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    General Hospital CAST - Trevor Lansing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Trevor Lansing Played by Stephen Macht on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Macht (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: May 1 1942
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married to Suzanne Pulier since 1964, one son
    Real Name: Stephen Macht


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    Wallow In Bliss.

    Monday, November 26 2012

    The Q’s gather at the family mausoleum where they start bickering. Michael arrives with Tracy and demands they stop fighting. AJ asks to say a few words. He promises to become the man he should have been and make Edward proud. They all head to the mansion to meet with Diane about the will. Diane starts with the grandchildren, much to Tracy’s dismay. Skye, Jason, Ned and Dillon all get 12 percent stock shared in ELQ. Since AJ is alive, he gets 12 percent too, making that 60 percent and the majority. Alice arrives to serve lunch and Diane moves it along. The great-grandchildren each get 6 percent, making another 30. Five percent then goes to Monica and the rest to a woman who has taken care of him his final days – Alice! All of the cash holdings are divided equally – 50 percent to Habitat for Humanity and the other to PBS. There is nothing else and Monica suggests they all go enjoy lunch. Tracy stays with Diane and grabs the will. There is not one mention of her. Diane pulls out a box – there was one more thing. It is a jar of Pickle-Lila relish.

    Reckless Behavior.

    Tuesday, July 14 2009

    Spinelli and Maxie go home and fall into the door kissing. They find Jason and Sam on the couch and run upstairs. Sam says it looks like Spinelli did something right.

    Another One Bites the Dust.

    Friday, February 13 2009

    Sam is on the roof begging Trevor to hand over the toxin. He laughs at the notion of giving up his insurance policy. He says that this sphere guarantees that he and John walk away from the Zaccharas free and clear. When he tries to walk away, she pulls her gun on him. He says that everyone who underestimates him is usually sorry. They can hear the chopper take off and Trevor gets agitated. He takes the sphere out of the prescription jar and tosses it in the air as Sam begs him to turn it over. He tosses it over the edge and Sam lunges for it, going over the edge and taking him with her.

    Trevor Loses It.

    Thursday, February 12 2009

    Inside, Claudia is using her arms to support her descent down a burning staircase. Trevor appears from behind and says that it's 'kill or be killed'. He shows her the biotoxin and admits that he faked his symptoms at the charity event so that he could put his exit strategy to work. He tells her that she should just curl up and die and that Sonny will be a relieved widower. She grabs for the toxin but he shakes her off like a bug and she smashes on a landing several steps down. Then, he takes off for the roof to secure his rescue.

    Ric runs around a smoky hallway looking for his father. When the two men run into each other, Trevor tells Ric to save himself because that's what he intends to do. He scoffs at his son's attempts to be nice and tells him to finally face facts that his brother was the chosen one. "This is probably the last time we'll see each other and I don't care," Trevor seethes. Stunned, Ric cuts his losses and heads back up to the roof for rescue.

    The next person who Trevor runs into is Kate. She's been left in a stairwell, so he offers to help her. She tells him that she doesn't need him, but he says that he's the only game in town because her childhood lover was just a fantasy. He asks her to come with him and says that he loves her. Kate doesn't want any part of him. He shows her the poison and says that they can trade that in for a free ride out of the Zacchara ruins. Sam comes across them and realizes that he's the one with the stolen poison, so he slips away.

    Trevor and Sam have reached the roof. She tells him that they'll never let him on the chopper, so he threatens to toss the poison over the edge. "Wanna hazard a guess as to how many people will die?" he asks her.

    There's No Way Out!

    Tuesday, February 10 2009

    Lulu has found her way to Tracy. She refuses to leave her behind, but Tracy urges her to go while she still can. Lulu says that she'd never forgive herself if something happened to her and promises to get her out of there. Once Edward finds Tracy, Lulu goes to find Elizabeth.

    Flames + Oxygen = Boom.

    Monday, February 09 2009

    Trevor is in Claudia's room with Carly looking on. They feel and hear the explosion and Trevor enjoys the thought of them all going out with a bang. Carly urges him to hand over the poison but he flees after a few cryptic words in Claudia's general direction. Claudia tells Carly that he's finally lost it and she needs to go get that poison from him or they'll all die.

    Later Trevor comes by and jokes that Anthony appears to be all tied up. Anthony begs for help, but Trevor says this nightmare couldn't be happening to a better man.

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