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    General Hospital CAST - Diane Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Diane Miller Played by Carolyn Hennesy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carolyn Hennesy (Carolyn Hennesy)

    Birthday: June 10 1962
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Carolyn Hennesy
    Web site:


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    Congratulations! It's Menopause.

    Thursday, February 02 2012

    Coleman greets Dante and Lulu as they have a drink at Jake's. Delores enters. She tells the couple her husband Eddie will be joining them soon. Diane and Alexis saddle up to the bar. Alexis is cranky because she is hungry, tired and doesn't want to be there. Alexis asks for some water with a lot of ice. She details all her recent symptoms – sweating, irritability, insomnia - leading Diane to worry about her. Alexis shouts that she's fine. After more probing, Diane deduces the Alexis is going through menopause. She giddily tells Alexis this is a good thing because now it frees her of pregnancy scares. It also frees her up to sleep with Sonny again without fear of getting pregnant. They note he probably would be the only one who could get around menopause. Mac shows up as Diane tells Alexis she can now have mad passionate sex with anyone. Ewen enters asking about Cassandra. Dante sees him and talks to him about his profile of their suspect. Ewen adds to it saying on some level the man wants to get caught. Delores gets a call from Eddie and angrily talks to him in Spanish. Ewen looks skittish and takes off. Delores tells Dante and Lulu Eddie isn't coming. She pulls out a job posting for a file clerk at the department she was going to give to Eddie. She leaves it behind as she leaves. Lulu picks up the posting.

    Holding Out For The Right Thing.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    Diane drops in on Spinelli at his office. She talks about her column, which she enjoys, but notes she sometimes misses her law career. However, a writer controls their own destiny. He wishes he could do the same and tells her he'd like to rekindle an old flame. He explains about Maxie and how he's trying to make her jealous with Cassandra. Diane thinks he's in for a world of hurt and suggests he quit while he's ahead. Talk turns to Diane's relationship with Max. He questions their breakup and she says they wanted different things, which is probably the problem between him and Maxie. Spinelli would rather face renewed heartbreak than regret over giving up too soon.

    New Perspectives.

    Tuesday, January 03 2012

    At the Metro Court party, Alexis gets a turn at yelling at Carly about Jax. Carly defends herself pointing out how off the rails Sonny was back then. Carly wonders why Alexis is all of a sudden taking Sonny as a client again, asking what Sonny is holding over her head. After Diane drags Alexis away, Carly gets into it with Kate and Sonny again. Lulu breaks it up saying Dante called about Michael's accident.

    Clearing The Past.

    Wednesday, December 07 2011

    At Jake's, Michael asks Sam if she was ever victimized. She quietly says yes, referring to her past. He wonders if something happened recently and she says no, the past just creeps up on her sometimes. He knows what that's like and credits Abby for helping him heal. They start talking about Abby's safety and Sam warns no matter what he does to prevent it, the people he loves will still get hurt. Across the way, Johnny shows up and talks to his strippers. He wants to do more for them than just take care of their medical expenses. Floyd takes note of the interaction and suggests Diane figure out what's going on. Diane knows there's a story there, but she'll target the women, not Zacchara. Delores shows up in civilian clothes and talks to Johnny about the strippers, as Coleman informs Sam Jason is outside trying to decipher Franco's message. She runs out past Floyd. Diane cozies up to the strippers at the bar to dig for gossip. Meanwhile, Dante shows up and pulls Delores away from Johnny.

    Welcome Home.

    Tuesday, December 06 2011

    Diane and the former Mayor Garrett Floyd enter Jake's. They inform Coleman that Floyd is no longer the mayor and is now a media mogul. He's also going by his middle name Prescott in order to distance himself from the scandals of his past. Diane toasts her new employer, who hired her to write her gossip column. Sam enters and sits with a couple of Johnny's strippers. She talks to them about the attacks, which Floyd takes note of. Michael flies in and harshly questions the strippers. Sam pulls him aside to calm him down, but she ends up on a rant about how the women weren't asking for the abuse. Sam apologizes for going off on him. Michael is also sorry for his behavior and brings up his conversation with Shawn about Franco. As he talks about his own attack, Sam gets upset and throws things around.

    Back To Where It All Started.

    Monday, November 21 2011

    Sonny walks into the restaurant to find Diane waiting for him. She's there to deliver signed divorce papers from Brenda as her last act as his lawyer. Diane is surprised by Sonny's calm reaction. He reminds her the marriage was over when Brenda left. He's trying to move forward now. Diane points out it's not moving forward if he's revisiting an old mess. She declares his and Kate's relationship nearly killed the both of them and this time it might succeed.

