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    General Hospital CAST - Johnny Zacchara

    Full detailed profile on Johnny Zacchara Played by Brandon Barash on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandon Barash (ABC)
    Johnny Zacchara

    Actor: Brandon Barash

    Who played Johnny Zacchara over the years

    Brandon Barash (September 18, 2007 - Present)

    Useful information on Johnny Zacchara

    * He's the son of NY Mob Boss, Anthony Zacchara
    * His bodyguards have their hands full with him because, "he's nuts".
    * When he first came to Port Charles, he picked up Lulu Spencer when she was hitchhiking.
    * He used to try to break free from the mob, but now he embraces it.
    * Began a relationship with an older Olivia.


    * Current: Mob boss
    * Past: Owner of an auto mechanic shop.
    * Current: Maxie's male escort to Crimson fashion events.


    Johnny is the son of a very powerful and maniacal man named Anthony, who goes after entire families of his opposition. When the family first came to Port Charles in 2007, Anthony was declared insane and became paralyzed. In his absence, Johnny and Claudia had a relatively peaceful existence. Once it became clear that Anthony was faking his paralysis and therefore able to continue his heinous activities, their lives got more complicated.

    Ric Lansing was able to get Anthony acquitted of any wrong doing and Anthony moved back home. That's when Johnny started to fear for his and Claudia's future. He insisted that his relationship with Lulu Spencer was important to him and did anything he could to protect her from his father's evil plans for her.

    When Lulu was charged for killing Logan Hayes in 2008, Johnny took the blame and the two when on the run. Lulu started to lose her mind in the process and Johnny did everything he could to keep her hidden from the cops. Eventually, he took her to Shadybrook Mental Hospital for the care that she needed. In the meantime, his sister Claudia was involved in young Michael Corinthos' shooting. When she later married Sonny Corinthos to gain power and freedom from her father, Johnny worried that Sonny would kill her when the truth came out.

    Johnny and Lulu broke up and he began a passionate affair with Olivia Falconeri. After his sister was killed, he swore vengeance on Sonny, but it turned out Michael was the one to shoot her.

    In an effort to get back at her father for all his wrongdoing, a 17 year old Kristina wanted to make Sonny believe she was dating his enemy Johnny. Johnny objected at first, but then went along with the plan. Unfortunately it resulted in Sonny planting a bomb in Johnny's car which almost killed him and Kristina. Johnny felt guilt over his role in Kristina almost dying and he eventually called a truce with Sonny.

    Although Johnny and Olivia remained red hot, they broke up due to lifestyle differences. Johnny moved on to Lisa Niles when he discovered the syringe she tried to kill Robin with. He blackmailed her for her medical services, but then started sleeping with her. He quickly realized she wasn't over Patrick, and seeing a lot of Claudia in her, he tried to help her. Of course, no one could do that though.

    Next up for the young Zacchara, Sonny dropped the bomb that Claudia wasn't his sister, but his mother and that Gino Soleito was his father.


    Lisa Niles (fling)
    Olivia Falconeri (ex-girlfriend)
    Lulu Spencer (ex-girlfriend)
    Maxie Jones (kissed)


    Gino Soleito (father)
    Anthony Zacchara (grandfather)
    Claudia Zacchara (mother)


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    Tuesday, February 10 2015: GH Recap: See You In Another Life.

    Sabrina gives Johnny a clean bill of health at her apartment. Suddenly Nathan knocks at her door and announces himself. Carlos and Johnny hide and Sabrina answers the door. Nathan explains that Ava has been presumed dead and he wants to know if she’s had contact with Johnny or Carlos. She lies, but Nathan sees blood on a couch pillow and signals to Sabrina be quiet. He pretends to leave to force Carlos to reveal himself. Nathan grabs him, and Carlos confesses that Johnny went out the window. Carlos says that they forced Sabrina to help them at gunpoint, and he’s arrested and taken away. Nathan tells Sabrina that she’ll have to make a statement at some point.

    Back at Maxie’s, Johnny turns up seeking help to skip town. She says she can’t risk her visitation rights with her daughter by helping him, however she says she hopes he doesn’t swipe her cash and car keys while she’s in the shower. She tells him to take care, and he says he’ll see her in another life. He takes her keys and cash and splits.

    Thursday, February 05 2015: GH Recap: The Pain And The Yearning.

    When Sabrina gets home, she's surprised to find that Carlos is there and Johnny is bleeding all over her couch. He likes to keep his injuries private so he's not going to the hospital. She's furious that Carlos is in the mob again. He offers to answer her questions if she fixes Johnny up. "Ah bah booey!" Johnny yodels as she yanks the bullet out. The nurse stitches him up as Carlos explains what happened that night. After Zacchara passes out, Carlos confesses to shooting Ava. He's not proud but it's done.

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