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    General Hospital CAST - Diane Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Diane Miller Played by Carolyn Hennesy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carolyn Hennesy (Carolyn Hennesy)

    Birthday: June 10 1962
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Carolyn Hennesy
    Web site:


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    Ferncliff Is The Greatest Equalizer.

    Friday, January 18 2013

    Todd pleads not guilty in court. He blames Heather, but if you do crazy things you are a crazy person and so pleads insanity himself. John and Carly shake their heads. Diane claims he suffered PTSD and presents the case of Todd’s past. Todd looks at Carly as he tells the judge he needs psychiatric help, not prison. Carly objects! Todd was in his right mind with her and has to take responsibility for his choices. She encourages him to admit what he did, and she will stand by him. He thinks it is crazy that he didn’t trust her. But he doesn’t change his plea. She is sorry he is not the man she thought he was. The judge remands Todd to Ferncliff for an evaluation and Diane warns him it is no picnic there.

    I Don’t Know You.

    Thursday, January 17 2013

    At the hospital, Britt is looking for Patrick and Sabrina directs her to the locker room. Delighted, Britt runs off. Sabrina runs into Epiphany, who is mad and looking for Felix. She covers but Epiphany doesn’t buy it. Meanwhile, Diane brings guards to Todd’s room to take him to court. John arrives to personally escort him and Todd has a good chuckle over his staking. Epiphany insists John get back in bed. He refuses and Diane informs him the hospital is not liable when he collapses. Later, Epiphany questions Sabrina and she admits Felix is securing a venue for the ball. She admits Felix told her not to tell Epiphany because she had no sense of fun. Epiphany insists she is one of the most fun people she knows!

    Land Of The Living.

    Wednesday, January 16 2013

    Todd and Diane chuckle about McBain getting staked in his hospital room. She admits it would have been easy getting Todd off with the initial charges, but that as before the bribe and escape attempt. At least she is the only one who still knows he covered up that DNA test who proved Jason was the father. Sam overhears. "You son of a bitch," she says to Todd. Diane takes a call from the court and leaves him alone with Sam. She blames him for Jason never knew Danny was his son. Now that she knows the truth so will everyone else and he will lose everything. Diane returns with guards to escort him to court.

    All Drunk And Stabby.

    Tuesday, January 15 2013

    Diane visits Johnny in his cell. She is frustrated that he attacked Todd but Johnny warns her that Todd taunted him into beating him so he could escape from the hospital. Diane is sure he won’t get far since all his money has been frozen.

    Diane returns to Johnny’s cell and tells him Todd is not fooling anyone. Lucy is brought in and Diane readies her card but holds back after hearing Lucy’s vampire rant.

    Two Clients, One Cell.

    Tuesday, January 08 2013

    Todd holds a pillow over Johnny’s face in their cell until Dante breaks it up, then leaves them alone again. Todd tells him that Starr already knows about the baby switch so he should call off his goons and prove to her he is as compassionate as he says he is. He already took her family, so why take her father too? What Johnny wants is Carly. Todd doesn’t think she is his to give. Even if he could give him Carly, why would he? Diane arrives to take Johnny to his arraignment. She’ll be back for Todd. Later, Todd gets a visit from Carly.

    Hot Spots.

    Wednesday, December 19 2012

    At home Johnny thinks about his blow up with Connie. Diane comes by at his request and assures him they have client attorney privileges and encourages full disclosure. He tells her he is the one who shot out Anthony’s tires and he has to turn himself in. She lets him know he is facing felony murder charges. She asks if he killed Anthony. His silence tells her he did. She tells him he could go away for the rest of his life. Johnny can’t live under Connie’s thumb anymore. Diane thinks it can’t be as bad as a stint in Pentonville. He wants her to get his sentence reduced and she asks if he has dirt on someone bigger than him. He offers up Todd Manning for the baby switch. She has a problem because she represents Todd. She will not risk getting disbarred and needs some time. She tells him to keep his confession to himself but he wants to tell Starr and Carly before they read it in the paper. Diane refuses to represent him unless he gives her a few more days. Later, Connie and Todd arrive but Johnny is gone.

    A Calculated Risk.

    Friday, December 07 2012

    Tracy goes to PCPD to visit Robert and runs into AJ and Diane, who are there to see John. John has Tracy escorted to Robert’s cell where he is trying to convince Dante to release him. Tracy arrives as Dante leaves. Luke told Robert that Tracy would help if he needed it. She tells him that if Luke trusts him, she does, and will help get Faison. Meanwhile, Diane and AJ have something of value in exchange for all charges being dismissed. AJ shows John the picture of Faison on his phone. Dante joins them and Diane tells them this is the kind of arrest that resets careers. Dante pulls John and the lawyer outside where they agree Faison is a much bigger threat. They make the deal and John grills AJ about Faison. He tells them Faison is in Switzerland. Diane calls Michael and tells him all charges have been cleared. AJ tells Tracy he will see her in the boardroom. Dante returns to Robert and tells him he was right.

    That’s My Girl.

    Wednesday, December 05 2012

    Michael visits AJ at the mansion. He was right about Sonny. AJ cares about Michael’s happiness and hopes he and Sonny can work it out. Diane arrives and tells him dodging the kidnapping charges could be tricky. Michael offers to not testify but Diane thinks they need to give the DA what they really want – a bigger criminal. AJ has someone – Faison. His doctor at the Swiss clinic had a business relationship with him. It was a while ago but he was still a patient when AJ left. AJ even has a picture he took with his phone. Diane tells them the charges will disappear as soon as they present this evidence.

    Wallow In Bliss.

    Monday, November 26 2012

    The Q’s gather at the family mausoleum where they start bickering. Michael arrives with Tracy and demands they stop fighting. AJ asks to say a few words. He promises to become the man he should have been and make Edward proud. They all head to the mansion to meet with Diane about the will. Diane starts with the grandchildren, much to Tracy’s dismay. Skye, Jason, Ned and Dillon all get 12 percent stock shared in ELQ. Since AJ is alive, he gets 12 percent too, making that 60 percent and the majority. Alice arrives to serve lunch and Diane moves it along. The great-grandchildren each get 6 percent, making another 30. Five percent then goes to Monica and the rest to a woman who has taken care of him his final days – Alice! All of the cash holdings are divided equally – 50 percent to Habitat for Humanity and the other to PBS. There is nothing else and Monica suggests they all go enjoy lunch. Tracy stays with Diane and grabs the will. There is not one mention of her. Diane pulls out a box – there was one more thing. It is a jar of Pickle-Lila relish.

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