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    General Hospital CAST - Nadine Crowell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nadine Crowell Played by Claire Coffee on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Claire Coffee (Brian To/

    Birthday: April 14 1980
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Real Name: Claire Coffee


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    A Tender Kiss Goodbye.

    Wednesday, March 04 2009

    Nadine arrives late for her coffee date with Nikolas at Kelly's. She is quick to point out that Emily's double works here and Nikolas comments that he's been a regular at Kelly's for years. When Rebecca comes to the table to take their order, she and Nikolas joke about dumping food on each other. "I can't do this," Nadine says once Rebecca goes to the kitchen. She tells him that it's clear that he never got over Emily. Nik apologizes and she says that it's not his fault. He's sorry if he led her to believe he was ready for more. She wishes him luck and leaves him sitting alone.

    Down the hall, Matt signs himself out as a patient and Nadine tells him that they need him to do rounds anyway. He tells her that she was in the fire too and should probably take it easy. She starts to cry and he offers her a tissue.

    Back Together?

    Friday, February 20 2009

    Alexis meets Nikolas at The Metro Court and tells him that he's never allowed to be in dangerous situation again. He tells her that he loves her too. She can see that his eyes are scouring the lobby so he tells her about Rebecca Shaw. He tells Alexis that Emily's dad died when she was little and her mother probably wouldn't have kept a sibling a secret from her. Without realizing that Nadine is within earshot, he tells Alexis that since he'll never love again like he loved Emily, this is important to him. After Alexis leaves, Nadine approaches him and says that not much has changed since he was chasing ghosts. Nik can't really disagree, and when Rebecca walks by Nadine makes an excuse to go to Mercy to pick up a shift.

    Another One Bites the Dust.

    Friday, February 13 2009

    Nadine is in an ambulance tending to Matt. He won't go to Mercy until he sees that Patrick made it out. Finally, Patrick shows up and sits with him for a while. They all look at the hospital and wonder if it will ever be rebuilt. Patrick says this is where their father practiced, where he fell in love with Robin and where so many lives were saved. Then he agrees to ride to Mercy with Matt, but Rayner shows up and wants to debrief him. As Nadine and Matt wait, Nikolas brings Rebecca and asks if they have room for two more.

    There's No Way Out!

    Tuesday, February 10 2009

    Nikolas is running through the flames when he hears Edward and Monica's cries for help. He takes the wheelchair from Edward and offers to push Monica to the exit area. Edward tells Nik that he thought Emily was far too good for a Cassadine, but he was wrong. Monica tells Nikolas that he made Emily happy and they're grateful for that. Edward leaves Monica with Nikolas and goes to look for Tracy. The conversation returns to Emily and Nikolas says that the kind of love he had with her only comes around once in a lifetime. Nadine has come by, but he doesn't see her. She heard it all.

    They're Dropping Like Flies.

    Friday, January 30 2009

    "Anything for a little attention," Claudia says as Kate collapses to the boardroom floor and everyone tries to revive her. Trevor moves to the front of the crowd and tells Ric that he still loves Kate. As Carly tries to go get help, she finds the door locked. Through the door, Jason explains they've all been exposed to an airborne toxin and that someone needs to block off the air duct while he gets a temporary door seal in place so they can get out. Claudia springs to action and seals off the vent.

    There's Something in the Air.

    Thursday, January 29 2009

    Nearby Nikolas is calling Wyndemere to tell Alfred that he'll be staying in town tonight when he thinks he sees Emily across the lobby. He makes a dash to catch her, but she gets away. When he returns to the event, he finds Nadine and tries to pay attention to her, but he can't. Later he finds Lulu and tells her that he thinks he's seeing Emily again. Lulu hugs him.

    Jason's Partner in Crime?

    Friday, January 16 2009

    Alexis goes out to Wyndemere to inform Nikolas that his newfound visibility in Washington will not help his problems with the INS. He explains it all away by saying that Nadine needed help. Alexis tells him that Nadine will have a hard time learning that he's not in love with her if he continues to be so helpful. Nik asks Alexis to get off his back because it's Emily's birthday. He says she always will be in his heart, but Nadine is enjoyable to him. Alexis listens as he admits how strong his grief still is and then suggests that he share that with Nadine. Just then, Nadine arrives and tells Nikolas that they're going to have a great afternoon. Once Alexis has left them to their fun, Nikolas asks Nadine if they can just meet up at the hospital benefit because he has somewhere to go today.

    It's Sophie's Choice, but Jason is Meryl Streep.

    Tuesday, January 13 2009

    "Who'd have thunk it?" Nadine marvels over her triumph over the US government while en route back to Port Charles with Nikolas. For his part, Nik can't get over the fact that the White House transition team heard about the girl who couldn't be bought by big business. Nadine remembers the fundraiser that Carly is throwing at General Hospital and asks if he'll be her date. Nik says that he'd love to, but since it falls on Emily's birthday he was planning to stay home. Nadine understands, but Nik says that Emily would want him to go, so he accepts her invitation.


    Monday, January 12 2009

    On Capitol Hill, the senators tell Nikolas that he is a foreign national and his motives for taking over Nadine's patent are suspect. After a break, Nikolas says who companies who provide for armed services shouldn't profit off of the endeavor. The senator says that they can't let him take the patent and sell the product on the black market to other countries. Nadine finally speaks up by saying that she wants our soldiers to have the best equipment, but she wants no part in helping big businesses get rich in the process. She says that this is her fight, not Nikolas's, and hopes they let her control her own property. The senators agree that she made her point beautifully and agree to bar Equinox from using her patent. As soon as they leave the chambers, Nikolas gets a call on his cell. It seems that someone in the White House wants to speak with Nadine.

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