    The Lady's Looking For Trouble.

    Friday, November 04 2011

    Milo brings a drunk Max and Diane into Sonny's house, interrupting Dante and Lulu's announcement. Sonny orders Diane out, but she wants to know what's going on. The room clears out leaving Diane to explain to Alexis she is no longer representing Sonny. She suggests Alexis represent him. Alexis balks, as Diane explains she is now focusing on her gossip column instead of law. She summons Max and leaves so Alexis and Sonny can work out the details, but Alexis flees. Later, Ethan arrives, as Olivia gets dizzy again and heads home. Alexis helps Kristina bypass Sonny so she can say goodbye to Ethan alone. In the foyer, Ethan gives Kristina a bracelet and encourages her to take full advantage of her opportunities at Yale, including boys. She says she'll give the guys a chance, but in her heart she'll be waiting for him. Later, Michael tells Abby it was two years ago that he killed Claudia. Sonny happens by and overhears Michael say it will never be over for him and that he still dreams about her. Sonny makes a call, as Kristina says her final goodbyes to everyone. Alone with Michael, Dante urges his brother not to help Sonny cover up the truth.

    Squeaky Clean No More.

    Tuesday, November 01 2011

    Diane enters Sonny's house. She tells him she just returned from her book tour that extended through Europe. She explains that she ran into Brenda while she was in Italy. She goes on to tell a resistant Sonny that Brenda is dressing more colorful and there are no more extra long sleeved shirts. Diane also relays how relaxed and happy she seemed, confirming that she made the right decision leaving him. She adds that Brenda is not pining away. Sonny doesn't appreciate the dig and wonders why she's throwing Brenda's happiness in his face. Kate shows up as Diane explains she just wanted to make sure he knew the break up was the best thing for everyone, especially since Brenda and Alec got out unscathed. She also assumes Sonny is glad the boy is out of his life. Diane and Sonny notice Kate and Diane announces that she is branching out with her writing and starting a gossip column. When Sonny questions this move, Diane explains it's more respectable than her day job. Diane leaves and Kate tries to convince Sonny not to shut everyone out of his life. She tells him people leave, but he retorts that sometimes they come back. Sonny moves in to kiss her, but Kate backs away. Kate won't be a stand in for Brenda. She kisses him on the cheek and forehead and walks out.

    Out Of Whack.

    Thursday, August 25 2011

    After Jason sends him as backup, Max finds The Jackal hiding out in a dumpster outside Luzetta's Bakery. Diane finds them in hopes of getting more dirt to tease for her sequel during her upcoming book tour. Max is upset he didn’t know she was leaving town. The Jackal thinks Diane's just not that into Max, but Diane calls it bad scheduling. Max doesn't want it to be over between them, but she doesn’t want him to wait around for her. She thinks it makes the most sense to end things. After Max leaves, The Jackal becomes fixated on the bakery's name and Diane gives him its history. He thinks something is out of whack with the single Z, double T in Luzetta. He looks at the bag and says, "This ain't the original recipe." He examines two bags he found in the dumpster and discovers a small difference between the two.

    Life Without A Safety Net.

    Tuesday, August 16 2011

    After Mac crashes the party at Jake's, Diane convinces him to stay and loosen up, as Coleman counsels Alexis at the bar. Diane tells Mac he is too safe and honest to be desired by women, namely Alexis. Mac responds that they are friends and colleagues and he won't compromise her. Diane suggests he appreciate her in a new way. Mac accuses her of thinking he's washed up. Diane just thinks he needs to find the man he lost while parenting and being politically correct. Talk turns to Diane and she admits it's been great with Max, but you have to eventually move on to make new memories with someone or something new. Mac notes she's scared. She admits she is, but there's something to be said for living life without a safety net. She says you have find something that makes you truly happy, but Mac says sometimes you just have to be okay with what you have. Meanwhile, Alexis admits to Coleman there isn't any spark between her and Mac. He thinks she should give it a chance, but Alexis doesn’t think it works that way. She says you just recognize in the moment the thing you've been waiting for, even if you didn't know you wanted it. Alexis turns it on Coleman and they talk about Kate. He admits he tired to fit in her world, but she didn’t want him on her arm in public. She asks if he misses her. He does, but he's not sure if he misses her or just having someone there. He talks about being with other women and running the bar, but wonders if there's more to life than that. Mac approaches and offers to drive Alexis home, but gets a call over the radio to go to the airport. Diane announces she just got a call from Sonny and she has to leave to meet him.

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