, Nik leans in for a kiss but they are interrupted by Nadine's pager. She's being called into the ER to help treat Spinelli.

    Matt and Leyla are at the 3rd floor nurses' station when Spinelli is brought in. After he's taken to an examination room, Nadine shows up and is upset to hear that Dr. Hunter is on the case. She rushes into the room and hears that Spinelli's spleen is ruptured and Matt wants to take it out. Nadine tells Spinelli not to consent! Matt stops her and tells her that her paranoia is out of control. He tells Spinelli that Patrick is off duty and his surgery needs to happen now. Maxie asks Elizabeth what she should do. Putting her personal feelings for Maxie aside, Liz says that Spinelli is bleeding internally and that Dr. Hunter is a good surgeon. Maxie turns to Spinelli and asks what he wants to do. He groggily tells her that his life is happily resting in her lovely hands.

    Dr. Robin Drake?

    Friday, August 22 2008

    Nadine has joined Nikolas at the dinner table and jokes about all the extra silverware on the table. As they eat, Nik compliments her for her zest for life and openness to new experiences. She asks if he's open to new experiences and he just sips his cabernet. After dinner they walk on the grounds and Nik explains that he was raised to be pretty rigid. Nadine says that they can work on that. He asks what she would suggest and she thought waltzing would be good for a castle. He agrees and she says she did used to stand on her dad's shoes while he waltzed. Nik teaches her the proper stance and they begin.

    Lulu Makes a Call.

    Thursday, August 21 2008

    Down the hall, Nadine is grumbling to Leyla about giving up on Nikolas and love altogether. Just then Nikolas calls and invites her to Wyndemere. When she agrees, he tells her that the launch will be waiting for her. She turns and tells Leyla that he probably just wants help with his horses or something and she'll be back at her place with a pint of ice cream in no time.

    "Sometimes an apology is easier when it's accompanied by a good meal and a fine bottle of wine," Nikolas says when Nadine walks into his study. There's a lovely table, complete with candles, set in the center of the room.

    Johnny Tug of War.

    Wednesday, August 20 2008

    Things out at Wyndemere between Nik and Nadine are getting heated. He bends her over his desk as they kiss and finally pulls away. Once the panting has subsided, he asks if that was what she wanted. She said that it was. He tells her that he has madness on both sides of his family, an evil grandmother and he even cheated on Emily. "I'm really bad Nadine," he tells her. He says that he likes her but he doesn't want her to risk her heart on him. Then he tells her to leave.

    Nik and Claudia Team Up.

    Tuesday, August 19 2008

    Nik has returned to Wyndemere in a foul mood. He sends his cell phone smashing against a wall and barely misses Nadine as she walks into the room. She's come to lend her support but Nik rants that he knows she wants to help and that she has a little crush on him, but he's not right for her. Nadine calmly tells him that he doesn't get to choose for her. "Is this what you want?" Nik demands as he crushes into her in a mad passionate kiss.

    Wash That Dead Man Right Outta Her Hair.

    Monday, August 11 2008

    Back in Port Charles Nadine has just planted a big kiss on Nikolas out at Wyndemere. He pulls away and starts "the friendship speech" but Nadine stops him because she doesn't want to hear it. She apologizes for kissing him but asks when he will be ready to open himself up to a new life without Emily. Nikolas tries to talk, but she assures him that it won't happen again. As she rushes out, she realizes that Liz has been watching the whole thing.

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