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    General Hospital CAST - Nadine Crowell

    Full detailed profile on Nadine Crowell Played by Claire Coffee on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Claire Coffee (Brian To/
    Nadine Crowell

    Actor: Claire Coffee

    Who played Nadine Crowell over the years

    Claire Coffee (October 2, 2007 - March 4, 2009)

    Useful information on Nadine Crowell

    *She showed up at General Hospital to visit her sister, Jolene, and learned that she was being charged with various hospital murders.
    *Her father died in a routine surgery when she was a child.


    Past: Nurse


    Nadine and Jolene Crowell were sisters. Jolene sabotaged General Hospital and killed many patients. Nadine didn't find out about it until she came to Port Charles after hearing that her sister was in a coma from an explosion at the hospital.

    Nadine became a member of the nursing staff at GH and quickly set herself a part from her evil sister. She caught Spinelli's eye, but they were never more than friends.

    The young nurse offered Nikolas support after Emily died and he began having visions of her. The two became friends and she fell in love with the prince. Nikolas began to have feelings for her as well, but they couldn't overpower what he felt for Emily.

    The two continued to date, but when Emily's twin sister Rebecca showed up it was all over and Nadine disappeared into the background.




    Nikolas Cassadine (lover)


    Jolene Crowell (Sister)




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    Wednesday, March 04 2009: A Tender Kiss Goodbye.

    Nadine arrives late for her coffee date with Nikolas at Kelly's. She is quick to point out that Emily's double works here and Nikolas comments that he's been a regular at Kelly's for years. When Rebecca comes to the table to take their order, she and Nikolas joke about dumping food on each other. "I can't do this," Nadine says once Rebecca goes to the kitchen. She tells him that it's clear that he never got over Emily. Nik apologizes and she says that it's not his fault. He's sorry if he led her to believe he was ready for more. She wishes him luck and leaves him sitting alone.

    Down the hall, Matt signs himself out as a patient and Nadine tells him that they need him to do rounds anyway. He tells her that she was in the fire too and should probably take it easy. She starts to cry and he offers her a tissue.

    Friday, February 20 2009: Back Together?

    Alexis meets Nikolas at The Metro Court and tells him that he's never allowed to be in dangerous situation again. He tells her that he loves her too. She can see that his eyes are scouring the lobby so he tells her about Rebecca Shaw. He tells Alexis that Emily's dad died when she was little and her mother probably wouldn't have kept a sibling a secret from her. Without realizing that Nadine is within earshot, he tells Alexis that since he'll never love again like he loved Emily, this is important to him. After Alexis leaves, Nadine approaches him and says that not much has changed since he was chasing ghosts. Nik can't really disagree, and when Rebecca walks by Nadine makes an excuse to go to Mercy to pick up a shift.

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