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    General Hospital CAST - Diane Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Diane Miller Played by Carolyn Hennesy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carolyn Hennesy (Carolyn Hennesy)

    Birthday: June 10 1962
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Carolyn Hennesy
    Web site:


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    Stop With The Fairy Tale.

    Wednesday, November 14 2012

    Diane visits Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica advised her no one would be home. She is representing Alice and Monica and wants her to drop the charges. Tracy refuses. Diane will begin eviction proceedings unless they can work something out. Later, Monica and Alice return. Tracy is going to make it her mission that AJ spend the rest of his life behind bars.

    The Real Deal.

    Friday, November 09 2012

    In court Diane explains to the judge that Kate is the alter and Connie is the true and original person. Alexis disputes this but Diane tells him the rape caused Connie’s psyche to fracture, creating Kate. Alexis tries to dispute with Keenan’s medical report, but it is shot down because of his criminal activities. Diane calls another doctor to the stand who gives her diagnosis in favor of Connie. Sonny whispers something to Alexis and they change tactics. If this is really Connie, then they need to hold her for double homicide of Hope and Cole. Stricken, Connie jumps up – she never fired a gun in her life! A fight breaks out over it and the judge demands order. He denies Trey’s petition and Connie and Johnny leave to celebrate. Sonny seems defeated.

    I'd Like To Report A Fugitive.

    Thursday, November 08 2012

    Much to Sonny's surprise, Diane walks into the courtroom late, but ready to represent Connie against Trey's petition to have her committed. On the stand, Sonny denies that he coerced Trey; he just wants Trey to have a relationship with his mother. Diane accuses Sonny of wanting payback for being jilted at the altar. Connie takes the stand, yells that Sonny didn't get what he wanted so he stooped low to get Trey to have her committed. Later, Alexis confronts Johnny on marrying Connie to keep Kate from getting the help she needs. What is he getting in return for marrying that woman; she asks and prods him to unburden his guilty conscience. He says, "everlasting love' and later denies that his wife has anything on him. Later, on the stand Trey tells the court that his mom is sick and needs help before they can have a relationship. Connie whispers to Johnny and Diane that Trey may have softened the judge up with his sob story, but don't worry she has an ace in the hole. Later, Diane asks the judge to have Trey's petition dismissed on the grounds that Connie Louise Falconieri is a real person and that Kate Howard is the actual alter.

    Charge Double For Subterfuge.

    Friday, October 26 2012

    Sam catches Diane slipping something under her door. Diane plays it off that it was just something she dropped. She came by to offer her condolences. Sam doesn’t need them because Jason isn’t dead. Diane offers her legal services, but Sam is mad she got Todd to walk. She throws Diane out as John arrives. Alone, Sam tells John her belief that Jason is not dead. He doesn’t think Jason is dead either and she thanks him for believing her. John is trying to figure out who sprung Scully from jail. It might be connected to Jason, but it might not be.

    Spin visits Todd and demands Todd admit culpability in the switch. How convenient that Heather is in a coma. Todd thinks it is convenient for everyone. Spin makes another plea, and Todd is about to break when Diane arrives and demands silence. Spin is glad Jason is not here to see what is become of Diane. Spin leaves and Diane tells Todd that Sam doesn’t know the truth yet. If Sam suspects this proof came from him she will make sure he hangs, with help from Carly and John. Todd is bummed. He wants her to figure out a way to tell everyone that does not implicate him. She’ll help him, but she charges double for subterfuge. He writes the check and has an idea that might work - Heather Webber.

    Up To No Good.

    Thursday, October 25 2012

    At Todd’s, Carly doesn’t know how to go on without Jason. She really wishes Danny was Jason’s son. Then a part of him would still be here. They are interrupted by Diane. She wants Carly to pass her condolences on to Max. Jason was adamant that Carly and her kids always be taken care of. Carly thanks Diane for her service to Jason and thanks Todd for being there for her before she leaves. Alone, Todd gives Diane a check. She assumes Heather has proof that Todd knew what he did, but she could be disbarred for revealing anything, so her lips are sealed. If it is going to be confidential, Todd reveals that he knew all along Sam’s baby was alive. And there’s more. Franco is not the father. Jason is. Heather switched the results. He hands over the paperwork. He wants a protesting Diane to tell anyone and everyone the truth, just not how she found out. Later, Spin shows up. He wants the truth about Sam’s baby.

    Back at the penthouse, Sam runs into Diane sliding something under her door.

    I Love You Always.

    Monday, February 20 2012

    A shaken up Kate returns to the party at the Metro Court, while Alexis worries to Diane that she can't get a hold of Molly. Diane thinks Alexis needs to let go of the reins a bit and relax for once. Elsewhere at the party, Olivia demands to know why Maggie and Steve are huddled together once again. Maggie declares they are having an affair, as Dante runs in announcing Sonny has been shot. Kate gets emotional and assumes it was Johnny who shot him. A drunken Matt offers to help, but Steve tells him to stand down. Steve leaves with Mac as Kate yells out for them to save Sonny.

    Played A Little Pool.

    Wednesday, February 08 2012

    Shawn brings TJ to the lake house to study with Molly. Molly and TJ head upstairs as Diane stops by and meets Shawn. Diane expresses her approval. After he leaves, Diane gives Alexis a book on menopause. Alexis has read them all. She just wants a cure. Diane reminds Alexis she is only as old as she feels. Alexis feels 110. Diane says she feels 25, which might have something to do with last night. Diane urges Alexis to loosen up and then explains how she took Mac home - to bed - last night after Jake's. Alexis quizzes Diane, who simply says she just seized the moment. Alexis warns her not to hurt Mac, but Diane thinks he appreciated that she took advantage. Upstairs, Molly gives TJ a recording of "The Catcher in the Rye" so he can keep up with his homework. They discuss the book and he thanks her for downloading it for him. Molly talks about wanting to be different and wishes she could be older so she would feel comfortable in her own skin. TJ hands her a magazine and says she can do that right now. He morphs her photo on her laptop into different looks and asks her to give the images names and characteristics. Alexis pops her head in and Molly slams her laptop shut. After TJ leaves, Molly smiles as she looks at the photos TJ made of her.

    The Number One Topic Of Conversation.

    Friday, February 03 2012

    Diane gives Alexis a pep talk at Jake's about going through menopause. She encourages her to go to the bar and talk to Mac, who is leaving a message for Robin. Mac tells his niece he doesn't care if he's hovering. He just wants to know she's okay. Dante and Lulu say goodbye to Mac, who tells them to enjoy every minute of their life together. He downs his drink and orders another as Diane drags him over to Alexis. Diane tries to get the two of them chatting and Alexis heads to the bar. Coleman thinks there's a spark between her and Mac because she's blushing. She corrects him saying she's flushing. Coleman believes Mac is everything Alexis has been looking for but didn't know it. Coleman calls last call and then suggests he, Alexis, Diane and Mac have a rematch of strip pool. Diane tells him to rack 'em up. Alexis wants to leave, but Diane forces her to stay. After a drunken Mac gets down to his underwear, Diane notes he needs help getting home. Alexis tells Diane she's in no condition to take care of him. Diane takes Mac home and Coleman whispers to Alexis that she blew it.

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