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    General Hospital CAST - Nadine Crowell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nadine Crowell Played by Claire Coffee on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Claire Coffee (Brian To/

    Birthday: April 14 1980
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Real Name: Claire Coffee


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    Spinelli's Committed. Literally.

    Friday, October 17 2008

    Nadine has gone back to GH to work a shift. She's rattled about confronting Carly, so she drops a syringe. When she bends down to pick it up, she flashes back to an image of Jerry holding her tight and injecting her with something.

    Team Lulu Comes Together.

    Thursday, October 16 2008

    Nadine and Elizabeth are working together at GH. Nadine admits that she hasn't told Nikolas her true feelings yet, and Liz suggests that she just keep it simple and find a reason to spend time together.

    Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and finds Nadine waiting for him. She quickly changes her mind about stopping by and tries to leave. He pulls her by the arm and says that the night they spent together was wonderful and he hasn't been that happy in a long time. They sit down and talk, and realize that they both are excited about what has started between them. They kiss and then start to peel off their clothes until Carly comes in and interrupts them.

    Mac Did What No One Else Could.

    Thursday, October 09 2008

    Things in the guest quarters of The Metro Court aren't very pleasant either. Up in Jerry's room, Nadine struggles to get away from him, but he's able to hold her and pull out a syringe at the same time. After he sticks her, she crumbles to the ground.

    Nikolas returns to the clinic, but finds it locked. He tries his key, but it isn't working. When he looks through the window, he sees Nadine's lifeless body on the floor. He breaks in and wakes her. She says that she was going through the meds and must've fallen asleep. (Jerry is looking on.)

    Maximus Casts a Long Shadow.

    Wednesday, October 08 2008

    Nadine and Matt run into each other at the free clinic, which is closed for renovations after the fire. Nadine says that the cops suspect arson and that they both could've been killed. She says that it's imperative that they find the drug counterfeiters. When she asks if Matt remembers anything before he passed out that day, he says that he recalls shoes with a dragon. Nadine swears that she has seen those somewhere.

    Upstairs, Nadine has dressed as a housekeeper and slipped into Jerry's room. She's looking around for anything to link him to the clinic fire. When she makes it to the closet, she looks over his shoes. Jerry comes home and promptly finds her there. He can't wait to hear her explanation.

    Jason Stands by his Decision.

    Tuesday, October 07 2008

    Just as Matt is finishing his examination of Nadine, Nik walks into the room. He asks Matt if he's back at work too soon? Matt says that he heals fast and that he has bills to pay. He thanks Nikolas for pulling him out of the burning clinic, but Nik says that was Nadine's idea. After Matt leaves, Nadine tells Nik not to worry because she'll be fine. Nik says that he does worry, and then asks what she wanted to talk to him about before she fell. Nadine nervously says that just because they slept together doesn't mean things need to change. She offers him a friendly handshake and then leaves the room.

    Sonny Gets An Offer. Can He Refuse?

    Monday, October 06 2008

    Nikolas has just come upon Nadine and Spinelli kissing on the waterfront. Nadine quickly says that they are all adults and that she and Nikolas never made any commitments. Spinelli tries to object, but Nadine keeps cutting him off. Nikolas is puzzled, but he tells them to have a good day, and leaves. Afterwards, Nadine and Spinelli share an orange soda and talk. She explains that instead of her first night with Nikolas being a beginning, it felt more like an end.

    Dante Angelo Falconeri, I am your mother!

    Friday, October 03 2008

    Nadine has walked into The Metro Court and is surprised to see Carly sitting with Nikolas. Carly's fussing with his collar and teasing him for not letting his butler dress him this morning. Nik playfully tells her that there may be a job for her as his personal dresser after he buys The Metro Court. Carly contends that he just wants a 'new toy' to take his mind off of something else. He continues to deny it, and asks if she doesn't want to establish herself separately from Jax, especially with their divorce looming? Carly promises to think about it.

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