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    General Hospital CAST - Johnny Zacchara - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Johnny Zacchara Played by Brandon Barash on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandon Barash (ABC)

    Birthday: October 4 1979
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brandon Barash
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: See You In Another Life.

    Tuesday, February 10 2015

    Sabrina gives Johnny a clean bill of health at her apartment. Suddenly Nathan knocks at her door and announces himself. Carlos and Johnny hide and Sabrina answers the door. Nathan explains that Ava has been presumed dead and he wants to know if she’s had contact with Johnny or Carlos. She lies, but Nathan sees blood on a couch pillow and signals to Sabrina be quiet. He pretends to leave to force Carlos to reveal himself. Nathan grabs him, and Carlos confesses that Johnny went out the window. Carlos says that they forced Sabrina to help them at gunpoint, and he’s arrested and taken away. Nathan tells Sabrina that she’ll have to make a statement at some point.

    Back at Maxie’s, Johnny turns up seeking help to skip town. She says she can’t risk her visitation rights with her daughter by helping him, however she says she hopes he doesn’t swipe her cash and car keys while she’s in the shower. She tells him to take care, and he says he’ll see her in another life. He takes her keys and cash and splits.

    GH Recap: The Pain And The Yearning.

    Thursday, February 05 2015

    When Sabrina gets home, she's surprised to find that Carlos is there and Johnny is bleeding all over her couch. He likes to keep his injuries private so he's not going to the hospital. She's furious that Carlos is in the mob again. He offers to answer her questions if she fixes Johnny up. "Ah bah booey!" Johnny yodels as she yanks the bullet out. The nurse stitches him up as Carlos explains what happened that night. After Zacchara passes out, Carlos confesses to shooting Ava. He's not proud but it's done.

    GH Recap: You And Me.

    Tuesday, February 03 2015

    Johnny holds Julian and Sonny at gunpoint by the side of the highway. Before he can pull the trigger, he's shot by Julian. Johnny runs off. Meanwhile, Carlos has Ava on the bridge at gunpoint. He taunts her as she begs and apologizes for what she did to Sabrina. He shoots her in the shoulder. After she yelps, he reaches out. She falls back and goes over the edge. Johnny runs up and fills him in about his failure. After they run off, Sonny arrives and finds Ava holding onto the rail for her life. He's not in a hurry to help but eventually gives her his hand, insisting that he's only helping her because it's what Connie would have wanted. The grip isn't good enough and she falls. Julian rushes up. Sonny glosses what happened and insists there was nothing he could do. Julian wants to look for his sister so Sonny leaves for the Star.

    GH Recap: Take Your Medicine.

    Monday, February 02 2015

    Near Port Charles, Julian loses control of the van and it runs off the road and crashes. Everyone is knocked out, but one by one begin to stir. Johnny and Carlos pull up behind the van to investigate with their guns drawn and a shootout commences. Carlos catches Franco and Ava, but lets Franco go as their boss has no issues with him. Ava manages to knock Carlos against the van and runs for it, however he is able to corner her on a bridge. Meanwhile Johnny is able to get the upper hand on Sonny and Julian.

    GH Recap: Shocking Reveal.

    Friday, January 30 2015

    Back at The Haunted Star, Johnny arrives and Maxie and Lulu fill him in on Jake’s arrest. Sabrina arrives to the party with Carlos and introduces him to Michael. Michael apologizes for what Sonny did to Carlos, and he says he’s happy that Sabrina will be working at the clinic. Fluke eventually arrives and has to calm Tracy down, as she was worried about him. He says he had some things to do at the old homestead and that he ran into Dante. Fluke tells Lulu that Dante won’t be coming, as he didn’t want his issues with Johnny to cause a problem tonight. Lulu is livid and tries calling Dante, but only gets his voicemail. Later Bobbie arrives on the arms of Brad and Lucas. Lucas soon gets a call from Julian and tells his dad where he is. As Julian is trying to warn him about Fluke, their call breaks up. Fluke soon warns Johnny that he’s learned that Jerome and the others busted out. Johnny knows they have his phone, which he can track through an app. Later Maxie tells Lulu that she just saw Johnny and Carlos tear out of the party.

    GH Recap: Condemned.

    Tuesday, January 27 2015

    At the Haunted Star, Johnny probes Lulu about her latest tiff with Dante. They bicker about her husband and she pleads with him to cut the tension. He looks at her flirtatiously and insists that her husband has nothing to worry about. They discuss her father and his opposition to having his old house torn down. He makes some vague comments about her father changing deep down. She mentions how great it is to have her real father back. Johnny's about to say something when Michael arrives.

    GH Recap: Complicated.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    Maxie wanders into the Haunted Star looking for Lulu and finds Johnny. Things are awkward and they hug. She's glad he's getting his life together and fills him in on being a mom. "Planned?" he asks. She shows him pictures of her kid and he talks about how he wanted to name his child Harper. The topic turns to Nathan and he informs her of his meeting with him. She asks him if he's missed sex since he went to prison. He's missed more than sex and starts flirting with her. Maxie makes it clear that she is crazy about Nathan. He doubts the detective is right for her. She explains how much she has changed. She's sure her boyfriend will be okay with them being friends.

    GH Recap: How Many More To Go?

    Monday, January 19 2015

    At the Haunted Star, Dante insists to his wife that letting Johnny into her business is a bad idea. He suggests that she sell her half to him. Johnny smirks. She won't sell the boat that belonged to her father. Zacchara wonders if she'll let Dante tell her what to do. When he begins taunting the cop about his mom, Dante slugs him. Lulu orders them to stop brawling. She takes her husband aside and tells him they need to decide things together. He gets a call from Michael and offers to take Lulu home. She insists on staying to clean up. Once he leaves, Johnny and Lulu bicker about how he treats her husband. He thinks Dante isn't treating her with enough respect. She wants to know if her husband is right about him. Zacchara insists that he just wants a fresh start... and to see her.

    GH Recap: What's Down There?

    Friday, January 16 2015

    Dante walks into the Haunted Star and finds Lulu talking to Johnny. The cop is not pleased and gets threatening. Lulu confronts her husband for it. Dante claims he's just protecting his family and isn't trying to control her. Johnny smugly interrupts so the cop growls at him and accuses him of hitting on his wife. Lulu pipes up to explain that she and Johnny Z are back in business together. Dante is sure that Johnny is still up to his neck in mob business. He suggests that Lulu sell her half of the business to the gangster.

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